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My Drone was Confiscated at Area51

Area51 used to be a calm and safe neighborhood until the emergence of drones. Before it was a neighborhood where others looked after another and loved one another, but since drones have been in use these days and the importance cannot be overemphasized, peeps have been confiscating drones and modifying them to work according to their commands.

It started when a teenager boy recorded a dude via the video camera that was hung on his drone. The dude was seen at night in a corner at Area51 pants down making out with a lady that had red hair. The video found its way to the internet, and in a few days, the video went viral with their faces seen. Since then, dudes in the neighborhood had all gone angry and hunted for drones no matter who it belonged to. Drones were like a contraband item that was highly prohibited in Area51, but I was a new guy here and didn’t know about all of this.

So that late evening, I was bored at home and alone, I took out my drone and set it on the ground to idle there. I got it powered on and pushed the left stick on the remote control forward for it to levitate. It responded to the command and flew up into the evening sky. The sun was setting; it was a big orange ball in the sky albeit beautiful and worth capturing.


Area 51:

From the video camera on the drone, I saw the sun and was awed at its perfect beauty which made me feel like touching it. The street lights in the neighborhood were solar powered. They switched on immediately the sun was setting in the horizon, casting out beautiful illumination in the neighborhood.

Area51 was a fine neighborhood during the day, but it was finer at night when the lights had been switched on. I saw all its beauty through the video camera and as a new guy here, I marveled at its beauty that was second to none.

Though it was early in the evening, the neighborhood seemed deserted. Maybe those that had gone to their respective places of work and businesses hadn’t returned, and thus there wasn’t much to see. I flew the drone around in the neighborhood viewing from the air what my new neighborhood looked like.

There was a section I flew the drone to and what I saw were mean-looking guys engaged in discourse and smoking marijuana, drinking, too — most of them had their upper bodies exposed and lifting weights constructed by them. They looked huge and bulked up like bodybuilders. I tried not to allow them to see the drone so that they wouldn’t know that they were being videoed. I had a plan to delete the video once I was done flying the drone.

The drone got to a house where I heard the voice of a woman singing. It got my attention; I controlled the drone towards the direction of the voice. A lady was bathing in her bathroom, but the bathroom wasn’t closed. Apparently, she was alone and needed not to care about privacy. The lady had a banging body with a beautiful shape.

I leveled the drone on her and continued drooling at her beautiful body. She showered for a few minutes before she got out and dried herself. I traced her with the drone until she entered her bedroom and shut the window blinds restricting me from seeing her further.

F you,” I hissed and controlled the drone to the backyard of her home. A guy was speaking with a lady in denim jeans there. She seemed shy; maybe the guy was wooing her. She bit her fingers and stared at the ground smiling. It reminded me of the first time I wooed my first girlfriend in my early teens. It was something sweet that I would never forget.

She was thirteen while I was fourteen. We were in the same school, same class and I liked her. Heck, she drove me crazy but I was shy to tell her until the end of the semester when I summoned the courage to tell her, and she shied all through, and when I was expecting a positive response from her, she finally said that she was sorry that we couldn’t date because she was dating my best friend.

If you had come earlier than now, I would have accepted, but now it’s late because I just accepted William’s proposal to be his girlfriend,” she had said.

That night, I was hurt than ever, and I hated Williams for doing that. I knew it wasn’t his fault nor was it her fault to have accepted his proposal, but since she told me about it, I loathed him for taking the love of my life away from me.

Now, as I was lost in the hurtful reminiscent of that moment and how to hurt I felt, I didn’t know when I had controlled the drone to go lower and closer to the couple there. Before I could understand what was going on, the guy had seen the drone and smacked it with something I didn’t quite see.

I saw the drone hit the wall and landed on the ground. The guy picked it up and pulled the video camera attached to it. The camera went blank immediately, and I was left blind. I pulled the special effects goggles from my eyes and tried to see if I could track the drone to where it was taken down.

Later I would get to understand that drones weren’t allowed in the neighborhood and they would tell me to forget about the drone for it had been confiscated and I wouldn’t see it again. I would wail and mourn the drone-like it was a human that I had lost, but later I would be fine, and even though I just moved into the neighborhood that prohibited the use of drones, I would pack out and look for another neighborhood that hadn’t any such law against drone and pack in because I loved drones and loved flying them during my leisure time.


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