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Drone Conferences

Which drone conferences do you plan to attend this year to develop your expertise network, increase sales and be updated about the drone industry? The market of civil and commercial UAVs (unmanned automated vehicles) is still flourishing. New applications, new products, new firms are entering and change the drone industry almost every day. Nevertheless, the initial bloom of the drones is currently diminishing, and we’re going back to the bass tracks; to pin down actionable data and applications.


Benefits of attending the drone conferences

Because the drone industry is extremely dynamic, how can one find partners, quickly develop the expertise network and stay updated on the latest news about drones? Attending the drone conferences will assist you in many ways.

• Participating in the drone conferences is an efficient and quick way of improving your business and learning about the development or any change occurring within your sector.

• By participating in the national or international drone conferences, you’ll get the platform of showcasing your drone products to the premium audience, a way of monitoring the activities of the competitors an opportunity of directly contacting or meeting potential or targeted customers.

• The drone conferences are great sales and marketing channels by helping you to get customers and leads, increase the overall sales and build the brand.

• If you have particular expertise or a compelling business demonstration, you can attend the drone conference as the speaker and enhance your reputation and that of your brand as a professional within the drone industry.

• Most drone conferences tend to feature matchmaking and networking activities. This will enable you to swiftly increase your expertise network and find commercial investors or partners.

Therefore, there are many reasons for attending at least one drone conference or even more in 2019. Such conferences can be of international or national importance. For instance, there were seventeen commercial events for drones in 2013. A number that increased to thirty in the year 2014 and sixty in 2015; and above 90 and 100 in 2016 and 2017 respectively. This indicates that the number may be even higher in 2019.

How do you choose the drone conference to attend, benefit the most and gain your ROI?

One should put into consideration various factors before selecting the drone conference to attend in 2019. To assist you in selecting the drone conference that you’ll attend, we’ve listed a few examples of some drone conferences that have already occurred or are bound to happen this year. Las Vegas Commercial UAV expo


ICUAS’ 2019

International Conference on Unmanned Aircrafts system (ICUAS) is an event that takes place for four days that has been happening annually ever since the year 2008. This event hosts an area of the exhibition and highly technical, top-level workshops and conferences. It is organized by UCUAS Association and attracts various participants from industry, state and federal agencies, academia, the private sector, engineers and practitioners. The sessions of this drone event cover a wide range of activities focusing on public and civilian domain applications, standard and legal requirements including privacy, legal, ethical and policy issues and the proceedings which can all be purchased online from the website of ICUAS once this event has ended.

Topics that will be of great interest in ICUAS 2019 include; designs for resilience, autonomy metrics and design for assured and trusted autonomy. Example of other topics includes; airspace management and control, integration, control architectures, payloads, regulations, UAS applications, management and test beds, Networked UAS among others. This event is already confirmed and will take place from June 11th to 14th in Atlanta Marriott Buck- head hotel & conference center located in the supreme location, Atlanta. The first day (11the June) will be a tutorial/ workshop full day that will be followed by the technical conference which will take three days; from 12th to 14th July. This event will be sponsored by ICUAS Association, non- profit association.

UAS4RS 2019 conference (unmanned Aircraft system for the Remote Sensing Application)

The UAS4RS 2016 was a conference which was its first edition took two days with the aim of stimulating collaboration between UAS users, Australian academics and the commercial operators especially on the UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) technology for information extraction and remote sensing application.

This conference is greatly supported by some Australian centers for academic research that are specialized in the environmental and remote sensing studies. It concentrated on the applications and technologies of information extraction and remote sensing.

It featured over forty speakers and thematic sessions that covered various aspects on the utilization of advanced miniature sensor and UAS to monitor and map environments, new hyperspectral and multispectral sensors, 3D mapping, LIDAR instruments, sensor calibration, processing workflows, validation/ calibration, data analysis, regulations, field operations, sensor fusion and integration, feature extraction, geo-referencing, ,,derivation of biophysical and land covers information among others.

The UAS4RS 2019 conference has not been confirmed yet, although it is anticipated to take place at Queensland University in Brisbane, Australia.


CES 2019- unmanned systems

This is the gathering place for people from different places of the world who deal with the consumer technologies business. CES is well known for conducting trade only and has existed for more than eighteen years. Apart from the showcasing of drones, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) involves other complementary technologies. Nevertheless, the CES is certainly the globe’s largest gathering place consumer electronic businesses and enthusiasts, with the unmanned aircraft being the formidable category within the consumer electronics.

First CES occurred in the year 2015 in the state of Las Vegas, USA and committed a whole section of its exhibition floor, known as the unmanned system marketplace, to the unmanned aircraft and similar autonomous or remote controlled products. The section was doubled in the year 2016 in exhibitors and space. In 2019 this section was intended to display over 163 exhibitors who were featuring the drone technology. The CES 2019 conference focused on mapping the business and policy landscape and urban mobility.

CES showcased over 4500 exhibiting firms including developers, suppliers, and manufacturers of the consumer technology content, hardware, delivery systems among others. The conference program included over 250 sessions and over 180000 attendees from one hundred and fifty countries. Additionally, apart from the drone exhibitions on the show floor, the CES 2019 featured conference sessions that focused on the drone technology. This event was organized by CTA (Consumers Technology Association) and took place in Las Vegas from January 8 to January 11, this year.

Drontal 2019

This is drone event that is committed supply chains of aquatic, terrestrial and aerial systems of piloting and the professional application. The event of this year will be their 5th edition since its first edition took place in 2015 and involves qualified programs of business workshops and conferences which offer the ideal opportunity of gathering information or establish a professional relationship with the operators in this sector.

It is among the best drone events in Italy. In 2018, this event involved more than thirty exhibiting firms, 21 seminars and conferences, over seven hundred participants within the hall and more 1400 accredited operators.

The event of 2016 occurred in ModenaFiere after being moved from Milan. It occupied more than ten thousand square meters although it was taken back to the city of Milan in the year 2018 where it will also take place in the year 2019. This event has already been confirmed and will take place from 4th to 5th April 2019 at the Palazzo Dielle Stateline in Milan, Italy.

Dronalty 2016 event featured activities and events for both the consumers and professionals in a very rich program that involved technical and conferences sessions, networking activities, drone testing, and building areas, exhibition area and FVP races.

MobileTech 2019

Currently, in its sixth year (first edition was in 2013), this event has strongly established itself and is among the leading technology events across the entire country of New Zealand. The MobileTech 2019 event will bring together more than 300 innovative developers, early adopters, technology leaders and the industry operators of next generation from all regions of Australia and New Zealand. This event occurs every year and showcases digital technologies that are transforming the forestry, horticultural and agricultural sectors.

This year’s event is already confirmed and will take place in New Zealand from 3rd to 4th April 2019 and will be organized by CONNEX innovators. The event will feature a conference and an exhibition that will focus on the innovative and emerging mobile technologies that are having an impact on the primary industries of New Zealand. The theme of 2019 for this event will be ‘Data with Purposes’ and will include UAVs, satellites, remote sensors, and electronic tagging among others.


Those are just but a few of the drones conferences that take place in different places all over the world. There are many other drone events that you can search on the internet to determine their costs, location, focus sponsors and other information. Conducting such research will help to choose the drone conference you can opt to attend this year since they can have many benefits especially if you have interest in the drone technology.

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