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The world of Nano drones: The DX-1 Nano Drone


Drones are not a part of a movie set anymore. They are not government classified flying objects to spy on people too. Drones are now sold all over the world as a regular consumer product these days. Although the increasing amount of use of drones is a safety concern for the aviation sector, the sale and purchase of the drones are not getting any lesser day by day. But as the rules and regulations are getting tighter, people are looking for less offensive options just to have some plain fun. That fun-sized category is called Nano drones. These are classified as toys basically. But they are perfect for having fun, not for using professionally. One of the drones that are worth mentioning is the dx-1 micro drone.



  1. Kinds of drones available

As time passes, more and more types of drones are getting invented. There are drones like the DJI branded DJI Phantom Pro drones which are the real monsters. They can shoot perfect quality footage from the air and has all the bells and whistles of a drone. Then there are the lighter versions of those drones. They can get the job done with ease of use and portability. But these kinds of drones need to follow certain FAA rules and regulations. Violating those can amount to punitive measures by the law enforcement authority. But the Nano drones that are available as toys in the market are usually not equipped with any camera. They are usually called stunt drones. The slightly larger than Nano version is called the micro drone. They can do various aerobatic stunts for fun and skill show. They are very tiny in size, usually a few inches. You can even fold some of them and put them in your pocket. The drones are very light-weight and can be moved easily. The size and portability make them very popular among young people. But adults can play around with the drones too to start off their drone operating skill-building training. One of these stunt Nano drones is the dx-1 micro drone from Sharper Image Company.


  1. Overview of the drone

The drone initially gives the impression of a very serious and professional one. It is a quadcopter that gives a very tactile feeling and thus making it more attractive for beginning learners. The drone is a perfect choice for various stunts thanks to its 6-axis gyroscope sensor. That ensures the maximum stability of the drone during flight. The drone can do various tricks like barrel rolls of 360 degrees and multi-directional flips. Although most micro drones do not come with a camera for weight and stability issue, it has a camera, and it can surprisingly stream the video live to the controlling device. The image of the camera is very sharp which gives the operator more confidence to control it for stunt purposes. The streaming of the video is achieved in a high definition format. That is very impressive.


  1. The target audience for the drone

People of all ages can use the drone for its portability and ease of use. The ability to do such great stunts is very impressive to professionals who are seeking to improve their skills more with fewer bounds and restrictions of the law. The dx-1 micro drone can be perfect for them as it qualifies as a toy and has very short range of flight, so it cannot be brought under FAA regulations. Children can also use the drone for their enjoyment, but they must be over 10 years of old and under supervision to be able to operate the drone.


  1. The ease of use of the drone

You do not have to be a rocket scientist nor a professional to be able to fly this drone. It is very easy to operate, and you don’t have to stress yourself about the safety of others during the flight. It is very hard to crash because of its sensors and jaw-dropping stability. If you know nothing about operating a drone, just turn on the drone and leave it in the autopilot mode and enjoy. It also comes with an auto land option that comes in handy for a person who just wants the enjoyment of the flying of a drone. The safety of the drone is very good. So you also don’t have to be worried about the safety of you and others.



  1. Quirks and features of the drone

The Sharper Image DX-1 micro drone comes with rechargeable non-removable batteries and a USB charging cable that is used to charge the device without any hassle. A long-distance transmitter is also included for controlling the drone from long distances. The drone contains four LED lights for night time maneuvering of the aircraft. It is also useful in daylight condition as a caution. The speed comes in two steps, high and low, adding more simplicity to the control of the drone. The drone comes with blade protectors for its blades on the rotors that are attached next to the drones. This ensures the sturdiness and durability of the drone. You can take off the blade protectors for moving and traveling purposes.


  1. Operation of the drone

The drone is only inches long and in width. So it is very easy to maneuver, and portability is greater. The charging takes only 20 minutes or so for 6 to 7 minutes of flight. Giving you the ability to master the stunts precisely. The six-axis gyroscope comes in very handy while doing the stunts. The weight of the drone is only half a pound. The drone is made of nice materials that are durable and nice to hold.

Those who are new at maneuvering multi-copters, this drone would be the perfect choice for them. The professionals seeking to better their skills can also benefit from this small yet powerful and practical drone. So, if you fall in these criteria and looking to buy a micro drone, look no further. The DX-1 is your perfect choice.


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