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Drone Simulators – Learning to Fly Drones


Drones are one of the most amazing inventions that the human being has ever had. They are small but useful machines that have enabled advances in fields such as weather recording and aerial photography. Recently, drones have been adapted for mainstream uses and are now owned by many people who have taken them as a hobby. Drone racing and aerial photography are now activities which can be done by amateurs.

Are you into drones and you do not know where to start or do you want to gain more insight in drone flying? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. This article is meant to equip you with the basic information regarding drone flying and all you have to know to buy and get your drone up and flying in a few hours.

Thanks to advancement in drone development, drone technology has become advanced which has paved the way for the production of cheap, small and more powerful drones. Drones used to cost a fortune in the last decade but currently, you can buy a drone on Amazon for around 300 dollars. You can also opt for toy drones which costs several tens of dollars.


What Is A Drone Simulator?

A drone simulator is a game which lets you envision real-life drone flying situations to help you familiarize drone flying, racing and drone video, and camera use.

If you are new to drones, flying will be somehow challenging, and the best way to get a hang is by using drone simulators. A drone simulator will help you have firsthand experience on flying drones to save you from the expenses of damaging a drone or embarrassing yourself. I suggest that you try one before you fly an actual drone.

This article is going to give you all the information you need on drone simulators. I will try to give you tips that will help you to use drone simulators and further give you details of the best drone simulators in the market.

There are two types of drone simulators currently. The first type of drone simulators helps you to master first-person view racing, and the other one helps you to master drone photography and videography. Drone use is like an exercise which requires a lot of practice before one master it. Otherwise, you are bound to destroy parts of a drone which are expensive to maintain and replace.



Best Drone Simulators

The best drone simulators offer you a combination of the best physics and weather conditions to fully prepare you for the daunting but exciting task of flying drones. When it comes to choosing the best simulators, there is a very large pool of them. I have however trimmed my list to a few simulators that I personally think are worth your time.

Here are the best drone simulators in the market right now.

1. Liftoff Drone Simulator

Liftoff is a barely new player in the simulator market, but I have considered it one of the best experiences in drone flying simulation. The software by Immersion RC has been made to compete with the best Sims in the market. It offers the best for practice. With this software, you get unlimited practice in the following areas.

• A very useful design for racing – The best according to me

• Optimized integration with google systems

• Best racing simulation in the market

• Fairly priced compared to other top sims

• Available on both PC and MAC

If you are into drone racing and you need to get the best simulation for drone racing, this is the best sim for you. It is specifically designed for drone racers in mind s I won’t advise you to get it if you want to experience in video and photography.

2. Aerofly RC7 Quad Simulator

This is another great sim software with great physics and reality like drone flying. It is somehow expensive and will cost you a fortune with the standard version selling at $49. It is, however, an all-rounded drone sim with great effects and awesome designed. It offers an array of features which include.

• 100+ available models

• FVP practice

• Available for Mac and PC

• Option to use your own or their controller

• Several drone models to choose from

This simulator is going to cost you money but, in the end, you will realize that it is worth it. It has an enhanced simulation of reality compared to other Sims in the market and is a very good all-rounder drone simulator.

If you want to acquire an all-around basic understanding of drone uses, this is the sim to go for.

3. Simpro Drone Flight Simulator

If you ask about the best drone simulator in online forums, most answers will have Simpro Drone simulator at the top of their lists. This is because this is a very customized simulator meant to fit unique needs for their customers. Their recent update is even better. Simpro offers the following features in their software;

• Several obstacles courses to learn from, i.e. poles, house fires

• Great physics (one of the best I have seen)

• Reality enhancement

• Accurate lighting simulation

This simulation has a demo version which can be downloaded from their website so that you can have a peek at what you are going to purchase. This sim is also one of the best priced among the best simulators.

4. FPV Freeride App

Alongside Liftoff drone simulator, this is a very new simulator in the market. It is limited in features, but it does not mean you won’t enjoy top-notch drone flying simulation experience. It is more of a game than a drone simulator, but you get to learn the basics of drone flying controls. Its features include;

• Entertaining drone flight simulation

• Its lightweight – it wouldn’t consume much of your memory

• It’s very cheap – this doesn’t make it efficient

In summary, this is a very good choice if you want a good drone flight simulation but have a very limited budget. At around $6, you have the entire sim package to enjoy from. It is good for people who want to gain a good experience in fpv racing and basic drone control basics. If you want a simulator to help you understand drone videography and photography, this sim is not for you.

5. Heli X UAV Simulator

Heli X is a fairly good all rounded simulator for new drone pilots. It is equipped with additional training features for better learning. It is also a fairly priced simulator, and it is worth your money. Furthermore, it is available for the three most popular operating systems Mac, Windows, and Linux. These are its standout features;

• Training situations for rescue missions

• A wide array of additional features

This simulator won cost you that much at around $60. It is an all rounded sim which has additional learning situations. I definitely recommend it for a newbie to drone flying.

6. Velocidrone Drone Simulator

This is another drone simulator which wouldn’t miss my list. It is very easy to manipulate and offers a fun drone flying simulation experience. I am yet to find a person who didn’t like Velocidrone Drone simulator. It has very many features which add its usefulness. Here are some of the standout features in these simulators;

• Ability to map your own paths

• Variety of quadcopters to choose from

• Great physics

• Detailed maps

• Well priced

This is a very good choice for people who are starting out in drone flight simulation or if you just want to have fun at flying drones. It cost a lot less than most of the Sims in this list, at around $17 and you won’t regret spending on this simulator.

Drone Simulator Prices

As you have seen in the course of the article, prices for drone simulators range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Your budget is the first factor you should consider when you want to acquire drone simulators. I suggest that you first try out the demo version of a simulator before actually purchasing it so that you have an idea of what you are paying your money for.

Using Simulators VS Real Time Drone Flying

I know new drone pilots are constantly jammed by this question. They want to know if using a drone simulator is really worth it in the end. There is a very clear answer to this. Although drone simulators won’t make you an expert in drone flying, they will aid you a big deal in understanding how to fly drones. After trying out several of the simulators I have listed above, you should challenge yourself and fly an actual drone.

We all learn from mistakes, and even the best drone racers and users have crashed their quads several times. Crashes help to teach you how to fly drones better (no one likes incurring repair and replacement costs, and they also make the experience worth it).

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