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All About Drone Selfies

The continuous rise in technological innovation has led to the making of Portable camera drones known as Selfie drones. These drones are very portable and equipped with quality sensors and cameras. They also work with our smartphones, enabling us to control the device easily and take the best shot from a unique perspective or certain height.

Of course, our photo-shoot and videos get better with the use of these portable flying camera drones. Most times we seem to miss the best shots when using our smartphone, even with a selfie stick it isn’t any better. But with the use of Selfie drones, we are set to get best captures.

For those that find it pretty difficult to take a perfect shot of their self while climbing the mountainside, the selfie drones are the best option to help out.

In this article, I have compiled great information about selfie drones and the list of the best and affordable choices in the market. Stay glued as we reveal what you need to know about selfie drones.

What is a Drone Selfie?

Drone selfies or “Dronie” are portable drones which come in a variety of designs. Most models come in flat, slim and compact design while some can be foldable. Due to its portability, it can be packed into a small bag or tossed into your pocket. Also, it has a lightweight to enable smooth movement when carrying it around.

These drones are designed with the sole aim of creating amazing images and videos. Selfie drones come with specific functions which enables them to carry out great tasks.

One exciting part is that most selfie drones can be controlled using our smartphones or tablet. All it required is to install an app on the smartphone or tablet with the proper settings and fly the drones to take amazing picture and videos. Overall, this is a great choice for beginners that want to explore the use of drones.




How to Use a Selfie Drone

There are some important things to keep in mind before flying selfie drones. Hence, don’t just buy a selfie drone and send it into the air to take beautiful photos of you. First, take your time to read the operating manual. Practice the Flight control with the drones, and avoid flying it too high so that the drone doesn’t get damaged if it eventually crashes to the ground.

Selfie Drones with avoidance feature have more advantage over damages that could be caused by obstacles. But, if your selfie drone doesn’t come with this feature, you need to take note of the flying area.

Why You Need To Get a Selfie Drone

There are so many benefits you could get when you purchase a Selfie drone. Let’s tell you a few reasons why you need to get a selfie drone.

Easy to Use

Selfie drones work great for newbies who will like to experience the use of drones. Its comprehensive control enables beginners to find it easy to use. Also, the selfie drone could be your first drone to own for flying practice. Once you get into swing controlling smaller drones, then you’re good to try out larger ones or more advanced models.

Great Footage for Socal Media

For those that often like to post images and video on social media channel like Instagram and Facebook, now is the time to change the game. Selfie drone can offer quality footage to spice up your social media channels. Of course, your family and friends on social media will love the shots, and they might even think a photography expert took it.

For instance, you’re in a wedding ceremony, and there is a large crowd. You can fly your drone to a certain height and take some aerial footage of the event. In other words, it offers the power to produce more stunning and unique photos and videos.

Travelers Choice

Unlike the typical Larger and heavy drones, the selfie drones have lightweight and are very portable to fit into our pocket or small space in our bag. For this reason, it is a perfect choice for travelers that want a drone they can carry everywhere they go.

As we ought to know, at any airline check-in, there is a specific limitation to the weight or load to bring in when traveling. Luckily, a selfie drone won’t be a setback for travelers, because it won’t add much to the existing load. Also, some are extraordinarily small and foldable that travelers can toss it into their pocket.

Perfect for Photography Expert

Photographers might find it difficult to get a perfect Aerial shot from a certain height. But With Selfie drones, it becomes easier to capture quality aerial footage from certain heights.

Also, professional photographers don’t need to buy the big advanced models like the DJI phantom pro to get the best captures. They can shop for a selfie drone with quality camera quality like the 4K camera with longer flying time. These drones can take high-quality footage from a unique perspective.



Best Selfie drones in 2019

Now we have given you great insight about selfie drones, read on to decide which models to go for when shopping for one. First, we will start with the expensive selfie drones down to the most affordable drones.

#1. DJI MAVIC AIR Selfie Drone

Here comes one of the best Selfie drones on our list, the Dji Mavic Air. This drone is one of the favorites and top-selling selfie drones on the market. For those looking for an extremely portable and lightweight drone with exciting features, this is one of the perfect choices. With quality 4K camera, this drone can help capture high-quality footage anytime.

It has more advantage compared to other drones as it is equipped with a multi-directional avoidance system. This feature prevents the drone from crashing into any blind spot or obstacles. The drones could also fly over and around any obstacle due to its advanced pilot system (APAS) integrated into it.

This selfie drone can track targeted objects and follow it at a constant distance. With this done, users will get to enjoy a flight time of 21 minutes and more. One exciting part is that it comes with a complete standard kit that makes it easier to set up the drone, control and carry around. This includes the battery, two sets of props, charger, controller, cords and carrier case.

Also, there are three amazing colors available in the market to choose from, Including Arctic White, Flame Red, and Onyx Red drones.

#2. Hover Camera Passport Selfie Drone

This selfie drone has an appealing design with great features and specs, making it a sweet deal for selfie lovers. It has a body and face detection that allows the drone to follow the user automatically. With this feature, it becomes easy to take a selfie even while hiking, surfing and riding a bike.

This consumer-friendly drone is safe, portable and easy to use. With its camera quality of 13MP, it is certain that photos taken with this drone will be clear. Also, its 4K video quality makes it one of the perfect choices for professional content creators that want to capture high-quality footage. For maximum safety, the passport propeller are covered with fiber cage to prevent any damages that could be caused by accidents

The best part is its Gesture control which allows users to take selfies with just a simple gesture to the camera. Also, its owner mode feature gives it a big plus over other selfie drones. This mode enables users to scan their face into the app, that way it can track and follow them.

In all, the hover drone camera has excellent features for professionals. Also, this portable and durable drone is a perfect choice for an amateur with a budget under $500.


Here is also another incredible selfie drone from DJI. This portable selfie drone comes with full selfie features and easy to use the software. With its 2-axis gimbal camera of 12MP and video quality of 1080p, this makes it an ideal choice for those that want high-quality selfie shot.

Its 2-axis gimbal helps to stabilize the camera when taking captures during flight. This selfie drone has an ActiveTrack system. This feature enables the drone to automatically

recognize and understand the speed and directional movement of a targeted object, thereby tracking it at a constant distance.

Also, it has a palm control mode that allows the drones to take a quick selfie with just a simple hand gesture. This useful feature is great for selfie freaks because you don’t need a controller to take a selfie. All you need to do is to activate the Palm control mode, then instruct the drone to take a selfie using a simple hand movement.

The best part is its take-off design which allows the drone to instantly hover into the air when you hold it in front of your face. As it take-off it keeps on flying in front of your face, which makes it easier to take a selfie.

However, the biggest cons of this drone are its short battery life and flight distance. The battery could only last for 16 minutes, and its flight distance ranges at 1900 meters.

Overall, this is a perfect choice for those looking for affordable Selfie drones with advanced features like palm modes, ActiveTrack and more.

Affordable Selfie drones

#1. Yuneec Breeze Selfie Drone

The Yuneec breeze is one of the top-selling affordable drones which has a compact design. With its ultra-high-definition 4K camera, it is capable of producing clear captures and video recording.

This drone is relatively portable, and it comes with exciting features making it easy to use for both indoors and outdoors. It has 5 flight setting and offers users a flight time of 12minutes.

On flight mode, its positioning sensor helps to stabilize its movement, that way it doesn’t crash into any obstacle. With the aid of an app, it can be controlled by smartphone, tablet or iPhone. These apps also allow sharing of photos and videos on social media channel.

One exciting part is that it is very portable, easy to use and doesn’t cost much for the budget. Another big plus is that it allows users to share photos and video on social media.

#2. ZEROTECH DOBBY Selfie Drone

The ZeroTech Dobby is a pilled shaped design drone with foldable propellers that allow it fit into small bag or pocket. It can be controlled with smartphones by using an App. Also, the drone control app enables users to post their selfie photos on social media.

This drone has exciting features like the tracking system, GPS settings, and a few different Flight modes. With the tracking system and facial recognition, this selfie drones can follow the user anywhere they go. Users can use its GPS feature to set a path at which the drone will navigate. Its flight mode features include burst mode, selfie mode and time mode.

It features a simple hand movement and voice command control. These features allow users to control the drone with hand motion or by speaking to the drone. Users can also hold the drone in front and initiate a voice command into the phone app to enable it take-off automatically.

The drone has a camera quality of 13MP and 4k resolution to enable it to produce high-quality images and HD videos. Its four preset position allows users to get the best shot from a unique perspective. Users will also get to enjoy smooth captures when taking capture during flight as it comes with three-axis images stabilization software. Its camera can also spin at 90 degrees.

Overall, even with it is low-priced; it has excellent features that make it stand out when compared to other drones.

In Summary

Selfie drones are the perfect choice for selfie lovers and great for professionals that want to capture high-quality aerial footage. With its exciting features and portability, those with less drone experience will find it easy to use.



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