I was Thrilled at Owning a Drone they are so Cool.

I think drones are cool, is what I’d say to anyone who didn’t know me. My close friends and even my family all know how obsessed I am with them. It’s just like a boy with his video games collection (I was also guilty of that), or a girl with her…uh, doll collection? I have no idea what girls do.

Anyways, I’m sixteen years old, and my name is Jordan. I love drones, and six years ago, I wished to become a drone. Yeah, that’s pretty crazy; believe me, I know. My wishes changed though because as I grew older, I began to wish to have one or more owners.

Are you gasping? Okay, maybe not, but the truth is that I don’t have a drone. I can’t even fly one, how can I? I haven’t had one before. I have touched one if you think I haven’t; in have friends who also have drones, but theirs are mostly cheap second-hand ones. I know, it’s better than nothing but forgive me for dreaming of having the real thing (and by that, I mean fresh off the box).

Everything is going to change though: I have been working for the past four years, slaving day and night (not slaving, but you get the idea), and I’ve finally saved just enough to buy…a second-hand drone. Dammit! Just kidding, I have enough to get me a brand new drone, and I will be off to get one tomorrow.

I really can’t wait to own a drone finally, and learn how to fly one. That’s right, I don’t know how to fly a drone exactly, but that’s not a bad thing, is it? I mean, you don’t go learning to drive a car when you don’t have one, do you? Wait, do you? Okay, scratch that; but the thing is, drones are pretty expensive, so no one is willing to let you learn to fly with their drone. What if you crash it?

There are places where you can learn to fly drones, but it takes a while, and that’s not money well spent in my opinion because you could easily save it and get your own drone, then learn to fly. Just like I’m doing.

Sleep was had to come by on the night before the big day, mostly because I kept thinking about my new drone and actually admiring it. I think I fell asleep on that note because I began to have lovely dreams about drones, and then there was the scary one where I actually lost the money for my drone.

Luckily, it was all a dream, and when I woke up—for the seventh time, or so—it was finally morning. I went through my daily routine as quickly as possible and then off I went to the drone shop. I could never have picked a better time to buy a drone than this period; it was the holidays, and there were a lot of price slashes, I learned.

It seemed now that I might even have enough money left over to purchase an accessory, like a fancy camera.

There were a lot of people at the drone shop; lucky guys like me, who’d soon be owners of their very own drones. The experience of being in the drone shop, seeing all those drones, was almost enough satisfaction. Almost, but having the real thing has got to be more satisfying.

I got to a line where the brand new drones were exhibited. Yeah, I was right; they were breathtaking. I spotted one, the ThunderX model, and I became blown away. I ran up to the seller and gushed liked a kid who’d just met his crush.

“She’s a beaut!” I said, unable to contain my excitement.

The seller looked at me, and I could tell he saw how excited I was. It was a good thing the price tag was already shown just in case he wanted to capitalize on my excitement. Small screens mounted in the shop showed videos of the drone in action, and I was further blown away.

“Yeah, she is,” he said and showed me the drone. I admired it, ran my hand through the body and boy, I was so thrilled. He tested it and heck, and it flew like a beaut. I paid and off I went. I didn’t get the fancy camera again; I can always leave that for later.

The seller recommended that I charged Falcon—yeah, I named her already—before usage, so I spent the next ten hours waiting for it to charge fully. It was already late by the time I was done, so I spent the night reading the box and manuals and getting used to the controller.

I was up the next day, and off to the park, I went, ready to fly my new drone. These drone park and something crash-protected, so if you’re clumsy enough to crash your drone into something it’s most likely not to be damaged.

It took a while to get the hang of my drone’s controller, but I soon got Falcon into the air and watched it fly. It was ecstatic, and I’m not mincing words. I know I had to be running from side to side as I controlled her, just so I wouldn’t crash it. Suddenly, my drone was the main thing; my buddies had nothing on me, you know—there’s no way a second-hand drone can be compared to a brand new beauty like mine.

There’s always a thrill of owning something, and also a speedy way of learning how to do things as long as it’s yours. I soon got the handle on my drone in a couple of weeks, and I was soon able to show off with sick moves. For a boy obsessed with his drone, this was a slice of heaven.

That was how I finally got to own a drone and how I also learned how to fly one. Pretty sweet, isn’t it?

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