Which Drone can Fly the Longest?

The DJI Mavic 2 can fly the longest at 31 minutes. Here is a comparison:


Head to Head Top 5 Drones in flight time:

Brand – Flight Time in minutes

DJI Mavic 2 – 31min

Ryze Tello – 13min

DJI Inspire 2 – 27min

Parrot Mambo — 12min

DJI spark — 16min



The Flight time of Drone depends upon many aspects, for example, batteries, quality, type of use, weight and camera usage, etc.

Top 5 Drone with Longest Flight Time:

Brand: DJI – Model: Mavic 2

For ultimate battery backup and longest flight time Blade Chrome 4k is one of the best Drone available in the Market. According to manufacturers, the Drone ensures 31 mins flight time that is longest among many similar models.  Also features a 4K camera for taking aerial shots.

DJI Mavic 2 PRO Drone

Moreover, in the control panel, the Drone has a built-in screen for the first person viewing along with accessories such as Gimbal protector, RC, 3x propellers, Charger, Cables, Spare Control Stick, etc. The Drone is portable, and pilots can enjoy more flight time ever.

This DJI Mavic Pro Drone will cost around Usd 1600.00 and a perfect tool for commercial aerial photographers.

Brand: Ryze Model: Tello

The Drone main features are easy to use, cheap price, decent HD camera, and durability, etc. Moreover, many features such as 8D Flip, start flying by tossing, smartphone controller, 13 mins reasonable flight time, and 100m flight distance make the product unique at an affordable price.

Ryze Tello Drone

The Drone cost between Usd 99 – 120 with various accessories. One of the great and cheap product for the new flyers.

Brand: DJI Model: Inspire 2

When it comes to flight time and professionalism DJI models will appear again and again. Includes professional features such as 5.2K Gimbal Camera, CineCore 2.0 image processor, dual battery, and an obstacle sensing, etc.

DJI Inspire 2

The starter kit bundle of the Drone will cost around Usd 3000 up to USD 10000 for professional accessories and kits. Can be the first choice for professional Filmmakers.

Brand: Parrot Model: Mambo FPV

The main feature of Drone safety and easy to use. Other features such as compact size, 9 – 13 minutes flight time and light weight make the Drone a powerful device.

Parrot Mambo starter pack!

The Parrot Mambo with starter pack will cost around Usd 139. A perfect fancy Drone for kids.

Brand: DJI Model: Spark

Last but not least, our last Drone is DJI Spark mini Drone portable model. The main features of the Drone are Smart onboard pilot, Gimbal Camera, powerful propulsion, HD Wi-Fi, powerful lense and safety, etc. Pilots can enjoy 16 mins flight time.

This DJI model is efficient for small business and cost around Usd 265 with standard accessories.

How to the extent the flight time? – Quick Tips

Following are some quick tips for enjoying longer flights:

Buy Drone with additional battery/ large mAH

An additional battery can ensure more power for longer flights. So as a pilot we should focus on Drone with additional batteries. For example,  if the Drone model supports higher mAH batteries rather go for it. Between 7500 vs. 5000mAH batteries if the Drone support both go for a larger battery for extended flight time.

Shut off Camera

In case the flight time is important over capturing images it is wise to shut off the camera. So, you can enjoy a longer flight because camera drags power from the Drone battery. In some model, you can easily unmount the camera in that case simply remove it, and in some Drone models, it adds few valuable minutes in flight time.

External Battery Charger

To charge the Drone on the go instead purchase a power bank. So, during the flight, you charge spare batteries anywhere.

Check the weather

Before taking off make sure the weather is suitable for flying. As bad weather causes instability that results in a loss in flight time. Calm weather can add a few more minutes in the flight time.

Remove Extra Weight

Simply remove the extra weight to make your Drone lighter that’ll surely add some minutes but not recommended by experts. For example, removing the propeller guards but that’ll increase the chance of damage caused by the drone if crashed.

Speed and Range

By limiting the power loss on transmission and flying in close distance can reduce the battery consumption and will increase the flying time. More speed means more torque and thrust to keep the speed in the limit to enjoy more battery life. By not using other features like altitude hold and the first-person view we also can save the battery and enjoy longer flights.

Avoid flying in low battery.

To ensure the overall battery health don’t fly while the battery is low. It can damage the battery and reduce the flight time in the long run.

Buy the best drone

Depending on your requirement buy the best Drone because better manufacturing quality ensures durability and performance of the battery. So the better flight time overall. At least the claimed flight time by the manufacturers.



The drone has overcome the boundary of usage in the last several years by being used for different purposes. Though it was started the journey in a military operation in 1839 by Austrian Defense to carry explosives and operate blast in Venice. The first model was Drone Balloons and differs in great extent with today’s ultra-modern smart designs of Drone. But there are many similarities in the theme of use. An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle!

Today Drone offers more control with the onboard flight system and can be operated with the easy to access devices such as Smartphones.

In conclusion, the prices of Drone are relevant to the battery, capacity, manufacturing quality and purpose of use. So, decide your own needs. Thanks!