My First Experience Camping with a Drone

I recently got interested in drones while on a camping trip to Yosemite

I came from a family of four boys and two girls, including mum and dad. Everyone focuses on his own tent because money was at the center of our visions; little did we know that everything is not money. Many of us had tried to create time out of none to at least catch up with our folks and happenings in their life, but it seemed all efforts were not successful, and this made us give up the idea of ever catching up with each other.

We believed that was the reality we must embrace and resolved to call on the phone and sometimes video calls, to cover up for the inability to see each other. It wasn’t too effective, but it indeed was a good substitute.

We all continue to live our lives separately while trying to enjoy the times apart until we got a call from California that mother Grace (my paternal grandma) was at the point of giving up the ghost. She had requested as part of her last wish to see all her children and grandchildren before she’ll go over to the great beyond.

We all love her because of her kind gesture and the fact she has always been good for everybody. It’s a call we could not resist because I personally thought, if I could not give her quality visiting time while she was healthy, the least I could do was to grant her last wish. Suddenly we were able to create time out of our busy schedule to grant her request, and the meeting we thought was never going to be feasible came to live. She was indeed a mother.

Getting back home to California, we discovered her case was worse than we thought, but she still got around three days to live more, and she decided to spend the days with her family. When everybody eventually arrived back home, the building could not contain our number and mother Grace does not want any of us staying at the hotel; she wanted all of us to stick together throughout the moment we were going to be with her because she knew that might be the last time that kind of gathering would ever surface. She in her wisdom decided we were all going camping at Yosemite. Nobody could object to any of her wish, and so we prepared the gears and the likes for the camping.

The campground in itself is a beautiful view to behold; although I’ve been to that particular campground, it was as though I’ve never been there. The trees were greener than I imagined, while the fields complement the beautiful aura created by the well-situated flower plants and trees that characterized the camp. There is lots to do here

We created some makeshift camp canopies round the only building we could get for mother Grace in order not to expose her to harsh night weather; the whole purpose of the gathering was to make her ending a memorable one, but not to kill her faster than the day that was predicted for her. The whole camping thing quickly turned from just a mere gathering to make mother Grace happy, to adventure. I personally love adventure but never had the real time to venture into it.

My ex-girlfriend Sandra from a couple of years ago once tried to force to me to her family summer camping in Seattle. She tried all she could, and I tried to make her happy too but could not make it even though I got all the necessary gears and even made it to the camp gate. Since then, I’ve not had a chance to holidays away from my job talk less about going camping.

Even though we were there specifically for mother Grace, I made sure I tried all in my capacity to enjoy the moment because I don’t know when I was going to have a similar chance at adventure. I decided to explore the campground on foot and was joined by a friend, my dad, and my brother. We trekked as far as we could taking pictures of the beautiful nature that characterized the campground. I could not believe how much Mother Nature has endowed that part of the city.

We came to a particular river that was seemed to be dammed inside the camp area. We could not locate any boat for us to cross over to the other side and feed our curiosity about the wonderful work of nature over there. It was more painful because we could see what looked like old-time cravings and inscriptions from afar off. Since we could not cross over, we sat down there by the riverside, enjoying the wonderful melodies of the birds and the squirrels, and then we heard a sound of an unmanned aircraft above us, going towards the other side of the river. “That’s what we need” was what my friend shouted.

“How do you mean?” I curiously asked him. “Since we can’t cross over to the other side, we need something that can do that and still give us the views we needed.” We all accepted the idea, and this made us quickly arranged for a drone equipped with a recording camera.

We directed the drones in such a way that it covered every other place we could not get to, both before and beyond the river. While watching the recording, we discover the place was far more beautiful than we thought. There are other trees beyond the river that were surrounded by rocks and beautiful animals.

My experience at this camping made me look for another opportunity to go camping with my fiancée. But this time around, I was going to equip myself with a camera drone and racing drone. The racing drone would afford me the opportunity to see every part of the camp life and not just from the recording, through the use of first-person view goggle.

Camping and having some time out to rest, relax and have fun with love ones are great, but camping with a camera drone especially, is better. So the next time you want to go camping, include a camera drone in your budget.