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What is a Drone Jet Fighter?

Flying with the ease of a jet, but in the compact size of a drone, drone jets are on the rise in modern technology. The main difference between a drone and other aircraft is the fact that they are able to fly unmanned. They are now more attainable than ever, and some only cost a couple of hundred dollars.

There are countless uses for drone jets, both personal and work-related. For casual use, drones are great for filming things at bird’s eye view, and for recreational fun. On the other hand, drones can be used for more serious purposes, such as being flown in war zones to ensure the safety of our troops.

Drones are also ideal for people who like to build and customize machines. The great thing is that you can build up nearly any base model of a drone jet. If you want to make a super fast, super sleek drone, all you have to do is update its parts.


As mentioned, our troops rely on drones each day for use out on the field. Drones allow for a vantage point that no other technology can compare to. With a camera on the aircraft, it makes surveillance an easy task.

Most people do not even realize how many drones are utilized each day. Drones or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) have become extremely common. Their flight paths can be controlled by a remote pilot, or, they can be pre-programmed to a destination of choice.

By using a drone, no one gets put into harm’s way. And on the other hand, if the troops must move into a dangerous area, they are often accompanied by a drone. This ensures that the base can see exactly what is going on, and knowing when to move in for assistance.

The same concept as scanning for danger, drones can also be used in cases when a soldier is injured or missing. These recovery operations are usually some of the most dangerous because the soldier cannot communicate with the base directly. It provides another set of eyes to save time, and potentially, lives.

As technology advances, drones are able to become smaller and quieter. This gives the military advantage. It also eliminates the amount of spending and resources used to accomplish the same tasks.

Presently, the military utilizes the help of over 10,000 drones across its various branches. The more that they are used, the better the military gets at their operation. As the years progress, it is expected that more drone pilots will be trained than traditional bomber jet pilots.


A notable drone that has been used by the military is the Predator. The Predator, or General Atomics MQ-1 Predator, was first flown in the early ’90s by way of a remote pilot. It has since been used by the Air Force and the CIA.

Although the Predator retired in March of 2018, it made a lasting impact. The drone is made up of 4 different parts, all equipped with sensors. There is a satellite signal programmed to be received for communication purposes.

Aside from its stealth, it was also beneficial to the military because it could carry missiles. With the press of a button from ground control, these missiles could be launched at targets that were far away from our soldiers. An obvious advantage to the troops, the Predator operated just as its name suggested.

The Predator was able to fly for around 14 hours (about 460 miles). From its start until around 2001, it was used by the Air Force to play on an offensive role in their operations. After that, the CIA used it in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Due to the nature of the operations, most uses of the Predator are classified. It was first deployed overseas in 1995. This mission took place in Algeria, and the 60-day deployment turned into a 120-day deployment.

In the 2000s, the Predator was used again on the search for Osama Bin Laden. The operation was called “Afghan Eyes,” and several models were sent out in the area for a 60-day run. Many were impressed by the quality of the video footage that was returned.


When you think about a drone jet, you probably imagine a hefty price tag attached. Pricing on drones is vast. Because there are so many different models and ways to use them, you could pay anywhere from hundreds to millions of dollars.

Surprisingly, you can obtain a drone for under $50. These models are mainly used for flying like remote-controlled helicopters, but they are tiny drones. Keep in mind that these cheaper drones are also normally made of cheaper parts that are easy to break if you crash.

For something sturdy and useful for a civilian, there are drones available starting at $130. This is a lot more reasonable than most people expect when they hear the word “drone.” Over the last few years, drones have become more affordable for more different groups of people due to their rise in popularity.

If you want to use a drone for the purpose of photography or videography, you will likely want to spend a little bit more money for a better quality aircraft. A higher end drone with more features is likely to cost around $500+. Remember, you are also paying for a more durable piece of equipment.

For the Predator, the price point is radically different. The military spends around $4 million on each model. This doesn’t include the cost of maintenance and upkeep that is necessary to keep a Predator running smoothly.

There are plenty of drones in between that can be utilized by both civilians and soldiers. These usually cost around the $10,000-$100,000 range. With top of the line technology and well-made parts, many of these drones offer all of the surveillance capabilities without the weaponry.


There are generally two components to a drone — their ability to fly and their ability to take photos/videos. Of course, there are plenty of add-ons that can be utilized such as GPS, lasers, weaponry, and more.

Some drones are controlled by a remote, much like a children’s toy. Others have more sophisticated software that can be programmed with flight paths. This is one of the most sought after features of a drone because it is like owning a personal aircraft.

The ability to fly a drone into the air and capture shots from up above is another feature that is widely used. Many photographers and videographers use drones to get stunning shots of scenery that would be impossible with an ordinary camera.

For high-end models, infrared technology and night vision can be used. Cameras that can capture images based on body-heat are not only fascinating but also important in case of an emergency. The same thing applies to photos and videos that are taken with night vision mode.

Some software comes with built-in GPS capabilities. This is important in case your drone crashes and gets lost. Having a GPS locator makes the hunt a lot easier when you only know the general vicinity of where you were flying your drone.

Lights and lasers can come equipped on some models. If you plan on doing any nighttime flying, having something to illuminate your path is definitely recommended. Again, this will prevent you from crashing and losing the drone.


The price that you pay will often reflect the amount of time your drone will fly. The battery life on a drone can last anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours. Depending on what you’d like to use it for, you can determine what kind of battery life you’ll need.

Speed is another factor that can vary greatly. Normally, if you are willing to pay those higher prices, you will end up with a faster drone. Speed isn’t always important to everyone; for example, a nature photographer probably won’t need to utilize a great amount of speed.

Camera quality on an average drone is usually comparable to that of a smartphone. Most can shoot 4K video, which will allow you to capture quality footage. Of course, if you are going to specialize in something that involves filming, you will have to be able to pay more for better quality.

Most drones use SD cards, an easy way for you to obtain and review your footage. Compatible with most computers, you can simply insert your SD card and transfer everything over in seconds.

Some drones have Wifi capability that can be paired with an app on your phone. This app sometimes also doubles as the remote control for the device. This is a cool feature to utilize because you will be able to see what your drone sees in real time.

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