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What Drone Can Fly The Highest?


How high can a drone fly? I have always been fascinated by drones that fly high attitude. I want to take my photography to the next level, and a high-flying drone will help do the job.

I have compiled a list of drones that can fly the highest. It took quite an effort to come up with the list. Hope you can use the information to make an informed choice.


The Phantom is the King among the highest-flying drones. The amazing drone tops the charts in all aspects. The one-inch camera with a 20-megapixel sensor combines with omnidirectional gimbal stabilization to shoot amazing pictures.

In addition to the camera, the Phantom is also equipped with the obstacle avoidance system feature. The four sensors, one on each side offer a worry-free flying experience.

The HD PFV capability gives me a perfect operating range of seven kilometers. The default maximum altitude is set at 120 meters (400 feet). This helps in fulfilling the FAA regulations.

The Lithium P4 smart battery will be able to hold a 30-minute flight. All these smart features combine to make the Phantom 4 Pro the best drone for flying high.


The DJI Mavic Pro is the best miniature drone available in the market. The compact design with foldable propellers and arms makes it easy to carry it in my bag. The small size doesn’t affect its ability to hover steadily even in strong winds.

One of the biggest issues with miniature drones is its safety, and the DJI Mavic Pro has addressed it well. The maximum altitude of the drone is 400 feet. When I exited the beginner mode, I was able to increase the altitude to 1640 feet.

I was able to get an operating range of seven kilometers. The smart battery enabled me to fly the drone for 27 minutes. I am quite happy with this awesome feature.

The amazing built-in camera helped me capture 4k footage with complete ease. The FPV capability makes it an extremely versatile miniature drone model.


The high-quality premium drone is equipped with a 4k camera. It can reach a distance of 2000 meters easily. No software restricts the highest-flying height of this drone. I do comply with the FAA regulations when flying it.

Autel has a flight time of 25 minutes. The smart features are backed with GLONASS and GPS to provide excellent performance.


The Phantom 3 is among those drones that have a control range of 5000 meters in an unobstructed area. The maximum flying height is restricted to 500 meters. I do need to mention that the drone is capable of flying higher than this.

The drone can hold up in the air for at least 23 minutes. The 4k camera makes it a delight to take pictures from multiple angles. If you are looking to fly extreme heights, then the drone is definitely a good choice.


Yuneec is packed with features. The 4k top quality camera is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal. This gives optimum video and image quality.

The camera is capable of shooting at not just 4K but also excels in shooting slow-motion footage at 120FPS. The maximum height that the drone can achieve is 1000 meters. The flight time is around 25 minutes.


The beautiful looking drone has a full HD camera. The camera is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal. This will do wonders for the video and image quality. The Explorer can go up to 300 – 400 meters in the sky.

The design and build quality of the drone is solid. The flight time is around 20 minutes. The operating range is 500 meters.



Tips for Flying the Drone at High Attitudes

I have always wanted to capture the panoramic views of nature all around me. Flying at high altitudes is a must if I want to full this passion.

I do need to tell you that flying at high altitude is a lot tougher than flying at a normal height. I have prepared a few tips so that you can fly the drone safe and within the FAA norms.

Manage Battery Levels

When you decide to fly your drone the highest, you need to understand that the battery will need to do a lot of work. That’s why I always keep an eye on the battery level.

Keeping an eye on the battery level has always enabled me to land the drone safely on the ground. If the battery level goes below 40%, it is best to head back to the ground.

Ensure Other’s Safety

I don’t fly my drone above people. I follow this rule irrespective of the attitude I am flying. Accidents happen, and I don’t want my passion for flying drones at a high attitude endangering the life of others.

Avoid Flying Near Airports

I avoid flying the drone at excessive heights near the airport. If you live near the airport, it is best to avoid flying drones quite high. This will enable you to fulfill the FAA regulations.

FAA Rules for Flying Drones High

I do need to mention that FAA has strict rules when it comes to flying drones. The rules don’t cover miniature drones. The most famous FAA regulation is the one that revolves around the line of sight flying.

I am allowed to fly the drone as long as I can maintain visual contact with it. If the visual contact ends, then I am flying and entering the field of beyond field of visual contact (BVLOS). I could face fines or even jail time if I don’t follow this guideline.

In addition to this, I am not allowed to fly the drone above 400 meters under any circumstances. I will be allowed to fly the drone above 400 meters for commercial purposes only. Written permission from a regulating authority is required to do so.

I hope the information that I provided about which drone can fly the highest is useful to you. Hope this will help you make up your mind about flying the drone of your choice the highest.

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