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The Best Drones for Beginners in 2019


Many love the idea of owning a drone but don’t know how to go about it. Finding the best drones for beginners doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With the growing popularity of drones, there are many options to choose from on the market.

However, many do ask ”how can they find the perfect drone for beginners.” If finding a drone seems pretty challenging, then you don’t have to worry. In this article, we’ve taken our time to look at different drones and put together a list of the best drones for beginners. With this list, drone lovers will find it more comfortable to get the best drones.

Best Drones for Beginners with Camera


When it comes to shooting the perfect videos or taking a clear and smooth shot, the Yuneec Q500 4K stand has the best choice.

This drone comes with a super-great 4K ultra HD camera which can easily shoot video in slow motion. It also has 12-megapixel camera quality and three axis gimbal which enables the drone to take a smooth shot.

This flying machine has a pistol grip which allows its user to navigate it from the ground by using a smartphone. There is no need to assemble the drone, as it comes already set to fly in its beautiful case.

Also, the drone is very easy to use and works great as it can withstand turbulence and wind. While other high-tech drones may offer better speed and range, this drone makes less noise. In other words, this is a perfect choice when it comes to quiet flight.

If those that plan on taking great aerial photos and videos, this drone is a perfect choice. Also, with its great features, newbies will find it easy to use.


Best Cheap Drones for Beginners

This type of drone is durable, easy to use, and comes with great features even at a low price. For those looking for a very affordable drone for beginners, here is one of the best of choice.

Altair Aerial Aa108- 2019 Best Cheap Drone

For Newbies that want to make drone-flying a hobby? We recommend the Altair Aerial AA108. This drone has been one of the best drones for drone-lovers over the past few years. With its great features, durability, and camera the drone is a perfect choice for beginners with a low budget.

Users will enjoy more using this drone because of its incredible flight time and good distant flying range. It features a headless hold mode which allows the drone to maintain a stable altitude, making it easy to learn on and very fun to fly. It is also easy to control by anyone who has little knowledge about drones.

However, other drones also have few of the same features and specs. But There are exciting features that makes it great for beginners.

One exciting part is that It offers a 10 minute flight time, and the user can also control it to a distance of 100 meters. With its 720 High Definition Camera, it will give users a great taste of aerial photography.

Its One-touch landing and takeoff, three different modes makes it a user-friendly for newbies. The drone also includes three different flight skill modes. This feature makes it super easy for starters to learn faster without the help of any experts.

In case of any problem or malfunctions, finding replacement parts in the market is very easy and hassle-free. This is perfect for those who want something to enhance their drone piloting skills.

In all, with its many functions such as the altitude and headless mode, and one-touch takeoff, this makes it a lot easier to control.


Best Mini Drones for Beginners

When it comes to mini-drones, these flying machines are easy to operate, portable, and cheap. They are also safe to use both indoors and outdoors. You don’t have to worry about them crashing, because it comes with great features to prevent such.

Additionally, these mini-drones are great for taking selfies and easy to carry along when traveling.

DJI SPARK- Best Mini Drones

Although there are many types of drones produced by DJI, the spark drone stand as one the perfect choice for beginners.

The drone is easy-to-use and perfect for those who want to make drone-flying a hobby.

With its portability feature, they are so tiny to the extent it can be tossed into the pocket. Travelers will also find it easier to carry while heading for a trip.

One exciting part is that users might not need to control the drone with the remote. It recognizes the user’s hands for easy control. In other words, User can control or use it in taking a selfie with just hand gestures.

If you feel more comfortable using a remote control or smartphone, then the DJI GO 4 app can help you with your needs.

Best Beginners Drones with GPS

Generally, drones with GPS gives users better access to a whole lot of benefit. The feature helps the entire process of controlling the drone to be fun and more comfortable.

Ever thought of buying a drone that supports the use of GPS? Well, if this is the first time of hearing this, then choosing this type of drone is a great idea.

HUBSAN H501S- Best GPS Drone for Beginners

We all know how the drone market is changing today, and this has made drones to become safe and easy to use. The Hubsan H501S is also among the safest drones to use.

This super-friendly drone is great for beginners. Bear in mind that even with its low price, it comes with great features aside GPS.

Its great features and functionalities make it very easy to use. The GPS plays a vital role as this serves as a tracker, making sure that the drone never goes missing. Hence, when shopping for your first drone as a starter, always think about the Hubsan H501S.

Want to know something cool? The drone is also very portable and has a camera.

Best Drone for Beginners- Crashing and Learning

When learning how to fly a drone, crashing is inevitable. Everyone crash a drone when flying it for the first time. For Beginners, there’re many things to learn. Flying a drone may not be difficult, but having full knowledge about it might take some time.

We have talked about affordable drone, but now it is time to offer you something different. These drones are the best for beginners looking for the drone to learn on. They are super-easy to learn and operate.

Syma X5C Drone

Although Syma has many drones, the X5C stands as a perfect choice for beginners. The drones come at an affordable price, and its stability gives starters more comfort to control. Users can have a glimpse of aerial photography as it comes with an optional camera.

Of course, it offers more fun and easy to fly anytime or anywhere. This flying machine is straightforward to repair, and its parts come at an affordable price. It has sturdy built that can withstand hand landing.

Users will catch more fun and learn faster with this beginner quadcopter. For those that want to learn how to fly a drone and are scared of a crashing one, we recommend this drone for you.



Best Easy To Fly Drones for Beginners

The Mavic Pro

For Newbies looking for a portable drone with great features, camera qualities, and quiet flight mode, the Mavic Pro is the best choice for you. Well, the name Mavic Pro might sound like a drone for experts but don’t be afraid, it is easier for beginners also to operate it.

This incredible quadcopter has a mode that allows starters to set a preferred speed and radius before taking off. After mastering the drone, beginners can deactivate the mode to explore the drone’s full potential.

With the Mavic Pro, users will get to enjoy a flying range of 7 kilometers. This smart drone has a return to home feature, which allows it to automatically move back to its initial position before take-off when its battery gets to 30%. Users can also initiate the return to home feature by pushing a button.

There are other exciting features such as automatic takeoff and obstacle avoidance.

The best part is that its arms, antenna, and controller of the drone are foldable, making it easy to carry. Another big plus is that it has a 4k resolution camera and 3-axis gimbal to help to stabilize the camera when taking shots. Its quality camera makes it a better choice for selfie lovers and photography experts.

Although the price is pretty high, the drone is an excellent choice for both beginners and experts that need high-quality aerial photography footage.

Wrap Up

Flying beginner drones is very easy, and it is a fun thing to do, but getting the right one could be pretty tricky. And for most Newbies, it is a bad idea to skip the easy to fly drones and jump straight to high-tech drones.

For Beginners, The first thing to do is to learn the steps, rules, and regulations involved in flying a drone. After that, feel free to operate it by either using its remote control or a smartphone.

Like every other tech products choosing the best drone for starters is complex. And a lot goes into knowing the best drones for beginners. The below-mentioned drones are good for Newbies as they are easy to use, fun to fly, and affordable.

With this article, we hope finding the best beginner drones in 2019 won’t be challenging task anymore. There are many models available in the market, but we’ve focused on providing the best for starters. Learning how to fly a drone does not have to be difficult, especially now that we’ve listed the best for you.


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