The Promark P70 GPS Shadow Drone

Are you in the market for a beginner-friendly amateur level drone? Then the Promark P70 GPS shadow drone can be one of the best choices for you. Drone photography or taking aerial footage with drones is a new trend that has emerged in the recent years. The drone shots in the YouTube videos were mainly first introduced by the famous YouTube celebrity vlogger Casey Neistat. When he started vlogging daily, he gradually started the use of drone footages at the end of the videos to give an aesthetic vibe to the videos. Then he started to use it differently, and it got traction very quickly.

The internet loved the idea of drone footages. But Casey Neistat is a professional filmmaker. He can afford heavy-weight drones like DJI branded ones (or even break them!). But as a starter, you might not have the budget of a DJI Phantom drone. So, which drone to choose? There are many companies who are trying to introduce cheap drones for starters and students who want to kick start their career with a drone that they can afford. The reason for getting a drone is not limited to professional uses. The user of the drone can buy a drone just for entertainment purposes. Just for some plain old fun. This promark gps shadow drone can be the perfect choice for that target group.

  1. Overview of the drone

The Promark P70 GPS shadow drone is a new product from the line-up of the Promarks affordable drone section. The price of the promark gps shadow drone is very attractive as opposed to other competitors in the market. With a single battery recharge, the drone can have a flight of 12 minutes. The drone is pretty lightweight weighing at about 664 grams only. It is only about half a kilo. That is very impressive for a drone at this price. The materials used in the drone are pretty up to the mark. The battery is a 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery which operates at a voltage of 7.4 volts. The camera can have an SD card of up to 32 GB of storage. The photos and videos are quite sharp and high-quality for its price range. But the video feed controller lacks a bit of stability. But otherwise the camera is more than ok in this range of price. At this price, the drone has a GPS built into the quadcopter and the remote controller too. That makes the drone capable of having a follow-me mode, and it can lock its position in the air at a specific altitude and angle. It can autonomously operate without the operator’s input when required. The GPS enables it to land itself automatically to its take-off position.

  1. Flight characteristics

The drone flies pretty well, even for the price range. It acts a little weird when encountered with a little breeze, but we can expect that in this price point. The drone can transmit live video footage to the controller which is fantastic. The flight is even more enhanced with features like the Follow me, Barometer altitude hold FPV package, etc. The quality of the controller is pretty up to the mark too. The screen holder of the controller is adjustable. The controller and the drone both have GPS built into it. So, there is automatic landing feature available which is great considering the price. Overall the flight is very pleasant for most of the time. The flight range of the drone is up to 500 meters. Maximum possible speed is 20 miles per hour. The weight is only 664 grams, and it can operate pretty efficiently. The drone can fly for 12 minutes straight with one charge. That would be a minus for many people.

  1. The battery of the drone

The capacity of the battery is 2500 mAh at 7.4 volts. It takes 6 hours to charge fully. With a full charge, it can fly for 12 minutes straight. The type of battery is lithium-ion.

  1. The camera of the drone

The camera is one of the main features of a drone that should be looked at carefully while choosing. The camera of the Promark P70 GPS shadow drone is pretty good for its price. It can record up to 720p videos. Full HD or 4K videos are asking too much at this price. So, the resolution is okay. The drone streams the video directly to the controller. The streaming experience is not very neat, but it works. The lens of the camera is 120-degree wide-angle. It can be articulated at an angle of 90 degrees. The camera can take an SD card of 32 GB at most.

  1. The remote controller

The quality of the controller is not bad, considering the price mark. It can get OSD live data from the drone. It has GPS built into it. The operating time of the controller is 4 hours max with a battery of 300 mAh at 3.7 volts. The charging takes about 1-hour maximum to its full capacity. The build quality is quite durable.

  1. Quirks and features

It has GPS built into it. It has the Follow Me Mode, Return Home Mode, Altitude hold mode with barometer precision, and it has live streaming to hub, etc.

Buying a budget-friendly drone can be a very challenging task. There are many low-quality products in the market that do not deliver the things they advertise. So it can be a tough choice. But this promark gps shadow drone delivers exactly as it promises. No false or misleading advertisement. The product is giving you the value for money, in full amount. The features and other things that this drone has are often found in the higher-end drones. Getting them all at once in a drone that is priced so competitively is a very good deal indeed. The only downside of this drone is the 12 minutes uptime which can be a letdown for a lot of people. Otherwise I would definitely recommend this drone to you for a beginner level budget-friendly drone.


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