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5 Reasons Why I Fly Drones As A Hobby

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Sci-fi movies like Star Trek & Star Wars often portrayed unmanned aerial vehicles as bizarre, futuristic technology. Who could’ve thought this would become our reality in the 21st Century?! Drone flying has seen a massive surge over the past few years. With an emerging global market worth a whopping $127 billion – there’s no stopping drones anytime soon. While drones have become an important tool in construction, wedding photography, and many other industries  – they’re also shaping up to be a modern recreational activity. In fact, drone flying has taken off as a popular hobby, and many people continue to fly drones just for the pure thrill of it!


I happen to be part of this growing niche of drone enthusiasts. And yes, it’s been totally worth ALL the painstaking luggage regulations and airport scrutiny I’ve had to face. In this article, I’ll be walking you through all the reasons why I’ve adopted Drone Flying as a hobby:


The Thrill Of Flying A Drone For The First Time



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The thrill of flying a drone for the first time is an exciting rush that you’ll probably never forget. It is a feeling I’ve never truly been able to recreate. There’s the adrenaline you get from being the sole controller of this beastly gadget. Then, there’s the danger of you crashing into a tree, a lake or even worse, a person; all of which can be very expensive and harmful! The combination of all these feelings makes for an exhilarating experience. And truly worth every moment leading up to it!

The Fantastic Videography and Photography Options



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A few years ago, it would’ve required extreme concentration and practice to be able to steer a drone. This made the whole process of flying so much more strenuous and complex. Today, GPS allows drones to do all the work for you! All you have to do is recall your drone to a specific location, and you will be able to let your drone fly with minimal steering involved. Pre-programmed features, such as the return-to-home feature, allow your drone to return automatically to its original position if things suddenly go south (never let your battery drain on flight, btw). You can also set the drone flight height yourself, so you know you’re taking a picture or video at the perfect angle. All of these ever-evolving features and technology have made drones all the more enticing to fly.

The Portability



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Drones come in many different shapes and sizes. But if you’re looking for a portable option, you will certainly not be disappointed. In fact, these powerful gadgets can be conveniently packed into a regular sized bag and carried around easily. This is particularly relevant when I’m traveling on commercial airlines. With all the foldable drones you’ll find in the market, there’s no reason you should worry about carrying a big beast on a flight.


The Immersiveness



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Drone flying is an incredibly immersive experience. Safe to say, I won’t be checking my email or thinking about the clutter of my daily life while I’m flying a drone. This allows me to unplug from the real world for a little while, and just enjoy an indulgent experience. We’re all on the lookout for recreational activities that help us unwind from our daily life. For me, drone flying is the perfect opportunity to escape into an amazing world where steering my drone is my only concern. The list:




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