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Large Hawk Flying After My Drone, Swooped and Clawed



I had captured on camera and subsequently posted on YouTube.


Ever since that happened, I had made plans to monetize the project. It had to do with a drone which my dad had sent to me from home. The drone was very special because of the many features that it comprises.


I was the kind of person who loved taking pictures of nature. As part of my personal collection, I had several photographs of rocks, streams, rivers, trees and several species of animals and birds. I had taken so many beautiful pictures such that I had gotten commendations from a lot of people.

A lot of the pictures I had taken had also been framed and put in the homes and offices of people who loved them. I made a lot of money from that too. As more money rolled in, I decided to use the drone that my dad had sent me to record videos with it.


I checked the map of the town to see the best place where I could go and record a lot of videos relating to nature. After searching for a while, I finally settled on a spot close to the forest where there was a stream close by. I was very excited to go to the place.

I got a backpack which I filled with food and drinks to replenish my energy. I purchased a pair of boots to protect my legs from thorns and any other thing that could hurt me. I got on my bicycle and followed the map to the spot I had targeted.

It was a nice morning, and as I pedaled my bicycle, I enjoyed the morning breeze on my face. Soon, I was riding deep into the forest as I followed a well-cleared path that had been made by people who loved to do a little mountain biking in the area.


As I moved closer to the spot I wanted to go to, I realized that I would need to trek over there since riding my bicycle over to the place would not work at all. I parked and hid my bike in the brush, and I began to walk over to the spot I wanted.

I pulled the drone out of my backpack and began to prepare it for what I wanted to do. The drone came with a pair of goggles which would help me have a panoramic view of whatever the cameras installed on the drone saw. It was a wonderful feature and putting the googles on my face always made me have a feeling like I was the one flying and not the drone.


I got the controls and lifted the drone in the air. I began to direct to the place I wanted which was above some tall trees. I could see a lot of birds in several nests. They looked up at the drone, and I could imagine them wondering what this apparition was.

I moved the drone very close to them, and I could see their beaks move very fast. I wondered what they were talking about. After recording to satisfaction, I moved on to other trees. I saw a snake wrapping its body around a tree branch and then some monkeys on another tree playing some kind of game.

I moved the drone back to the snake. Snakes have always been animals that I hated with passion. Whenever my dad wanted to take me camping, just the two of us, I was always scared of going with him for fear of being bitten by a snake.


This particular snake didn’t seem interested in my drone, and I moved away from it. Suddenly, something swooped past the camera of drone. I flinched a little as I wondered what it was. Just when I was thinking of turning the drone around to check what it was, the thing flew past again.

This time, I could see it properly. It was a big black bird. It turned and faced my drone. I could see the hatred on its face. “Oh crap,” I said. It was obvious that the hawk was planning to attack the drone.


I turned the drone to bring it back to me. The drone had cameras in the front and the rear. I switched on the camera at the rear and saw the hawk intently flying after the drone. As it swooped to crash against the drone, I pulled it up and dodged the attack.

I was exhilarated. I felt like I was in the cockpit of an F-16 jet and I was being chased by an enemy with intent to shoot me down. I saw coming again, and I veered to the left. The hawk shot past the drone. I knew I was at a disadvantage here. Hawks were known to be smart, and I was sure that the drone had no chance.


I was right. Before I knew it, the hawk attacked, apparently from the top where I couldn’t see it coming. I lost control of the drone just as it was about to reach my position. I removed the goggles and watch as the drone crashed against a branch and fell to pieces at my feet.

I wish I had a catapult to shoot at the hawk. Anyway, I took the pieces and found that the camera had survived. I recovered the video, posted it and got viral.

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