Weekend Arrived, Time for Drone Racing

After hours and hours on the internet, it was so easy to see that one of the most popular things at the moment were drones. They were everywhere. The entire planet was currently being watched over by these little flying robots as if they were God’s assistants.

They started out as a very unique thing, professional, specialized for some people. But by now anybody could have a drone. You can build them yourself, you can go to races, you can do anything you want. However, I lived in a really small city that seemed isolated from that modernized rest of the world. We were a little paradise that was lost in time. Some people here had smartphones and some other moved around in horses. You could have find anything in here. And I had the brilliant idea of bringing in drones.

During the summer I convinced my best friend to buy a drone just like me. So we ordered two of them online – some pretty simple ones, not very expensive or complex but of good enough quality and that included video cameras and a screens attached to the controllers. We ordered the same model to be equal with each other, since neither knew much about drones we were fine. Of course we read a lot of stuff online. We even checked every little thing about drone laws and regulations but since our town was so clueless about these things, there were literally no rules. After we were done with our plans maybe laws would follow but, for now, we were free to do whatever we wanted to do.

Being an extremely competitive couple of best friends, we already knew that our first mission with our new drones would be a race, or hundreds of them. Good or bad luck, the drones arrived a Monday morning, and we had our studies and jobs to take care of, so we couldn’t exactly start the races. However, that gave us five days to train separately. After all, we had never flown drones before that week. In our free time that week we practiced on our backyards and in the park, each one alone. Until we were comfortable enough with what we were doing, the method, the technique, the controllers, the video camera, the drone itself.

Finally, the weekend arrived. It was time for drone racing. Two best friends and their drones taking the city by storm. In the course of the week we had planned the best possible race course considering our space. We started out early morning in the park. The first race was pretty simple, just rounding the park as fast as possible. Originally we had planned on three circles around the park, but it got boring pretty quickly.

We had literally the exact same model of drones, so it resulted pretty much in a tie. So we had to get a little bit creative and come down from the clouds, literally. We spotted a group of kids that had been playing soccer a little away from us. The kids were clearly distracted by our drones, they were interested and somewhat amazed, so they readily agreed when we asked them to become living obstacles for our race.

We placed the group of kids around the park to set out a shape, a route, a real course to follow during our race. This way it wasn’t just about speed, it was about the control we had over our drones. So we went again, this time much closer to the ground, moving carefully around the kids, as fast as possible, three times until one of us won. In this case, it was my friend who won, not without me complaining that he almost killed the kids, meanwhile I was trying not to hurt him. Of course he put down my argument and we had to move on.

Afterwards, we had to make a few calls and then we were prepared for the next challenge. We were supposed to send our drones to our houses, park them in front of the houses and wait until my mother and his sister tied a ribbon around our drones. This was a nice benefit from living in such a small town that our drones could easily reach our houses and back and still be under the radius of the controllers.

Then, the first one to come back wins. I thought it was a great idea, but maybe it had a lot to with the fact that I was the one who won. My friend complained that my house was totally closer and that his sister was too slow, sabotaged him because she wanted him to lose. I told him he was taking it too seriously and we moved to the last stage of our race.

In our pretty small to town there was basically only one tall building. It was so, so far from being a skyscraper but hey, it was the tallest one we had. It was in the center of the city and my friend and I made our way there, we sat down on a bench and we got our drones ready. The rules were to circle the building from the ground up and the one to reach the top first wins. It was a great spectacle, if I say so myself. The drones moved fast and steadily.\

I moved more carefully, not getting too close to the building itself. But my friend was somewhat faster, before we reached the top we already had a crowd around us. Most of all curious kids were shouting and pointing to the drones and taking sides. But there were also a few adults around. Men and women that were probably the ones to decide the laws that would limit our races from that day on. However, I wasn’t complaining, because it turned out that I won the race!

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