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I Got Bigfoot on Video from My Drone



We had just finished the early lessons in the school, and the buzzer had rung signaling for the short break. We had all run out of the class happy that the first period of the boring classes was done with (oh, how boring they were. I couldn’t wait to go out). I sat alone on the playground and watched others playing around, giggling, laughing and smiling. I didn’t have a friend, I was a loner, a recluse and I loved it that much because it gave me much time to focus on my studies and my baby, JetBlue, my drone.


The drone, a blue, fine and sophisticated piece of machinery was a gift from my dad last semester when I topped the class with good grades. He had looked at me with joy and happiness written all over his face and smiled. It was one of the beautiful smiles I have ever seen from anyone. He was very proud of me that day and to appreciate and encourage me; he had asked what I wanted.


I want a drone, I would love to fly it at home, at the school during the break and learn few things with it like how to fly a plane,” I had replied him.


He had only smiled, a broad smile that stretched the length of his lips and exposed his dentition. He knew that I had a dream to become a pilot someday and he only wanted me to achieve my dreams.

He bought the drone the next week and gave it to me one memorable day—I could still remember vividly how happy I was—with a note that read: I love you son.


Fixing the video camera on the drone, I powered it on with the remote control and put on the special effects goggles on my face for a view of everything. I pushed the left stick on the remote control forward for the drone to lift off and begin to fly. Drones were allowed in my school, and I never came to school without JetBlue; it was my only companion at home and in the school.


The drone flew up in the air while I watched with the special effects goggles the view from the top. I saw other students playing around in the playground; some were just sitting on sculpted chairs, chattering and smiling. I saw Lisa Lambert sitting alone on one of the sculpted chairs, a book in her hands, opened. She was lost in the book that she didn’t know I had leveled the drone lower enough to peek what book she was reading.


It was a novel by Stephen King, but I couldn’t quite get the name. Lisa was an intelligent student and the toughest competition in my class. She came second when the results of last semester came out, and I remembered how pissed she realized that I came first. I knew she would work harder this semester to beat me and top the class, but she didn’t know that I was ready for her.


I let the drone linger in the air for a long while I watched her engulfed in her reading. She was a pretty girl with beautiful brown eyes and luscious lips. She was slender but had the right curves in the right places. If I ever wanted to date, she would be my best bet; she had all the specifications I wanted in a girl. To me, she was breathtakingly beautiful, but others saw differently. However, it didn’t stop her from being beautiful in my eyes.


I drooled on from the drone; I liked her, but I never wanted to tell her, maybe I couldn’t summon the courage to tell her that I find her attractive and want her to be my girlfriend, but I knew something was holding me back, restricting me from telling her. I imagined how our relationship would be like. It would be a boring relationship; two boring folks that loved to read. We would only talk about books, more books and nothing else.


I shook my head and shook the thoughts away. A fly buzzed past her ear; she used her palm to hit it off, and just then her eyes trailed to the drone. The video camera caught her beautiful face as it stared at the drone-like she was directly staring at me. She knew I had a drone; she knew that the drone she was staring was mine. She smiled at the drone; I smiled back from where I was, sheepishly. Maybe she liked me, too.


But the smile didn’t last as a girl joined her on the seat. The smile disappeared as she turned to the girl. I moved the drone from there and continued to fly it around, and then I saw something on the ground at the far corner of the school fence that made me wonder.

The drone was far from whatever it was that was on the ground there. I couldn’t quite see it clearly, but it looked like bigfoot. I controlled the drone to get closer to it and capture what it was. The drone flew towards it descending to the ground, then suddenly, I got a notification that my battery was low and needed to be charged.


Shit, not now, not now!” I cussed under my clenched teeth frustrated.

The drone got closer to the bigfoot, and then I let it drop there before the battery would become empty and die. I knew where it was, and I knew the battery wouldn’t let me fly it back to me, so I shut it down and removed the goggles from my eyes. I got up and walked towards its direction to get it and see if truly it was a bigfoot I saw from the camera.


On my way I passed Lisa, the girl had left, she was alone now. She saw me while I passed and just smiled at me. The smile was a kind of an acknowledgment that she knew it was me up there and she wasn’t embarrassed. I smiled back at her and continued walking. I think she had the most beautiful smile, more beautiful than my dad’s that day he asked what I wanted.


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