15 Interesting Drone Facts

1. There are 2 million drones in the US, and 7 million in the world.


2. 60% of Americans have seen a drone.


3. Most people are worried about lost drone deliveries.


4. The cheapest is $17 cheerson cx-10 mini toy drone.

5. The most expensive drone is $250k.


6. The fastest drone can go 163 mph is called Racer X.


7. The Griff 300 drone can lift up to 660 pounds.


8. The drone market is growing over 20 percent per year.


9. The military drone market is 3x the size of consumer market.


10. A DJI drone has been flown up to 22k feet in the air.


11. Drones can save lives by delivering medical supplies and heart defibrillators(AED).


12. Drones are basically banned in all National Parks in the United States, except with special permit.


13. DJI is the biggest company in drone industry. DJI stands for Da-Jiang Innovations.


14. Eagles can be trained to combat drones.


15. The word drone was first used to describe an unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) in 1946.


Here’s a look at some fun ways to use your drone:

1 – Would You Like Fries With That?

How cool would it be to be able to access your favorite fast food restaurant after hours? Sure, we know you already can thanks to the handy little thing called a drive-thru window but what about us drone enthusiasts? Don’t be too surprised if the next time you check out your preferred burger joint that they will be serving customers who zip in for a fast bite with their drone hovering outside the drive-thru window.

2 – Deliver Pizzas And Other Take Out

Okay, we mentioned it just a moment ago. If you thought we were kidding, guess again. Home delivery is already becoming territory invaded by drones. In fact, at least one well-known pizza service and an online shopping giant have turned to UAVs to meet the demand of hot pizza delivered to your door within 30-minutes or your recently online ordered shipment of goodies showing up the same day thanks to a drone doing the delivery to your front door.


3 – Get The Party Started

There is nothing better than having a few of the neighbors over for a backyard barbecue. With enough food, drinks, and entertainment you can keep this event going for hours but sooner or later you are going to tire of always jumping to your feet to serve another burger or fetch another beer. Here’s where you get a well-deserved break – let your drone do all the hard work. This way, you can stay put in that easy chair next to the pool and still feed your friends.


4 – Video Those Great Sports Moments

We all think we are the best at whatever sporting activity we participate in. Whether it’s basketball, hockey, downhill skiing or even bowling. With the assistance of your handy dandy drone equipped with a camera, you’ll be able to capture those incredible sporting feats. Oh, and the ones that aren’t so great can still be used as part of a blooper reel somewhere online.


5 – Get A Jump On That Deer

Hunting is one activity where the use of a drone can not only increase your chances of reaching your limit, and it’ll also cut down on time wasted in the woods looking for animals to shoot. With a bird’s eye view for miles around, you’ll see your target long before anyone else does and that should come in handy when you are trying to bag the big one – the trophy kill.

6 – Never Answer The Door Again

Had it to about here with those pesky door-to-door salesmen? Your drone can take care of them, so you don’t have to. Plant your UAV in the area near the front door, and the next time someone rings your doorbell, they will be greeted by your pleasant drone. The ones that won’t go away nicely will get the idea if you’ve properly armed your drone with the right hardware.


7 – Chase Clouds And Storms

Nothing gets more exciting than the adrenaline rush that accompanies chasing after something created by Mother Nature. She has a wonderful skill and a rather wild attitude at times. Hurricanes and tornadoes are examples of this. With your drone, you can get ‘up close and personal’ in many different ways if storm chasing is something you have an interest in.

8 – You Don’t Need A Pit Crew

We sort of wish we were making this one up, but as it turns out, there is such a thing as drone racing. In fact, there are associations and leagues in place that have been designed with just this in mind. Just don’t let someone like Tim Taylor near your racing drone if you expect to have half a chance at leading and possibly winning a few of the sanctioned races out there.


9 – Your Personal Assistant Is Here

Tired of always having to do what the Boss wants you to do while at work? We all get that way. Sooner or later there comes a time when you can start feeding the tasks you don’t like anymore to your trusty drone to handle. Sure, it won’t do much of a job at answering your email or writing proposals, but for delivering orders and such, you’ve got it under control with a drone.

10 – Get The Groceries

This is sort of a variation on the point we made earlier about your drone grabbing you food from the drive-thru window only this time around it’s hovering around the produce department of your local grocery store. Imagine being able to pick up a pound of onions and a bag of potato chips just because you can. Drones are fun and practical, too. Well, that’s our story.


11 – Serve Papers

If you happen to be one of those types who is always trying to pull someone into court to right a wrong, your UAV can save you some time and effort. Don’t bother paying a process server for their work, just serve the court documents yourself with the aid of your high-tech flying toy. Okay, we didn’t mean to call it a toy but you get the idea. You’ve been served!

12 – Spy On Someone

Okay, pretend you didn’t see this one, alright? One of the coolest – and probably most illegal – of the things you can do with your drone is um, keep tabs on someone without them knowing. It’s a little bit risky and a little bit dangerous (if you get caught) but for a whole lot of laughs and some great character reference material you can use later, drones make good spies.


13 – Cover Your Butt

Admit it, and you have a ‘Honey Do’ List like all the rest of us guys. There is going to be a day – or frequent days – when you are going to forget something from that list absolutely. With your drone locked and loaded, you can save the day, and avoid getting yelled at, just by sending in the drone to pick up the slack. Not recommended for getting anything other than Brownie points.

14 – The Real Estate Boom

Some drone enthusiasts are already capitalizing on this one. Why not get into cahoots with a local real estate agent and hire out your services to shoot a sky-high video for realty listings? You will be using your drone for this part, in case you didn’t connect all the dots. The best part about this is that there are about as many realtors out there as there are lawyers, so no shortage of work.


15 – Scare The Neighbors

You don’t need Halloween to pull this off. All you need is a hidden location where you can see your neighbor and can send in your drone to sneak up and startle him or her. This is especially effective if you don’t get along with your neighbor or if your neighbor has a dog or child that drives you nuts. Scare ‘em a few times, and they won’t bother you again.

16 – Fill In For You At School/Work

Suffering from the flu or don’t feel like going to the office or school today? Why not let your UAV be your clone or substitute? With a camera on board, you’ll be able to stay caught up on the activities at the job site, in the office cubicle or the locker room at school. You may even be able to avoid having to go in the next day as well if it works out as well as we think it will.


Can You Add To This List?

Drones are great for much more than covert spy operatives – although they have played a role in such activities. There are countless ways in which your drone can be used. We’re pretty sure you’ve probably done some wacky things yourself with yours. Hopefully, this list gives you some inspiration to look at your piece of flying technology as something a little bit more than just a flying toy.

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