Sharper Image DX-3 Video Drone Review

This entry-level drone with impressive features is suitable for all the mid-level and beginner users. It is designed by a Sharper Image Company based in the United States that is known for its high-end designs of home electronics and various advanced products. This drone has achieved a higher ranking in the market due to its amazing recording and video streaming options.

Features of DX3 Drone:

  • Design:

This drone has overall dimensions of 21x14x4 inches with thin arms, small body, and incredibility lightweight size. It comes with a landing gear function, propeller shield and two wight indicating LED lights. The flexible material makes it a more impactful solution in the market. The battery unit is precisely secured in this drone and it promises healthy flight performance.

  • Sharper Image Camera:

DX3 drone unit is loaded with a 720p, 20fps, HD camera that offers very decent picture quality for the beginners. It is capable enough to stream videos directly to smartphones while enabling FPV. The Wi-Fi reach is almost around 100 yards but the only bad thing about its camera performance is the appearance of black lines in the windy day shoots.

  • Control abilities:

This drone is designed with a simple and elegant design, and 2.4 GHz transmitter makes it a more reliable solution for flights. The buttons are placed well, and controls can be better managed with joysticks. The trim buttons, camera, speed settings, Autoland and auto take-off features make it a more reliable choice in the market. The Autoland function works with special alarms and sound indicators. But manufacturers have not added the low battery alarm to this unit; just the LED lights start flashing when the battery goes low.

  • Advanced settings:

This model comes with several amazing features, and the one-key landing and take-off features are the best additions to it. You can land and launch this drone with just a single press of a button. There are three different speed settings that can help you enjoy a better fight even during the windy days. Furthermore, the FPV controls make it easier to ensure real-time viewing experience for the entire flight path.

  • Flight performance:

The drone is light in weight as compared to its overall size. The 6-axis gyro can stabilize its performance better during windy days. The drone is easier to handle and offers fast movements in the air. It is capable enough to land automatically even when it is flying on its top altitude.


  • This drone measures somewhere around 21x14x4 inches.

  • The transmitter is ergonomic with Wi-Fi antennas and smartphone stand.

  • 720p HD camera for decent performance.

  • Headless mode and FPV mode enabled.

  • 6 axis gyro and three adjustable speed settings.

  • Low cost

  • 450 ft range


  • More affected by wind due to extremely lightweight design.

  • Is made for beginner

  • 10 min fly time or less

Without any doubt, DX3 Drone is an amazing beginner-friendly drone that can help you save lots of money while enjoying impressive flights in the air. It is one of the most inexpensive drones in the market that allow users to experience stunning flight performance.


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