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Why are Quadcopters so expensive?

A quadcopter, as some you might know as a quadrotor, is a very trendy device nowadays, that can fly with the help of four rotors and can be used for performing an infinite number of tasks. The reason it’s so popular is because of its numerous uses in diverse areas ranging from photography and videography to research and military operations. It’s used in sports, art, journalism, drone delivery and in countless more places.

Drone quadcopters are expensive because of all the technology, hardware and software that makes them run.

Quadcopter Cost in US dollars Category
Holy Stone hs170 29 toy
Holy Stone hs100 199 toy
DJI Inspire 2 bundle 3400 real
DJI Mavic Air 800 real
Contixo f18 280 real



The idea of a quadcopter being too expensive is not entirely baseless. However, it is unreasonable, and we will tell you why. A very important factor that we all need to take into consideration first is that Quadcopters have some very advanced features and that it takes a lot of costly parts and technology to design them.

Keeping this in mind, it shouldn’t be too hard to accept that the price even though high, is not unreasonable. 


So here are some of the parts of a Quadcopter, their number and their roughly estimated prices in US dollars:

· Motors ($20) x4

· Electronic Speed Controls (ESC’s) ($10) x4

· A control board ($20) x1

· GPS ($50) x1

· A radio receiver ($10) x1

· A handheld transmitter ($80) x1

· A-frame ($10) x1

· Misc parts ($1)

· A battery ($20) 


This all sums up to $311 in total even though all these prices are standardized, that is, it cannot get any lower, and as you start levelling up your Quadcopter, these prices are likely to increase. 

All the raw parts, with their respective number and cost mentioned above, are to make up the Quadcopter but the cost of the additional equipment such as the camera etc. has not been taken into account yet.   

The reason it’s sold in the market at almost double the rate is because in order to run their business and to generate enough revenue so as to pay the employee’s salaries and to generate an income for themselves, the businessmen sell the products at a price which is roughly 2.6 times the total production cost and that makes a reasonable price to be $808.6. 

On average you can purchase a Quadcopter at around $700-$750. Some large companies are able to produce them at a cheaper rate which is due to two factors mainly:

1) Because they are able to purchase the raw products at cheaper rates as they purchase them in bulks.

  1. Because they compromise, the quality of the parts used. 


Because of its many applications mentioned above, the interest in quadcopters is increasing day by day, and people are coming up with different unique ways of using them. Just a few years back they were impossible and unattainable for an average human being; however, in today’s time, even though still considered pretty expensive, they are still used by the common man for everyday uses like photography etc. mentioned above.

Here I would like to conclude the discussion with a very simple fact that a Quadcopter is costly, only because of the parts it’s made of and the technology that is used in designing it. 

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