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What kind of batteries do drones use?


Unlike military drones that run on combustion, the consumer drones are accustomed to run on batteries. Your drone is supposed to have a power source that it can rely on, like batteries. However, there are certain issues regarding batteries, that they carry weight, need to be charged, and are costly. 

And especially, the batteries that are used on the vehicles that are motorized do not tend to last very long. Here are the different kinds of batteries that you need to keep in mind before you buy one for your drone. 

Composition of the battery

The performance of your drone depends mainly on the kind of battery that you use based on its composition. The drones are supposed to be powered by sing the LiPo batteries. Unlike the NiCad batteries, that can be considered the older brothers of the LiPo batteries, the LiPo batteries store a large amount of power, output the power quicker, and live a longer life.

Battery life

How long do you want your drone to stay in the air under one charge of the battery? That will totally depend upon the battery life of the battery that you are going to equip it with. The bigger the size of your drone, the bigger the battery it will require. The bigger the battery, the longer life it will have. 

However, if you have a small drone, you will have to equip it with smaller batteries. And the smaller the size of batteries, the lesser the battery life. If you are using your drone under normal conditions, your drone will be capable of flying for 15 minutes. If it manages to fly more than that, it will be a bonus for you.


Propriety technology

Your drone may come with a manufacturer’s manual. What kind of batteries the manufacturer’s manual requires it to use? If your manufacturers ask you to use a battery with the propriety connector, means they are paving their way to making more cash. 

If you want to save money in the long run, you should use propriety batteries and the aftermarket batteries if you own any one of the DJI Phantom Drone Series. If you can use an aftermarket battery, go for that. It will save you money.

Replacement cost

The kind of battery that you use in your drone also depends upon the replacement cost of them. Of course, batteries are fragile equipment and are bound to wear out one day or another. For example, if you own a DJI Phantom 2, it will cost you $500. And if you buy a replacement battery for that drone, it will cost you $100.

Which means you will be spending 20% of the money that you have spent on your drone on its batteries only! However, if you have 3D robotics iris+, it is $750, and the batteries are only $40, which sounds more reasonable. 


If your drone has the charging station feature, they are going to cost you less than the batteries. In that case, the charge time is going to be dependent upon the capacity of the battery. So, you will need to get a kind of battery that has more capacity.


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