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Sky Viper Video Drone V950HD Review

Sky Viper V950 HD Drone is loaded with a high-definition SkyPro Camera that is capable enough to measure bird’s eye view footage. The 720p HD camera promises an efficient collection of Panoramic videos while following controlled spin flight patterns. The overall flight time goes somewhere around 10 minutes and the flight range is around 250 feet high. It is probably one of the most feature-rich and impressive drones below the price range of 100 dollars.

Features of Sky Viper Video Drone V950HD:

There are so many interesting things to know about this amazing drone unit; few of them are listed below:

  • Long Distance Flight Time:

Sky Viper is designed with a 2.4 GHz transmitter that can go as high as up to 200 feet for the long-distance adventures. It can beat many existing drones in the market that can reach only smaller distances in the air. Also, it can stay in the air for a longer time comparatively.

  • Adjustable Camera Angle:

The best feature of this drone is the adjustment of SkyPro camera that can record up to 130 degrees while optimizing images with a birds-eye view. The one-touch panoramic video capturing ability can help you take 360-degree panoramic videos with ease. You can ensure more efficient performance with a single touch of a button. Furthermore, the high-definition camera of this drone ensures 720 pixels recording while capturing images with the highest quality.

  • Flight Experience:

It comes with impressive sensitivity controls that ensure a fun experience for both experienced and beginner pilots. There are four blades that can promise maximum aerial control with a blade to a blade dimension of 12.75 inches. The body is designed with resilient polypropylene and super tough Duraflex material. It can perform barrel rolls in the middle of the flight when you press the Stunt button.

  • Battery Performance:

The sad fact about this drone is that it comes with a tiny 650mAh battery that can last just for 5 to 8 minutes in the air. It can be charged via USB cables, and the estimated charging time is 35 to 40 minutes. However, experts advise carrying spare batteries for all flights to enjoy the uninterrupted experience.


  • Easier to fly and promises long-distance flights.

  • Responsive remote-control unit.

  • Adjustable camera angles with outstanding video capabilities.

  • Auto-image post-processing.

  • Improved stabilizer functions.

  • It offers easy one-touch stunts.

  • It comes with a MicroSD USB adapter.


  • The camera is hard to mount and detach.

  • Stutters at the time of take-off.

  • Smaller battery life of only 8 min.

  • Lacks high end features

  • 200 ft ceiling


In case if you are looking for the best playful drone for your kids, Sky Viper Video Drone V950HD may serve the needs better. It comes with all beginner-friendly features and cannot even disappoint buyers in terms of cost. Furthermore, the advanced camera unit provides the ability to capture HD videos and images.

Although the flight timings are very less due to smaller battery units, it is suitable for beginners and kids. The ability to capture 360-degree panoramic views is another amazing addition to this drone.


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