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3 Best GPS and FPV Consumer Drones


We have begun to usher in a new era of flying machines which have gotten better, and at a lesser price, enough to be purchased by the public, and used by businesses. The drone can be used for several activities ranging from using this flying machine to access Ariel locations, take Ariel photographs, as well as record high-quality videos and deliver products and documents. Most of which are consumer drones have become big business in recent years as businesses have also begun to put the capacity of drones to full use. Adults, as well as kids now have a reason to own or have access to a drone.

In recent years drones equipped with a unique set of features have been manufactured and dispersed into the market. These drones have proven time and time again to be a piece of resourceful machinery and among the features that make it so includes the GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) and FPV (First Person View).


3 best GPS drones includes:



The DJI Mavic Pro

It is a portable drone equipped with as much feature as you can find in a bigger sized drone. It comes with an advanced GPS system as well as the feature to set intelligent flight for your drone. The drone makes use of the two major types of navigational systems which includes the GLONASS and GPS navigational systems. With the drone being able to make dual connections to more than 20 satellites ensures a large percentage of accuracy.

This drone is also currently the highest rated drones on several comparison charts. It comes with a lot of other features that makes it stand out amongst its pairs. The maximum range of this drone 7km and within this circumference, you can enjoy all the drone has to offer. Lastly,, it is important to note that the number of automated time features present is competitive.  


The Walker Scout X4

If you are looking for a balance between the price and features present in a drone, then the walker scout X4 is the best option. It majorly makes use of the USA Navigational system which is the GPS. This system is also of high accuracy enough to provide detailed transmission of the drone coordinates. This is a drone with an amazing number of functionalities.  

The GPS system of the walker scout X4 is accurate compared to other sets of GPS drones. It also has a less margin for error in its result. Capturing images with this can be done automatically with the help of the 128 waypoints it is equipped with. You can also configure the drone to follow above your exact location wherever you go.

Among the many features, the failsafe return to home feature is an outstanding level of development in the technology of drone. This along with other features such as the round flight (Which occurs after the coordinates have been inputted and set accordingly) are only possible thanks to the presence of the GPS navigation system. It is also important to note that the agility and flight time of this drone also ensures you get the best possible experience. 


The Upair One

This drone is an affordable yet feature-rich drone. It is equipped with the GPS navigational system, along with a 2.7k HD camera. This drone is good for beginner drone racers as it helps drone pilot subtly understand the features as well as embracing it.

This GPS, even though not as strong as the prior mentioned drones, can connect to 9 satellites before achieving GPS lock. This drone also comes with a large number of features which includes the failsafe come to the home button.

The range of this drone is 600m which can be described as an ideal range for casual users who only use it for extracurricular activities. Even though the video quality of this drone is good, the photograph may still need a bit of work. Its photo resolution is only 8MP which is below the common standard of 12MP that comes with most of the other drones. The limit range of this drone varies from point to point but remains very reliable and accurate.



These are two features which uniquely stand apart but if present in a drone, increases the resourcefulness. The first person view (FPV) feature allows drone pilots (meaning you handling the drone), to see real-time video feedback on a screen. This feature is especially appreciated by those who are into the drone racing activities, as well as conventional enthusiastic pilots.

 The market for GPS drones is also healthy as there are several models of GPS drones each with its unique combination of features. The price of GPS drones is similarly also dropping as technology has made it accessible to almost anyone. The functions that come with a GPS equipped drone has increased the need for these set of drone, and drone manufacturers are doing a good job to keep up with the demand.

Not every drone is equipped with either an FPV, GPS or both systems. This is because not everyone needs the needs a GPS or FPV drone. These drones, though having a large number of features which makes it more efficient and fun to use may not necessarily be embraced by everyone. The introduction to FPV drones is bringing an end to the time when operators needed to fly their unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) by Line Of Sight (LOS). Even though the Line of Sight drones are still more used than First Point of View Drones, the demand for FPV drones has improved as technology keeps progressing which has made drone begin to fly higher, faster and further.  

The GPS is not the only system with its function. The Russian also built their satellite position system which is also referred to as GLONASS. Most of the drones that have been recently manufactured are equipped with both features which are basically ideal and increases the accuracy of the result, while others come with at least one of the two systems. Drones equipped with both navigational systems can access up to 20 different satellite compared to a drone equipped with just one of the navigational system. Both features come with loads of merits, as well as demerits as to why it may be a good choice for you or what you may need it for.

One of the many factors that have driven the speedingly rise in the level of drone technology is Drone racing. Drone racing is an activity that has been widely accepted and has become a way of life. It has transformed from being a machine to serving a hobby. Drones racing features several models of drones each equipped with its unique combination of systems. One of the major systems that can be found in Racing Drones is the FPV system. The FPV drone system takes away the need for technical knowledge and allows a beginner to enjoy the features as well as an average drone pilot. 

There are several types of FPV racing drones and the internet is filled with several comparison charts determining which drone may be best for you, and why. But in reality, as important and useful as these charts may seem, it really depends on your need. Your need determines your final choice of a drone equipped with the right set of features you want, at the right level.

The GPS drone has been used in many sectors for several purposes. The military around the world was also quick to embrace this new type of technology as it effectively reduced the number of men whose life may be in danger during certain missions. Drones are used for reconnaissance, surveillance, delivery and more. Providing the perfect accuracy to keep the pilot inefficient control of the drone. Automated drones may also be sent without being piloted as the coordinate would have been inputted in the right pattern to complete the mission.

Learning to fly any drone doesn’t happen overnight. Professional pilots are equipped with years of experience with a certain specialty.


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