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How much to charge for drone photography?

Drone photography is a kind of photography where the camera is used in a drone to take photos and videos from a top height. It is a sky-high flying type of photography. The drone camera is an unmanned camera. You only need to operate it from the ground to fix the height and angels. Drone camera will do the rest of the job. It is clearly the wildest photography in the world.

You can take aerial images of places where you can’t go by using drone camera. It is quite popular and famous throughout the world. We are going to discuss how much to charge for drone photography in this article.

Area of US Fee per hour
West Coast 250
Midwest 175
  1. Types of drone photography?

You can find a lot of drones available on the market. All of them are of not great qualities. A very few have maintained a high quality which will provide you pictures and videos of high resolution. Mainly there are two kinds of drones you can find in the market.

One is drone with built-in camera, and the other one is drone with attachable camera. Drone with built-in camera won’t satisfy you because the camera and the resolution won’t be as your choice. Company will put what they like on this type of drone camera. This is why people don’t recommend this one. They better recommend drone with attachable one. Because this camera will provide you the opportunity to set your own camera in the drone, you can choose your own camera of the drone. You even can decide the resolutions and pixels of the camera you want to put on the drone.


  1. How much to charge for drone photography?

The average cost of drone photography is $250-$350. It depends on various things. The environment, content of photography, resolution, services, time period all these things affect the cost of drone photography. If you want to make any change in any of them then you must need to raise the payment also. The payment will increase every time each of these things will change.

Many renowned drone photography takes $150-$200 for an hour or an hour and half photography shoot. They charge it for a specific area of 20-30 miles. If the time period increases after 90 minutes, then they charge some extra money for their work. They take extra $50 for every additional hour.

They also charge extra money if the area expands. If it is more than 20 miles radius, they will charge you $30-$40 per ten miles. The cost is also depended on the region where the shoot will be done, equipment of the photographer, demands of the photographer, reputation of his company, extra services, and competition in his market. It also includes photo editing of all the taken photos. This article will cover all those information about how much to charge for drone photography, in detail.



  1. Drone Videography Cost

Drone videography is also under the same banner of drone photography, but you need to give money separately for doing it. Drone videography is also very popular among the people over the world. Usually most of the drone photography take $200 per hour for doing drone videography. The price can raise up to $400-$450 for some drone photography if they need to do editing too. But it also depended on many criteria like the region, competition, equipment, quality, type of job, etc.

Drone videography is popular because of capturing footage of weddings, cultural programs, corporate events, family parties, etc. Most of the drone photography will offer you a package of shooting videos, capturing photos, editing all of them for a specific reasonable price. People love to take this type of offer. This is why drone photography introduces this type of package offer to increase their income and business.

There is also option for shooting 4K resolution video in drone videography. You need to pay $5000-$7000 for a 30 minutes 4K video. Many of us are interested doing 4K videos on their program. For this reason, drone photography includes this 4K videos on their service list.


  1. What Affects Drone Photography Prices?

The prices of drone photography will vary based on the quality of the events or types of events, purposes like commercial or family, etc. Photographer can capture pictures and videos of high-quality and high-resolution. It also creates an impact on the pricing of Drone Photography. Location, equipment, local market competition, services, editing, etc. are also affecting the prices in drone photography. All these facts are important for setting up prices for drone photography.


  1. How Does Equipment Affect Aerial Photography Costs?

Equipment of the photographer also has an effect on the total costs of drone photography. What equipment photographer is using and what are the qualities of his equipment vary the cost for the customers. High-quality equipment will provide you high-quality photos and videos which will also cost you a large amount of money. Professional high-quality drone gear can cost you $1500-$15000 approximately. The price varies on the model and the quality of the drone gear. Higher-end drone gear will provide you photos of higher-quality and higher-resolution.

Drone photography will provide you the opportunity to capture the best and unique moments of your life. It can be wedding photography, real-estate photography, parties, events, etc. It will also provide photographers a chance to shoot on various location. They can enjoy the beauty of the location and also take some photos and videos out there.

Using drones for photography is a modern idea. It is not very common yet. But people have a lot of interests in this photography. The idea of drone photography is capturing the event from a top height with the whole area in it. This type of videos and photos are really amazing. So, if you are planning to arrange any wedding, event, party, or anything like a gathering then you should better call a drone photographer also to capture all the beautiful moments for you. So I hope that gives you an idea about how much to charge for drone photography.


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