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Can Drones be Shot Down?


Unmanned Aerial Materials, don’t forget, drones, can be used for various purposes. While a hobbyist can use his to derive fun, I can decide to use mine for commercial purposes. Either way, no one has the right to fly the humming object over people or their property without consent. In fact, even the police are restricted to do this without the warrant to fly a drone. Thus, any drone flown by the police is done with a warrant.

The fact that seeing or hearing the sound of a drone above you irritates a lot could have spurred you toward asking if drones can be shot down. Yes, thanks, you put the question in the passive form without making yourself the subject of the action. Of course, being the subject can attract avoidable punishment.

Actually, drones can be shot down, but not by you. Lately, the federal government and the Federal Aviation Administration have come to a consensus that whichever drone is trespassing should be gunned down by the police. Please, bear it in mind that it’s the police and not you. That means, as soon as you see one hovering over your property, you dial 911 and get a swift response.

This consensus reached about shooting down trespassing drones does not distinguish between the commercial and the private drones, which means that the police have been given the authority to gun down any drones, be it commercial for business purposes or private flown just be a hobbyist.

Lest it is forgotten, Hollywood use drones to video some of its scenes and journalists also use a drone to capture some of the scenes that should serve as the evidence to their reports. This is a slap on the face of the part of the Constitution that gives freedom of free speech and other freedoms to the journalists and the press in general. It could be a disastrous set back to capturing believable news and leaking some dirty secrets of moguls, barons and perhaps, politicians.

One more thing is that police are not cool with the certain authority given until they abuse it to the core. And I believe that they won’t be shooting down the drones where people are many and can endanger lives because the debris can still be harmful.

We shouldn’t forget that there are many cases worse far much more than flying a UAV. There is still police brutality case, cases of mass shootings, gun control that needs more urgent attention from the government and legislative authority than the drone issue.

Mind you; I am not trying to justify or exonerate those straying drones trespassing around other people’s property. This isn’t right. It’s just an attempt to remind the stakeholders that some issues ought to be attended to.


What happens if I personally shoot down a drone?

Well, I think I have explained earlier that it’s only the police that is allowed to take down a drone. You cannot legally shoot one down. You cannot. However, if you still wish to take one down, that means you want to spend some years behind bars. It’s just the maximum of 20 years, and by the time you’re out, perhaps drones would have gone into extinction? Actually, it is better not to try it. Two wrongs will not make something right.

You may decide to bring it down using a net gun. I personally read on a blog of new DMS technology to disrupt the communication between a drone, and it’s controller by intercepting the signal.

What happens when you use this is that the drones lose communication with the controller since it uses a remote control device. So rather than obeying the controller, it obeys you. Using this method to bring down a drone sounds beautiful and legal.

However, if you interrupt the signal between the controller and the device, you may need to do some explanations in the court of law concerning breach of 1934 Communication Act. With these complications, I think you should think of taking other steps which would be considered legal to control drones from disrupting your privacy by hovering over your property.

How do I stop drones flying over my property?

Apart from calling 911 always when you sight a drone around your property, there are other ways you can get rid of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle from infringing on your privacy without having to contravene the law by gunning it down.

Make a “no drone area” sign

If you really want to get rid of having drone buzzing over you and your belongings legitimately, you can make a “no drone area” sign that will make every drone to keep away from where you are. If after this you choose to shoot down a drone, which is still not advisable, you will be able to defend your action in the court of law.

Use UAV monitoring devices

Using devices that help monitor the activities of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle can help you to identify which drone is that that’s stirring you up. You should let security agents be aware of the device you are using.

Merge your efforts with that of companies responsible for drone identification

Knowing which drone is buzzing above you is not too easy. But you can make it less a work by bringing in the function of companies that help identify and classify which drone it is. They can help use radio wave to determine the intent of the drone. Mind you; it is not legally acceptable to use radio wave to bring down a drone.

Bring in counter UAS drones

Involving counter UAS drones may be quite expensive. But it remains factual that it’s legal and effective. This drone will help get rid of the drone around your vicinity without having to Use weapons against it.

Liaise with local law enforcement agencies

If you can liaise with local law enforcement agency around you before taking any actions against erring drones around you, you may eventually succeed without facing any litigation problem in the long run.

What happens is that you need to acquaint yourself with the laws of the place you are so as not to take steps that will boomerang against you. Sometimes, you would think that you are fighting for your right while you are violating someone else’s right and the consequence can be that both parties will be punished. Sometimes, you can’t even predict; you might be the one that will bear the whole of the brunt.

If you recall, we have mentioned why you would want to shoot down a drone. We have discussed that it is advised that you rather report to the police instead of shooting it down yourself.

And you would not forget that I said you could call 911 or buy the service of some companies that can help you to track them down without having to use any weapon.

I have a device that I use to identify which drone it’s. You can also get one so that when you want to report, you won’t sound too generic. Knowing what drone flies over your airspace speaks a lot when you are filing any case about it.

You shouldn’t also forget that writing ‘no drone zone’ where you don’t want them around your property spells a level of safety. It means that the faithful ones among the hobbyist will not even near your airspace with the annoying buzz. And in case you take action, it wouldn’t be a defenseless one that can nail you on the cross.

Mind you some drones can officially fly with a warrant, for instance, the police drones. This is part of the reason she that you are warned seriously that you should not shoot down a drone.

It is equally a part of the US Constitution that no aircraft should be shot down within the US. Undoubtedly, going against this ordinance means the readiness to face the music.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that we popularly know as the drone is also regarded as an aircraft, thus, small as you may think it is, it is unconstitutional to shoot it down, unless you have been authorized to do so.

Doing otherwise may attract penalty far much worse than expected because while trying to defend yours, you have destroyed another person’s property, and what if the one you shot down happens to belong to the police, what happens?

Sometimes we get great gains when we let the law fight our course for us it gives us peace that even greater than the one that we could dream of or aspire to acquire. And if you own a drone know better where to fly it. Look out for ‘no drone signs,’ study the drone map, so you won’t have to suffer for the offense that the machine has committed.

Drones or no drones, humans have been living in peace right from time, the presence of the machine should not be a ground to steal the complete piece away, it’s a new challenge that we should join hands and overcome.

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