15 Interesting Drone Facts

1. There are 2 million drones in the US, and 7 million in the world.


2. 60% of Americans have seen a drone.


3. Most people are worried about lost drone deliveries.


4. The cheapest is $17 cheerson cx-10 mini toy drone.


5. The most expensive drone is $250k.


6. The fastest drone can go 163 mph is called Racer X.


7. The Griff 300 drone can lift up to 660 pounds.


8. The drone market is growing over 20 percent per year.


9. The military drone market is 3x the size of consumer market.


10. A DJI drone has been flown up to 22k feet in the air.


11. Drones can save lives by delivering medical supplies and heart defibrillators(AED).


12. Drones are basically banned in all National Parks in the United States, except with special permit.


13. DJI is the biggest company in drone industry. DJI stands for Da-Jiang Innovations.


14. Eagles can be trained to combat drones.


15. The word drone was first used to describe an unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) in 1946.


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