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Sky Viper M500 Nano Drone(Rocket Toy) Review

If you are looking for a Nano-sized drone or a mini drone for your kid or yourself, then this sky viper m500 nano drone is the perfect choice for you.

The size of this drone is just 2 inches which is the length of the body of the drone without blades. This tiny door is specially made for flying indoor. But don’t think that it can’t operate outside. This drone is also sturdy enough to fly in the outdoors too.

It can be used as a toy for the kids but not less than three years of age kid should not play with this one. It also can perform stunts which is excellent considering it can do both left and right barrel rolls. It flips when you press or in touch of a key. This drone has a technology of auto flight which will provide you auto-launch, auto hover, automatic land. You will surely enjoy flying this little beast.


  1. Overview of the Sky Viper M500

Many of us are fond of tiny sized drones. They cannot get a better option than this. Most of the mini drones don’t have an auto-hover system. But this sky viper m500 nano drone has auto-launch, hover and land system. This is why people are loving this one and buying it. This drone was nominated for the toy of the year award back in 2016. It was also the top-selling product of the Skyrocket Toys. This is the most excellent way to learn basic flight controls and maneuvers of a drone. You won’t have to invest much money and time.



  1. Control System of the drone

It is quite effortless to fly. You won’t find any difficulties while flying this tiny drone. You can fly it both in your room and outdoors comfortably. The controls of this drone are excellent. Anyone who has used drones before will love the control panel of this drone. It is an excellent controlling drone. You can quickly figure out the control system of this drone. The aircraft also responds well when you try to control it. It will surely take you where you want to go with it. It doesn’t start flying in the opposite direction after a few days like other drones of the market usually do.


3. The durability

Mainly m500 is popular among the people for its strength. People all over the world are fan of the sustainability of this drone. As an amateur you will crash into many things while flying this drone. So, durability is essential for drones.

You will run into many objects even in walls also. It will surely hit the floors too. If your drone is not strong and durable enough, then it will break easily, and you will have to buy a new one which will cost you more money. So, when it comes to the matter of durability m500 Nano Drone doesn’t have anyone to compete them in the market. They are providing the best durable product to the customer.



4. Price Comparison

In this current market, you won’t get this type of high-quality drone in such a reasonable price. This drone will cost you about 30 dollars. You will find them in each and every online shops. The price varies from one to another. People are very much satisfied with the cost of this m500 Nano drone.

It is affordable for most of the people looking for a budget drone. As the quality of this product is top-notch, this drone should be on the top of your list while buying a Nano drone. Sky Viper m500 Nano is the best low-cost drone option for you if you are looking for a small drone to fly around with.


5. Quirks, and Funny Features

You can learn about the features of this drone from the users or from online. This drone is considered one of the smallest drone of Sky Rocket Toys. This drone has a built-in re-calibration system which helps this drone to start after a bump, collision, rough landing, etc.

Because of the tiny size of this drone, sometimes a small tap can change the direction of this drone. This is a treat for the pro controllers. They can fly with it anywhere they want. It is pretty solid. The controller should enjoy flying this little beast. When he or she holds it in hand, the real fun will start. The controls are also laid out in an organized configuration which will save you from your thinking of the controller often. You won’t need to look at the controller again and again. You can control it pretty quickly and comfortably once you start using it.

The auto-launch system is another feature of this product. It has auto-launch, hover, landing system which will ease your controlling ability and save your drone from having any kind of bump or collision at the time of launching and landing. This feature is also beneficial for beginners. They don’t feel difficulties while flying it for the first time in their life.

This drone is powerful enough to carry its weight. It is durable too. You can use it for a very long time. It doesn’t break even after a collision with the wall or fall in the ground. It is the best feature of this drone.

This sky viper is also packaged in an attractive and unique packet. You will love it when it gets to your hand. But you will like it even more after you unbox it and start flying it with your own hands. You will feel something in your mind while flying with it. This tiny drone doesn’t need any FAA registration. If you are an amateur, then try to read the manual first to learn about the controls properly.




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