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3DR Solo Quadcopter with 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro Review

3D Robotics has an impressive Solo Drone that comes with all advanced features to serve users. The best part is that its software is available online for easy downloading, rewriting, and hacking. This drone is quite simple to control with powerful features and lots of add-ons.

Features of 3DR Solo Drone:

There are so many amazing things to know about 3DR Solo Drone; few of them are listed below to ease your purchase decision:

  • Design:

This drone is designed to fly higher with a classic finish, and the 5200mAh battery promises a long fight with its sleek body. The overall dimension of this drone is 19 inches and the weight is somewhere around 3.35 pounds. It means before taking the flights in the air, users may need to register it with the FAA. While in the flight, this drone appears more colorful with numbers of multicolor LED lights. These lights can also indicate any failure during the flight.

  • Controller:

The controller of this drone is designed with an attractive black matte plastic unit and a glassy top. There are eight different dials and buttons to control the entire mechanism. You will find a crystal-clear OLED display in the middle along with two tiny control sticks. It shows drone status and battery life via different indicators in the flight mode. There are two ridges on the backside that ensure a firm grip. Furthermore, the live video can be visualized via the Android and iOS units.

  • Flight Experience:

This drone takes simple flights with automated landing and take-off. The controller sticks are observed to be highly responsive that provide efficient control for small changes and subtle movements. The cable cam can develop a virtual flight path between different user-defined points; the camera can tilt and pan accordingly during flights. The orbit mode makes the drone move in the circular motion whereas Follow mode fly as per the instructions of the controller. One can also switch to the autonomous flying mode.

  • Camera Performance:

3DR Solo Drone is not able to capture videos and images without any additional camera unit. However, it works perfectly fine with the GoPro camera connected through HDMI cable and control cables. The GoPro camera is capable enough to control the frame rate and resolution to serve users with the best performance.

  • Battery Life:

This awesome drone unit comes with a 5200 mAh Lithium Polymer battery unit that stays on the top. It can stay in the air for 22 minutes after a full charge. The battery takes 75 minutes for full charging, and it is even possible to replace batteries for long hour performance.


  • Simple and intuitive controls.

  • 22 min fly time.

  • It can achieve a top speed of 55 mph.

  • Durable design and incredible flight experience.

  • Upgradable software and camera unit.

  • It comes with autonomous flight modes.

  • Dedicated battery to transmitter.

  • Range .5 mile

  • Has hdmi port.



  • Spotty GPS can cause drifts.

  • It needs a mobile unit to control flights.

  • Large size.

  • You must supply camera. A Gopro Hero is reocommended.

  • Is discontinued.


Without any doubt, 3DR Solo Drone is loaded with all advanced features that make it easier to manage flights in the air. It is an inexpensive option for beginners and mid-level drone enthusiasts. The original price was 999 but it can now be found for under 400 since is no longer made.

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