My Drone Video went Black after Wild Bird Hit

Alright. So glad to say that today’s the last day of school. From tomorrow summer vacation begins. I was looking forward to this summer vacations. I have so many things planned, and I’m sure that everything is going to work out pretty well.

So first and foremost, let me introduce myself. I’m Zac, and I’m in eighth grade. The school has been pretty decent till now, and I’m enjoying it. But seriously, these summer vacations were the one that I was looking forward to. The main thing that I wanted to do this summer vacations was to have a look inside my dad’s office.

He works in this massive drone company, and I have been by it. Every day he comes home and tells us the different stories and incidents that happen there. It’s really interesting to hear all this, and I’m surely enjoying every bit of what he is doing and saying.

His energy is seen in his eyes when he tells us these incidents. So basically, two weeks ago my dad said that he’d take me to his office and the company and show me every corner of that place. That was exciting. And the first day of summer vacation is that day! So yeah! Summer vacation is starting in a pretty high note. Everyone is happy including me, and for me, this is the most important reason. So after I came back home from school, my dad asked me if I’m ready. I said that I’m very much ready to witness something that I have been looking forward to for a long time now.

So finally the next day arrived. This day might be one of the most important and the most interesting day for me. From the outside itself, the drone factory was huge and exciting. The infrastructure of the building stood out from the rest. And this itself made me excited about what was coming next. I entered that place. First of all, let me say that I’m proud of my dad who’s working here. Seriously, I couldn’t ask for a better place to spend my time after graduation.

This place has everything a person could ever ask for. And I am just enjoying this moment. As soon as I entered the company, a few of my dad’s coworkers greeted me. They were kind enough to accept me and get a glimpse of this spectacle. And if that was not enough, they allowed me to see what’s happening here. So now that a win-win situation.

After I entered the place, my dad who is also my tour guide showed me each department with utmost care. He said that I could touch anything but only with his permission. I did so. I didn’t want to mess things up, and I’m sure that this will help me get back to my dreams. The first department that he showed me was the one where all the drones would get assembled. I was so much in shock to witness this spectacle.

This is the place where the drones are being made which in turn is used in various places and also all over the world. That’s just awesome. The next place or department where my dad took me was a place where the future drones are planned and designed. That was exciting to see as being a drone lover just like my dad, and this place was a real treat for me. They showed me various designs and models which they are planning to make in the future.

Now after this day, I went home. My dad showed me his entire factory, and I don’t think that I’ll be able to describe my feelings about visiting that phenomenal place. As I was going home after visiting this place, many thoughts were going through my head. I had decided that if all these people can make a drone then why not me? That was this question that was there in my mind while going back home.

So finally when I reached home, I decided to make a drone. Yes, I know that it’s an impossible task for someone like me who does not have the basics of engineering and other stuff. But when I have my dad with me, then it’s more than possible. It can be done in a short span of time. So when I told about my plan to dad, he was so very proud and happy to hear that. His eyes were lit, and it was pretty much everything that I needed as support.

We both then started planning onto how to get things done. He was excited, and so was I. I think if I bring my plan into reality then this might be the best and the most worthy summer vacations that I’ll ever have. The thing is that since I have so much time, I’m planning to make a quality drone rather than just a one which will work for very less time.

So the very next day, me and my dad went to buy the things that will be required to make this thing. There were so many items, but since my dad was there with me, things happened very easily. I was able to buy everything and anything that I wanted to make this thing. And so after some time of working and buying the stuff, we went home to make it.

And I have to say this. This was the best experience and the best bonding that I had with my dad. We took approximately eight to ten weeks to make this thing. But the one that we made was not anything less than the one that we get in the market. As I said before, quality is very important to me, and that’s why we took so long to make this. And to add a cherry over the top of the cake, the bond that I had with my dad only increased with this. When I’m in school, and he’s in office, we barely talk. And now things have just been flipped upside down.

So as mentioned earlier, we made the drone and now tomorrow was finally the day I was going to fly it. The camera was attached, and we were ready to go. We went to a nearby forest to catch the beautiful spectacle with the help of this camera. We were ready. I turned the drone on, and we were off and ready to go.

The drone was flying. Tears of joy filled my and my dad’s eyes. He was so much proud of me. As I flew the drone, I could see my future in this great business that hasn’t been touched by many yet. And now after all of this, seeing my drone fly just fills my heart with joy. The drone was going higher and higher, and my level of happiness was reaching sky high.

I could see everything that the drone was seen with the help of the camera. The drone was flying all over the forest. But then suddenly, the camera blacked out. I couldn’t see anything that the drone was seeing, and I started to worry about it. My dad also was worried about it. Then we thought to search for the place where we could find it. One thing was sure that some bird had hit our drone. I could see it from the camera. We went searching for the drone. As expected, the drone was lying down there. It was partly broken, but it could be easily fixed so there were no issues with that.

The problem was that the bird that hit the drone also got injured. It was lying down over there. My dad and me both being animal lovers took the bird with us to our house. We treated it and kept it with us until it was completely alright for it to go outside. That when my dad said something that struck me. My dad said that because of all these drones and other flying objects, birds are facing a hard time. They die because of it, and hence it is affecting the ecosystem.

When I asked my dad about the solution to this problem, he said that they are now designing a drone that will automatically keep a safe distance from these birds. But he also added saying that this is a very high technology that he’s talking about and it’ll take a while for it to work. He said that people like me are the future of this upcoming business and that the coming generation will have a huge opportunity in this sector. At the end of the summer vacations, everything was good and fine, and I personally had a great feeling that I did something really productive this vacations.

When I went back to school, I told all my friends about this, and we all also decided to start spreading awareness amongst the people about this and tell the people the importance of birds in this ecosystem.

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