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Where is Drone use Prohibited?

Drone use is banned in some areas by the FAA as outlined below. In other countries the laws are different as every area has its own drone flying laws. I recommend you get a No Fly Zone app for your smartphone.



Drone and the Laws

Depending on several types of use Drone can be a dangerous vehicle for National and Private Security for many reasons. Though Drones are readily available but with some rules and regulations of use because we cannot cover every region around the world. So, we decided to write on FAA rules and regulations and picked the Washington DC considering the global political and economic importance of this particular state around the world.

What is a No Drone Zone?

FAA – Federal Aviation Administration is a regulating authority for in the United States to ensure safe and controlled use of Unmanned Aircraft System. Form the definition, and No-Drone Zones indicates the regions where you need to have a special permit to use Drones or even the places restricted for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The website has more info.

Example: Washington DC          

As we all know that DC is the capital of the United States. The flights are directed in capital under the regulations of SFRA – Special Flight Rules Area. Furthermore, the greater DC area and 30 miles radius of Ronald Reagan National Airport of Washington DC is considered as the No Drone Zone and strictly regulated by the Local authority.

FAA Rules and Regulations

The SFRA monitored area is divided into two major parts, the Inner Ring Zone and the Outer Ring Zone.

Inner Ring:  A 15 miles radius zone. In this zone flying a drone for any purposes is strictly prohibited without special permission issued by the FAA authority.

Outer Ring:  A 30 miles radius zone.Though the Area is controlled by the SFRA but follows the standard rules and regulations for flying Drones.

Whether using Drone recreationally or commercially needs to meet the following conditions for flying under both the Inner and Outer Ring.

The Unmanned Aerial vehicle should be weight less than 55 lbs including all accessories and parts. For example, Camera or battery.

The Vehicle should be registered and marked for identification purposes.

The flight must not exceed the limit of 400 Ft.

Must be Fly under the visual line-of-sight.

The weather should be suitable for flying.

Should not disturb or come under the route of other flights.

Washington DC airbase is much restricted than other parts of the country for its significance in National Defense. The National Defense Airscape puts on a tight knot after the 9/11 attack and limits the Aircraft operations over this specific area. So, the flight operations are strictly prohibited without the permission of FAA and Transportation Security Administration authorization. So, please without permission avoid DC for flying Drone. Either you may face criminal penalties and fines too.


How to find No Drone Zone? – The Apps

If you’re freelancing photographer and a frequent flyer, the question is very natural to ask. The answer is No Fly Zone apps. By using these apps, you can control your flights. Because these apps will show 46000 airports around the world and can be configured for alerts within the 30 km radius of any Airport. So use these simple to use apps in your smart device to avoid fines and penalties.  

Registering Drones

Once every user need to register their Drone regardless of the purpose of use, but after a  Writ appeal, the court canceled the order. But again after the second round of hearing court mandates that USA citizens need to pay Usd 5 to register their Drones for personal use and ruling is mandatory for all USA citizens. Note, FAA is the only authority to register the Drones before start flying.

Toy Drones – the Drones come under the weight 250 gm or less there is no need to register such Drones.  Anything weighing over 55 pounds is considered as commercial or industrial Drone. For such a Drone, you need to go through the previously mentioned physical registration process.

Flying Drones – Commercial Vs. Recreational

The learn about your flying criteria select the purpose of the use of Drone as flying Drones for recreational purposes needs fewer requirements. But commercial use is a subject to getting a proper license before flying for the first time.

Even you need to give a test and pass FAA  and pass the Part 107 certification. Once after passing the test the Sky is the limit. The test covers all use of Drones under the FAA regulations. For example, Photography – Aerial shots, etc.

From moving away slightly from the motive of the invention of the first Drone, today Drones are used and designed both for professional and recreational purposes.

Early History – Use of Drones

The UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a special type a vehicle without a pilot onboard. First, ever the Drone was used in 1839 by the Austrian soldiers to carry explosive and to operate a blast in Venice. So, they had used unmanned balloons filled with explosives, and the mission was quite a success. Expect some balloons blew back and bombed the Austrian Border.

After that operation in the last century, we had seen many successful military operations took place by using Drones. In the 21 century, the Drone becomes much smarter device than ever and not limited to the military use only.

Today Drones are also used for recreational purposes too. There many smart Drones are available in the market that can be controlled from the ground by controlling onboard programmed pilot system with accuracy. Furthermore, many people are using Drone using RC or smart device such as Android phones to control the flight. For example, Drones used for Fishing or  Drones used for photography, etc.

Either you can use the Drone as I do for fun and recreation. But limit your use to friends and family. Either activity breaking privacy laws might cause both fines and penalties.

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