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A Giant Eagle was Flying Towards My Drone


I had the video camera fixed on the drone for a visual view of the earth while I flew the drone. I loved the view from the top; it was something I cherished a lot and loved to do anytime I had my drone up. I loved to use it to peep or intrude into other people’s privacy with them knowing that they were being videoed just like the CCTV cameras in shops or streets. It made me feel like I was a bird; free and floating in the air with the aerial view of the earth from the top. It was a blissful feeling; with it, I could see everything under the drone.


I brought out my special effects goggles and had them clasped on my face to aid in viewing the earth from above like a god watching over his creatures and creations. The drone was seating on the hard surface before me. I was in a park, and there were people around having fun, so it would be much fun for me to see everyone around with the help of my drone and the video camera.


I checked everything I needed to check to make sure that the drone was in condition—it was. The remote control was in my hands as I watched the drone lying on the ground. I powered it up with the remote control, and it droned on the ground gently like a car idling in a parking lot ready to be throttled into action.


A man jogged up to me smiling. He wore grey sportswear and a pair of white running shoes that looked beat. Apparently, the shoes had seen better and worst days, years. He looked like he was in his early thirties with his hair showing early signs of baldness.


Nice goggles,” he complimented, “and nice drone, too.”

Oh, thank you,” I replied gifting him a warm smile.

You just bought it?”

Nope, I’ve heard it for months now, five months precisely.”


Wow, it looks neat and new. You must be taking good care of it, like giving it good maintenance, cleaning and all.”

Well, I try to treat it like it was human.”

He smiled, “If only we treat everything we had with such mentality, things will last for us, you know?”

Well, we cannot all be the same,” I replied him with a smile etched upon my face.

You are right,” he said admitting to the raw truth. “Well, keep it up, your mentality.”

Sure,” I said as he passed me continuing his light jog in the park.


I watched him jog and disappeared in the midst of the crowd in the park before I willed my drone to fly. The drone flew in the open space under the early morning sun with its propellers wheezing in the air. With the help of the special effects goggles, I could see the people in the park from the top; the aerial view was beautiful.

I saw a guy with black hair wearing a cap over his hair, with a black jacket on his body and a pair of blue jeans seating with a girl that had a blonde hair and blue eyes. They were talking and suddenly, the guy kissed her on the lips. It was a spur of the moment kind of kiss, and she was awed by his action.


From the view, I could see her wide-eyed and mouth agape. I knew things that would be going through her mind now. Things like Did he just kiss me? Did he just do that? She was still astounded by his sheer bravery. I saw her mouth move; she said something that I could not comprehend from the distance the drone was, and then he came again and kissed her again, on the lips.

This time, she expected and was ready to welcome his lips on hers.


She reciprocated the kiss, and they sucked their lips, literally chewing them as they were engulfed by the incredible excitement that came with kissing.

He seemed to apologize for going too far, but she only smiled and said something to him. I could tell she told him to let them find somewhere private for them to make out. I saw them get up and left the park in a hurry before I made a right turn and flew higher than the height I had maintained while watching them.


Still gaining height, I felt something hit my drone from the back thus making it lose balance a bit. I managed to gain control of it and turned the drone to see what had hit it because I knew from where it was, there was no tree close by nor was there any obstacle.

When I had successfully succeeded in turning it, what I saw made my heart skip a beat. It was the face of a giant eagle flying towards the drone with maddened rage, and before I could dodge its attack on the drone, it had hit it again with its beak. I felt the hit was stronger this time because it knocked the drone off the space.


I saw as the drone was plummeting down from the sky and still, the eagle didn’t stop attacking it. It continued hitting it with its beak like it was attacking a fellow eagle. Maybe it thought it was another eagle and didn’t hesitate to attack first. The drone crashed on the hard ground and then the camera blacked out.

Later, I would retrieve the video camera and watch everything as recorded there; where the eagle had come from and how it first attacked the drone from behind and how it continued perching on it with its beak while the drone plummeted to the ground before it crashed and everything blacked out.

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