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Are drones legal in New York City?

This is a question that many friends and families asked when I got my first drone. And I would smile confidently and tell them that I fly my drone at will. Twice had they joked that I would soon be nabbed. But you know what? I have done my assignment before thinking of taking to the sky. I had looked really well before I leaped. Who wouldn’t do in the United States where anyone can barely dare the law?

But comes what may don’t forget to abide by the Part 107 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) principles. You also need to have the certificate that will prove that you have passed the test.

Where can I fly my drone in New York?

Just as you are concerned about taking to the sky with your UAV, I am. This is why I embarked on a little research on places where I can fly my drone in New York City even though the majority of the cities in New York don’t grant it. Below is the list of places where your drone can rule the sky:

Marine Park

Calvert Vaux

Flushing Meadow Corona

Forest Park

La Tourette Park

If you would be flying anywhere apart from the above listed and within New York, you need to apprise yourself with the rules and regulations about flying in such area.


Why was drone banned in New York City?

As fetched from CBS, there are occasions whereby drones have hit the Empire State Building in New York. There was a time it collided against army helicopter above Staten Island, and in five Boroughs, it has been recorded that one drone collided against another and they got smashed. Seeing this as dangerous to human lives, a ban was placed on flying drone everywhere. Space is not a place where human extinction should come from.

2019 drone laws in New York

Actually, parts of the laws have been stated at the earlier part of this article, but we will look further into the other parts of the law. If you want to fly a drone as a government official, either a police officer or a worker in the fire department, it is imperative to obtain the Part 107 certificate of FAA or operate it using the Certificate of Authorization (COA).

New York City has a city restriction on drones. It states that if anyone sees a drone flying, the person should call 911.

You’re also required to enroll for drone flying lesson under UAV Coach that will give you the opportunity to learn a lot about management, maintenance, software and many more that you ought to know about flying drones.

If you can do these then perhaps, you can fly your drone in the places above in New York without many restrictions. However, you still have to apprise yourself with necessary information about flying drones in every locale in New York where you think you want to spread your machine’s wings. You can also join drone communities on social media platforms to get the latest information about flying drones in those communities. You can like pages on Facebook or just join a group on the platform. There are also groups on Twitter that can give you first-hand info about flying drones in certain areas of the city.

New York drone ban legislation

Lately, there was legislation which involves banning the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as drones are formally called at any part of the airspace in the New York City. The only exemption given is that if it’s flown by Hollywood or by officials of the New York Police Department. According to Councilman Don Garodnick who proposed the bill that drones be canceled, drones may be a new source of insecurity to people of the city. However, he acknowledged the benefits of having drone do deliveries of food, drugs, newspapers or other needed items to you, but he emphasized the need to consider the dangers there into society.

What the drone legislation primarily wants is not the absence of drones in the airspace, but the need for drone operators to avoid hitting New York Police Department helicopters and to bear the safety of humans in mind.

This ban has been hit with heated opposition from the fans of drones. You can also reason with them as they allude to the fact that the use of guns has not been banned, why should drones. Perhaps this opposition will make the two parties come to a juncture of understanding that would involve allowing a drone operator to operate their drone and on the part of the drone operator, the safety of people and security would be the pendulum hanging in their mind.

Drone fine in New York and the US

Many still fly drones where they are prohibited, and they do this with unregistered drones. However, I won’t advise you to do the same. You can’t even risk it, imagining the heavy penalty on whoever is caught flying unregistered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle be Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) alone makes me shudder. I believe you will be shocked by this too unless you have $250,000 to dash out to the government and also, have the tag ex-convict to your name after you must have spent up to three years behind bars. It’s hell!

Drone clubs in New York

Crying alone can bring mockery, but when we cry together, it’s a protest and has the tendency to yield the desired result. This is a reason you should join a drone club today. Apart from the reason above, information is key. Joining a drone club means getting first-hand information about everything concerning our Unmanned Aerials at any time. Also, our togetherness can have a great influence on every legislation concerning drones, either you fly it as a hobbyist, that is for fun, or commercial purpose.

The drone clubs you can join in New York include, Drone Dogs Club, Brooklyn Drone Club, there is also CNY Drone Club. You can also do your research about these and other drone clubs to know which to join.

Using drones could be very exciting to us the dronethuasts, but if we think it well, flying it above people’s head could cause a lot of things, insecurity irritation, name it. I think personally that all we have to do is to make do with the few places where we are allowed to fly our drones and press while pressing on having them expanded. I don’t think that I need to keep telling you about the punishment that accompanies flying drones where they are not allowed or flying one that has not been registered again.

To avoid breaking the law, perhaps you should download a map in which you can see for yourself where you can spread your wings and not have them clipped across the space of New York City. Also, don’t forget to register your drone.

If you have a drone that you haven’t registered, it is like a baby who is yet to cry. It belongs to you as soon as you register it, the drone. But not doing it means you just want to give it over to the authority, perhaps during the first flight. And you can remember, I made emphasis on joining a club.

Let me dash you a fact, this is where you can link up with people of like minds who will remind you of things that you have forgotten and also feed you with necessary information, and this is where we can also plant ourselves and spread just as much as we want in the space.

Lest I forget, joining the club means having the latest approach to maintaining your drone. It means getting free or discounted repairs among friends sometimes. It means living in a world of your dream.

Now if you’re not resident in New York and you are reading this, please do well to read on places where you are allowed to fly drones in the state where you are resident and also study the laws that pertain to flying drones in the local parts of the state.

This law obviously vary. If you don’t apprise yourself with them, you are not fit to fly your drone yet and doing otherwise may attract severe penalties.

I think it would better not to launch on the presumption that will later bring about regret and dent us for a lifetime. Although we live our lives by flying these drones, remember that there are people who live without flying a kite.

Let us play along with the order of the government until they start playing to ours. Part of the reasons it would be cool that all the drone clubs in the United States have an umbrella organization and policy, a trusted step to making our voices heard throughout the country. Nothing beats togetherness; nothing dares it. Nothing.

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