A Football Hit my Drone, It was a Disaster

The night went by slowly, and I couldn’t seem to fall asleep. My heartbeat kept racing and would only calm down enough for me to stay sane, before going back into the roller coaster of ‘what ifs.’ My eyes were wide open as I stared into the darkness for most of the night. I even took my phone a few times not to check the time but to make sure it was still coming.

I really couldn’t wait, and regardless of how long it took, the sun began to rise, and I knew deep down, that one of my many thoughts was bound to come to life but which?

The day started, and everyone got busy with one thing or the other, but I couldn’t seem to get into doing anything. I wanted to, but I didn’t stop feeling like my day hadn’t started yet as I was waiting for something. I was waiting for my new DJI X450 drone.

The value of my country’s currency had depreciated, and everything had become expensive, even to the price of fuel. The money I had been saving for months now was practically useless as the price of the cheapest drone rose above 100%. It was heartbreaking, and I was ready to give in, or I did give in, until one morning.

The economy was bad, everything had become expensive and there was no longer any point to saving enough money to buy my drone, so I decided to take myself out on a treat. In the morning I woke up and jumped on Instagram as most people did. I began scrolling through a flood of images, skit… then I came across a sponsored ad by a brand called Isglo.

They were giving about 60% discount on their drones, so I scrolled through the images holding my mind back from creating any unnecessarily false thought, and when I thought it was over, the last image was of the DJI X450 drone. I jumped on my laptop and opened google.com to convert the amount from dollars to my country’s currency, and even though it was still a bit above my budget, I knew I could get the remaining part. I followed the link to Isglo’s online store to be sure, and I came across several other drones; some of which were my exact budget or below but they were not what I wanted. I wanted the DJI X450 drone, and I knew I could get it.

I made some calls, and in a few hours, I had the money I needed in my bank account. I went back to my laptop to place the order. I also came across several other stuff which I would have loved to add to my collection, but that was going to be another time. So I proceeded to my checkout and my utmost surprise, it was going to take 30 days to ship to my location.

I was overwhelmed as I stayed on the page, staring into my laptop for a few seconds, contemplating how my life would suck for the next 30 days in anticipation of the drone. I moved my mouse cursor to ‘Proceed,’ but I waited a while before eventually making the decision.

Thirty days later, my drone arrived at about 11 am as Isglo promised, and I couldn’t wait to set it up and have the best time of my life. I ran up the stairs with the box, and I unpacked it to bring out the drone. The instruction manual explicitly stated that I charged the drone before using it and even though that was more time before I would play with my drone, I saw it as an opportunity to get my chores done before anyone would come to interrupt me while playing with the drone. After a few minutes, the drone was fully charged, and I had gone through the control manual about three times to be sure I had it all covered.

I gathered my accessories and dashed down to the backyard where there was enough space to experiment around with the drone. I hastened through the kitchen where my mom and siblings were, before arriving into the vast space of our backyard. I gently placed everything I didn’t need in a corner then I went ahead to place the drone at the center of the backyard, took a few steps back then up my drone went as I pushed my first button on the controller.

It was as exciting as I had expected it to be and to the dismay of my negative self, everything was going smoothly… until a football appeared from nowhere and hit my drone off the sky. I had ignored the noise of the kids playing football in the next compound and how I wish I didn’t, as placed the controller in the flower vase placed at the entrance to the kitchen.

I ran down to where the drone had fallen. If landed on a sandy surface which I thought was a plus as I slid down to grab the drone. As I got up, heartbroken but with a hint of hope that nothing would be wrong when my mom stepped out only to turn the watering kettle in her hand into the water vase where I had drooped the controller. She dropped the kettle as I screamed and ran to grab the controller which had gotten its fair share of water.

I immediately pull to pieces the controller and spread it under the sun while also assessing the drone itself to see if there was something out of place I could adjust. It was a disaster I never imagined.

After a few hours, I powered up the controller, but the screen seemed to have a glitch. The buttons weren’t responding as they should, but I kept trying to get the hang of it till I frustratingly slammed the controller on the floor and walked back in.

It was a miserable day, and everyone could feel it. Few hours before the day ended, I got a note under my door; it was a receipt for the online purchase of a new drone, the same one — by my dad who had gotten home to the rather cold atmosphere.

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