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I Went Hiking with my Drone Taking a Selfie



I began to think of a place where I could hike to. I finally settled on girlfriend’s place.

Shirley lived in a ranch with her parents when she tended to horses and some livestock. Hiking over there would take me around five hours, and I began to prepare myself for that.

I called her and told her about my plan. I told her that I was hiking to her place. She asked why I didn’t just take a bus or drive my car over to her place, but she understood that I had to do some exercises and also do some serious thinking.

I prepared by getting all the things I needed for the hike which included water bottle, energy bars, dry fruits, hiking boots, a Swiss knife, flashlight, even though I intended to get to Shirley’s place before nighttime. I also got comfortable, a baseball hat for protection against the sun. I didn’t know what the intensity of the sun would be like so I got sunscreen.

I also got a map and marked the route to Shirley’s place. I got a medical kit in case of any problem, which I didn’t expect. I got all the goodies in my backpack. To make the hike more interesting as the doctor suggested, I took along my drone. It was a drone that I had purchased just three years before but which I had not had the time to test out.

I had purchased the drone for another reason entirely. I used to do a documentary about certain animals in the wild, and I would use the drone to record the actions of these animals, which I would then post on YouTube. It was a successful endeavor.

I decided that I would take the drone alone on the hike and perhaps I could find some animals on the way and kill a bird with two stones. The battery that came with the drone was wonderful. It could work nonstop for about seven hours. However, I decided to bring two extra batteries. I love being ready for anything.

In the morning, at exactly 8 am. I set out on my mission. I met many of my neighbors going to work or wherever in their vehicles. They asked if I needed a lift, but I told them I had other plans. I knew they must be wondering what I was planning to do.

I followed the route I had set on the map, and soon, I had spent about an hour on the road. I decided that it was time to deploy my drone. I brought it out of my backpack and used the remote to fly it in the sky. I moved it around for a while, looking out for animals. After about thirty minutes, I only found some antelopes eating grasses. I maneuvered the drone so that it was not too close to the animals in order not to spook them.

When I got tired of watching them, I went in search of more animals, but I could only find butterflies.

I directed my phone towards me, and as it returned, I brought out my phone and took pictures of the drone. I also took a selfie of myself. Then I got an idea. I remembered that the drone could take pictures. I figured that instead of using a selfie stick which I didn’t have on me at that particular time, I could take a selfie of myself with the drone.

I moved the drone closer to my face. I was sure that it would have a brilliant picture. I took so many pictures while offering a wide smile. I checked out the pictures that I had taken and saw that they were superb. I transferred the pictures from the drone to my phone.

After that, I uploaded it on Facebook, and within a few minutes, I got a lot of comments and likes, and people began to ask how I managed to snap such a picture. I asked them to make guesses, and only a few of them could guess right that it was with a drone.

I continued to take more selfies as I continued on my way. I stopped several times on the way to drink some water and also east some of the energy bars. I got my iPod and listened to several songs on the way.

After many hours, I finally reached within sight of Shirley’s house. I was tired, and the bottle of water that I had was almost finished. I managed to walk the rest of the way to the house. I was happy to see Shirley’s beautiful face.

She hugged me and congratulated me on a wonderful job well done. We talked about all the comments on the Facebook post and laughed over them. I then settled down to a wonderful dinner and a hot bath as my mind went through all what I had passed through.

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