Do Not Buy A Drone Just Because You Desire One


Over the past years, drone makers have flooded the market with newer models of drone. Today, there are many choices for beginners, and professionals to get their hands on.

For those reading this, it might be that you crave to have a drone, or you own one of this incredible flying machine. Well, that’s great because seriously I also love the excitement a drone brings to me when I use it. But don’t buy a drone just because of your desire for one.

Although there are cheaper drones available in the market, I’m sure you still want something better. The advance drones give an edge to get more fun, but the price is a vital thing to consider.

Well, imagine buying a laptop, and on the same day, it crashes to the ground. That will hurt so much, well same goes to the use of drones.

There are many rules, restriction, and considerations that will make flying the machine becomes a total waste of money. Hence, don’t buy a drone.

I know how it feels hearing this, but I will reveal why it is advisable not to buy a drone. But if you still insist on getting one, I have provided shopping guides and list of the best drones. Read on to get this excellent information.


Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Drone

We are on to the main focus to reveal the setbacks. Drone brings more fun and excitement, but the downsides are something to worry about.

First, Let’s Start With the Drone Flying Restriction in Some Countries

Considering countries like Morocco, Fiji, Egypt, and Kenya that doesn’t allow the use of drone it will be a silly thing to buy one while residing in this country. Furthermore, developed countries like Canada, the UAE, and Russia has strict rules and regulation to the use of drones. Before thinking about getting drones in these countries, it will be a bad idea to spend that money on the UAV because you won’t be getting the fun you want.

Also, places like the UK there are rules that drone owners should get a commercial pilot license. And For your information this comes with a price attached. Hence, for those that don’t want to make money from it, why spend that fortune on getting a drone and the pilot license.

Low Photography Experience

For those without basic knowledge of photography, don’t spend your money buying a drone. When I say drones I mean the advanced models like DJI Mavic pro and Yuneec Typhoon. If taking photos makes you happy, it is best to get a Quality camera worth $500.

Also, if there is a desire to start a photography business, then take out $10-20 and subscribe to the Adobe photography suite. This in turn will help lower your expenses and the stress that comes with using a drone.

The reason is that using a drone still requires knowledge of photography principles when taking photos. The shutter, speed and ISO principle need to be taking into account. For those that don’t understand the principles of photography, it will be pretty hard to capture a high-quality shot with a drone. Hence, getting this flying machine should be one thing to consider.

Flying a Drone Feels Cool

Flying a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is fun. But In case it won’t be needed to produce high-quality footage or to make money then it’s best not to get one. The reason is that after flying the drone a couple of times, it might just end in its box for an extended period. The use of it might die down, and sincerely, that money could have been used to do something better.

Additionally, one thing I know is that drones isn’t hassle-free and it requires so much responsibility. Flying a drone over one’s property to take photos poses a lot of threat. Many don’t find it comfortable seeing the UAV hovering above their building. Hence, this is one thing to keep in mind because privacy counts – beware of that.

Having said this, I hope this information revealed reasons why you should not buy a drone. As for me, I cherish using drones, but I do take my time to look out for the specific needs before shopping for it. Instead of wasting or spending that money on a drone, it’s best to use it to improve your photography skills and other things.

Important Things to Know Before Buying a Drone

Nevertheless, for those that still want to have a drone no matter the downsides, there are vital things to keep in mind before shopping for one. In this part, I have put together excellent guides to help out.

Where to shop for drones

These are the first things to have in mind when planning on buying the flying machine. Each Drone comes with its features, price, ratings, and component. Hence, it is good to be aware to make the purchase worthwhile.

There are tons of online stores for the UAV, but many seem to neglect the important things that could help make your purchase worthwhile. Hence, you need to know the best places to check out when shopping for one.

In my findings, Amazon stand has one of the best online stores to shop for Pro-drones or mini-drones. They provide easy to read product descriptions and give you full details about the drone models. The exciting part about this site is its negative review section that shows the downsides experienced by customers. But keep this in mind also that some of the good and bad reviews might be tricky.


Follow the Rules

Don’t get into big trouble while using your flying machine. There are airline rules that protect drone’s users in your country, as well as the universal rules that the unmanned aircraft pilots need to know. As a newbie, it’s best to learn the rules and regulation before getting a drone and sending it into the air. Here are the general rules to help make safe flying.

·         Don’t fly above the maximum permitted Height which usually around 400 feet from sea level.

·         Always take sight of your drone at all times

·         Don’t allow your drones to fly over large crowds or people’s property without their approval.

·         Strictly follow the Local Authority regulations in your country

·         Don’t fly your drone within 5 miles of an airport- if there’s need to keep the Airport authorities informed

·         Make sure the drone is registered with FAA

·         Finally, don’t fly at night


Be Part of a Drone Community

There are other users out there with great solution concerning drones. Most times they come together to create an online community to help answer questions on drones. Hence, it’s best to enroll in one, so that it becomes easy to get a way out if there is any problem when using your drone.

However, some of this online community might focus only on specific subjects like the features while some for general issues. So, first get to know the main focus of the forum before asking any question. I’m sure it hurt to ask a question but yet no replies to it or you get a turndown.

In all, For those that haven’t join one, kindly find one or two online drone community and enroll as this gives an edge to find solutions about drones faster.


What Is the Best Drone to Buy?

I have discussed why you shouldn’t buy drones and things to consider even you still insist on getting one. But now it is time to talk about the best drones that will make every moment count when using it.

Today, it’s pretty hard to buy the best drone. The reason is that there are newer models which are very portable and has exciting features. Some are foldable so that it can be placed or tossed into a small bag or pocket for smooth movement.

The best drones should have a stabilize high-quality camera for smooth footage. And one thing I know is that this is common in many top drone models available in the market.

Great Drones don’t need so much skill to fly it into the air. Many have exciting features that allow newbies to control it without any hassles, but getting the best drones isn’t that easy. Don’t worry I’m here to help you make the best buy.

I have taken my time to look into many models and put together the best drones for beginners and drone pilot experts looking for a flying camera machine.

DJI Phantom 4

Previously, the DJI Phantom 3 professional take the best sales when it was launched. But today the DJI Phantom 4 has taken over the market due to its exciting features, sturdy built and powerful remote control. Also, its upgraded obstacle avoidance feature gives it an edge over the former model.

With its high-quality camera, gimbal design and 4k video resolution this makes it the best drones for those with photography and drone pilot knowledge. These drone stand as a better option for drone lovers as it could be controlled with your smartphone.

Although its battery life of 15-20 minutes is the biggest complaint among users, the performance and its features make it an excellent option for aerial photographers.

What Is The Best Drone For Beginners?

There are essential things that make up a drone for beginners. The first thing that makes certain drones the best option for beginners is its portability. Drones for First fliers come in a small size so that it can fit perfectly into your bag or pocket. Another great thing is, they are very affordable because newbies won’t want to lose huge bulks if it crashes.

Also, the best drones for beginners shouldn’t be pretty hard to control. With this being said, I have put together the list of the best drones for beginners.

DJI spark- Best Drone for Beginners

When it comes to one of the best drones makers, the DJI still top the list. This mini-drone proves the company has what it takes.

This powerful and portable drone comes with great features like the Hand gesture. The feature allows users to control the drone with just a simple hand movement.

These drones stand as one of the best drones for beginners because it can be controlled using your smartphone. One exciting part is that it comes at an affordable price. Another big plus is that, it has 12MP camera quality to allow first fliers to get a glimpse of aerial photography.

However, the biggest downside is that it does not support 4k video resolution and short battery life. For selfie lovers the absence of 3 axis gimbal makes it not the best option. Overall, it is lightweight and super easy to transport.

Do All Drones Have Cameras Built-In?

Many have asked this question, but sincerely not all drones have cameras. Most Aerial drones come with a built-in camera, but there are some without a camera.  However, there are drones available in the market which allows users to attach their camera to it.