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I Flew a Drone in Toronto

Ohh! It’s a holiday here. I was very sure that Ted and Tommy would be very happy because it was a long-vacation holiday!

Ted and Tommy are my best friends in school. School days are the days we hated the most, but we were always happy when the weekend drew near, so we would still have enough time to play and also watch our favorite cartoon.

My name is Wayne. I am a ten-year-old boy who loved technology so much to the extent that my classmates do call me Techie Boy. I find it more interesting than being something else. My friends, Ted and Tommy, are cartoon freaks. They loved watching the cartoon so much, but it was never my choice. I preferred watching military war films where technology was highly used. I am not interested in their combat or shooting off their guns, but I am especially interested in the technology used.

On this fateful day, Ted and Tommy were watching a cartoon in my room, but I was not in the mood to watch cartoons. That was when I remembered that I had just bought a movie where the robot was being used in a war.

This movie was about using technology to fight in a war, where soldiers are built like robots, and there is a high usage of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) which is also called Drone. Drones are used to check roadside bombs or devices on landing areas, listening to mobile phones conversation, attacking suspected insurgents as used by the military and other enforcement agents. Drones are also used as recording devices.

Drones can stay up in the air for 17hours before sending back real-time imagery of activities, and they do not need to be manned by humans. They can be controlled by remotes.

I figured that it was my time to watch my movie. I told Ted and Tommy, and immediately they turned to me and asked, “Are you serious or joking?”

I showed them my serious face, and they concluded that we had to throw a dice to know who should use the TV. I wanted to laugh. Both of them were in my room, and they were still negotiating over my TV. I rolled my eyes at them and agreed.

When they rolled the dice, I saw that I had one and they began to grumble, wondering why I could not just watch the carton with them. They took their seats and decided to watch the movies with me.

The movie was surprisingly great. It had to do with some Special Forces team who were tasked to infiltrate an enemy camp and extract a potential witness and informant. The movie was quite the kind that could keep one at the edge of his or her seat.

The team members were experienced and skillful. They managed to get into the camp, take out the guards and get the target. However, as they tried to make their escape, more reinforcements of the enemy arrived. The team members would have been wiped out if not for a drone that came to their rescue.

In the course of watching the movie, my older brother, Sam also joined us. After the movie, we all discussed the movie and how wonderful it was. The main point of our discussion was the drone. It was then that we researched all the benefits of a drone.

The next day, I had nothing to do. Ted and Tommy had traveled to visit their respective grandparents. I had no one to play with. I was also tired of playing online games with my friends who had gone on vacation.

The main telephone began to ring, and I just refused to pick it up. It went into voicemail, and I heard my uncle’s voice. “Hey, Danny, how are you? I just wanted to ask if you could fly to Toronto and help me a test run a drone I just got? You know I am not very good with these computerized devices, and you are a tech freak. I have already called your parents, and they said it was up to you.”

Uncle Benny had a company that helped to sell lots of technological devices. He made great sales even though he didn’t have much knowledge of how the devices worked. Thankfully, he had an army of workers who did that for him.

As he spoke on the voicemail, my brain was working fast. I would finally have the chance to fly a drone and Uncle Benny was inviting me over to his place in Toronto. I jumped up and ran to the telephone just as he finished his recording.

I told him I would like to come for a visit and he got me into contact with his secretary who made all the arrangements. Sam was not happy that he would be alone in the house while I was gone.

The next day, I packed my bags as I prepared for at least a stay of one week in Toronto. All through the flight, all I could think about was the drone. I was sure that I would get the hang of it once I got it. I had a talent for that.

Toronto was a beautiful and peaceful city. The last time I was, there was when Uncle Benny celebrated his birthday, and that was about six years back. He picked me up at the airport, and as we drove to his home, we discussed all the drone.

The next morning, we went to his garden, and I took control of the drone, moving it up in the sky. It had a video camera which was why Uncle Benny needed it. I felt very excited as I flew the drone in the area, capturing the pictures of ducks swimming in a pond, some children riding their bicycles.

I taught Uncle Benny how to fly the drone, but he didn’t want to learn; he wanted a person who could do what he wanted to do which was recording the actions of some birds and animals in the wild. I did all those for him.

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