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How Much Weight Can a Quadcopter Lift?

You all might be familiar with drones, but there are always some certain questions in mind which force you to search about them. Well, it is a really good thing to search for all about your device. If you are about to get a drone, then you must be thinking, “what is the maximum weight a drone can lift?” Here is a small and detailed guide for you, which will definitely help you know more about drones. 

In the world of drones, when we talk about the weight, we call them “payload.” Although UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicles) have always been very helpful payload capacities are often a significant limiting factor. You need more weight to carry when you go on rescue missions or in search of someone. However, there are some heavy professional drones that are specially designed to carry a lot of weight, but a normal drone also has some payload capacity. Let’s take a look at that. 

There is a different payload capacity for every drone according to their main purpose for which it was designed. Here is the average capacity for hobby drones; they can carry up to 0.3 kg to 2 kg while the carrying capacity of the professional drone is 20 kg to 220 kg, a lot right?

When you ask the payload capacity of drone, it is exactly like asking the maximum speed of the car with which it can go. Mainly a drone is made of 3 things, complex balance power, size and weight. A drone payload capacity is usually to carry cameras, radars, sensors, GPS etc. Batteries, rotors, propellers, motors and other constructional parts are not included in the payload. 

There are two main types of drones, hobby drones and professional drones. Hobby drones are specially designed for sports, taking photographs and having fun while the professional drones are designed to carry payloads and other important things. All drones have their own specification, which greatly differs from the other model, and it affects the payload of the drone, so it will surely have an impact on their ability to carry and transport stuff. 


·        Trick drones are entirely for beginners. Most kids play with it and its flight time is 8 to 10 minutes. It can carry up to 4 to 6 grams of weight.

·        Prosumer drones are the most common drones you’ll see. It falls in between professional and consumer drones. It allows you to carry gimbal or GoPro for photography. Their flight time is around 25 minutes, and they can carry 3 kg weight.

·        Heavy payload drones are used for making deliveries like pizza and cake delivery. It is designed for professional-level drone users. It can carry up to 18 kg of weight, which is far more than enough. 



Drones are really good for deliveries. If you want something fast, you can give an order and a drone, along with your package, will be at your door. After a few years, these capacities will surely increase, enough to carry heavy things for long distances. 


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