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The Drone Racing League is High Speed Fun


Leagues are usually tough tournaments that involve many international teams. The Drone Racing League is an international league that involves professional drones racing. The drone pilots operate their drone at the first-person point of view and with at least 80MPH speed through a 3D route. Drone Racing League is so promising that it has been dreamed to become like the Moto GP and Formula 1 plus other great racing sports around the world.

Since 2015 that the sport has been found, it has experienced rapid growth and come to achieve popularity which it deserves in 2016. It has attracted the attention of sports broadcasting platforms such as ESPN, SkySports, Fox Sports Asia, and many more.

In 2018, the sport had its third season titled: 2018 DRL Allianz World Championship Season. The sport featured seven different races. And these races took place in various locations. It took place in Allianz Rivera, France; BMW Welt, Munich Germany; as well as in Adventuresome, Las Vegas in the state of Nevada.

Actually, I don’t know if you have heard about Artificial Intelligence Robotic Racing (AIRR) Circuit. It is an initiative of Drone Racing League (DRL). It is also an independent series designed especially for drone racing; fun should not be far away from the drone hobbyists and professional drone racers at all.

You wonder how this works. DRL invites various teams of university students to create an Artificial Intelligence framework that can fly a drone. The AI flies the drone without the contribution of any human and whichever team wins goes home with 2m USD.

The first race happened in January 2016, and it was quite big. It had five professional races on the track. It started at Miami Dolphins, cuts to Hawthorne Mall which has already been abandoned there in Los Angeles, slashes through a laboratory in New York then a paper mill in Hamilton. Ohio and Detroit were not also cut away from the racing venues.

As I have said earlier, many sports broadcasting stations cast the sports, including Super Sports and several other international TV stations.

Have I told you yet that the pilots that competed for the last season numbered up to sixteen? No sixteen. You should know what this speaks to all drone enthusiasts who fear that the law is too much after them. Actually, this sport is legal and does not involve having to disrupt other people’s peace. One Jordan Temkin won the maiden Championship, he is from Colorado, and he went back to the state with money worth $100,000 such a huge buck for letting loose of a drone piloted by an AI. This keeps widening my eyes with excitement. You see more hope of seeing drones as normal aircraft is taking charge of the sky.

Well, you may have a few things to say.


Perhaps you want to be one of the pilots?

Yes, you can. First, you must have experience in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic development; then you need to know that the Drone Racing League will consider at least average for the race.

On the side of the law, you are required to have necessary documents that will save you from the embarrassment that you are not supposed to get from the cops in the first place.

You need to maintain your drone properly to be one too. How do you maintain your drone?

Avoid crash landing the drone: if you have been using your drone before the game, or if you still wish to use it even after the game, don’t crash land it. Let it take its time to land properly. This will make it last longer and give you a good chance to enjoy it.

Elude ‘no flying zones.’

It is very fast and possible to encounter dangers in places with the no flying notice. They may get your drone shot with actual bullets or net gun. And with the notice, they seem to have legal backing to their action already.

Don’t stop the drone while it’s on full speed

The drone can race up to 80MPH. It’s very dangerous to the drone if you just attempt to bring it to a stop abruptly. This can cause a lot of damage to the drone, one that could even be beyond repairs.

Your remote control batteries must be charged.

Yes, you must always have charged remote batteries before you start to operate your drone for any reason. This helps your drone not to come to a sudden stop when you and at least expect.

When you’re transporting the drone, get a hard case.

Having a hard case while transporting your drone helps a lot. It protects your drone from all sorts of damage including scratches that can mar the body.


Keep a flight log

Having a flight log helps a lot. It helps you know where you have been what you encountered there, why you should or shouldn’t go there next time. It helps you to plan your activities generally. And if your drone will be participating in the next Drone Racing League, your flight log might be of very great help to you.

You should remember too, DRL’s principles: Planning, Procedure, and Production. Without the three, your participation might just be a joke.

Have all that the law requires

Before flying a drone to anywhere, have all that the law had required of you. Do you have your warrant? Do you have your certificate? Do you have the map of the state where you are and have you studied where you can and cannot fly a drone? Without all these, you might encounter a stumbling block that you shouldn’t have. You might even be restricted from flying any drone in the state or within the country for your lifetime. I know this would sound like a death sentence to a dronethuast like you, but it is nothing other than the truth. It is just so naked and harsh, well, maybe it is.

If we can bare all these measures in mind and develop our Artificial Intelligence and Robotic control skill, then who knows? Anyone with zeal can be the next winner of this championship, anyone! All you need is to do all your assignment and believe that you can do and then claim the whole of the US with your drone.

You should not forget the little brief I gave about the Drone Racing League, and mark it; it’s gonna be a big one soon. Yes, it’s already big, but it will always but bigger.

You don’t need to ask why because I told you already that the world greatest sports channels broadcast the sport. It makes sports enthusiasts drool.

And mind you, getting the money prize for this exceptional sport is not just the case but you can also get an appointment with DRL, you may be the lucky one, no one can tell.

Because you might be interested in having some helpful tips to you thanks will help in maintaining your drone makes us delve into necessary research that we think can make you have every reason to be able to participate in the competition and also after that, have space to you.

You should always protect your drone as you because it’s your spirit, your passion. And what do we live for if not passion? What makes us live at all if not the raw drive that finds outlets through sports from the deepest of us sometimes? Sure we can’t afford to waste it away.

Oh, I shouldn’t forget, are you already a member of any drone club? Being a member can be helpful. It is a good means of getting relevant information for the sport and also for your passion for drone flying.

Well, you may be thinking that you don’t need a club for information. But when I say information, I don’t mean just the news you hear over the radio or see on the TV. What I mean is knowledge from new research and findings from people who have dedicated their time, lives, and love for what they love to do.

There are clubs across cities; you can go for the one that’s the closest to your home. Or you can even choose to even go for online one that might have to involve meeting once in a while to add breath and touch to the images of the person’s that the members must have been seeing over the social media platforms. I would prefer this because it will always give the meeting values and there will be something to say.

Meeting always, on the other hand, may not give you this. People may be saying just things when there is nothing to say. So get a club that will fast track your reality of claiming the DRL championship next. Nothing beats having your name everywhere as someone who as awed the world, and we do it in different ways, we have just chosen the weirdest?

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