We Needed a Drone for Hiking Trips to Make Youtube Videos

Susan and Jeffrey had begun a vlog on youtube, documenting how they spend their weekends. It started six weeks ago and ever since then, they had gone from Parks to camps, museum, and more.

The idea this weekend was to do something different as they had to consider their energy, time and budget. Who knew it could get exhausting so easily. But the youtube page had already begun to do well so stopping at that point wasn’t an option.

We should go hiking.”

Hiking?” Susan asked.

Yeah. We both love to do it, it doesn’t cost us, and it is a very good opportunity to recharge.”

That sounds great” Susan smiled with excitement as she jumped on Jeffrey to hug him. Jeffrey has always been the brains. He does most of the thinking and planning, while Susan would generally refer to herself as the catalyst. Both of them went to bed as Susan laid peacefully on Jeffrey’s hairy chest.


Yes! I know what we need!” Susan screamed from the room where she had been doing the laundry. She ran out to the sitting room to meet Jeffrey who was seeing football. It was Friday night, so both of them had decided to stay home and relax for the next day’s event.

“We need a Drone!” Susan continued. “Hiking can be stressful, especially while holding the camera and needing to maintain a posture. Also, no one does vlogs without owning a drone now, and they just make life so easy.”


Jeffrey sat at his spot, staring at his lovely girlfriend as she kept ranting.

“It is really late, and we are heading out tomorrow morning…”

“I know love… the best ideas come at the wrong time but only those who choose to acknowledge it regardless may standout” Susan had no idea where that came from, and she was as surprised as Jeffrey was. Jeffrey picked up his phone and said;

I will make some calls. Go round up the laundry so you can search for a model.”

Susan, excited as the whole conversation turned out jumped back to the laundry room to round up before coming to the sitting room where Jeffrey was, with her laptop to search for a model as Jeffrey had suggested.

Okay man, thanks a bunch.” That was Jeffrey’s 5th call in the last 10 minutes.

Kevin said M & T store would still be open till midnight and they have a variety of drones.”


That’s far though” Susan responded. Trying not to sound pessimistic, she continued; “We have two hours, I can continue the search on our way there.”

Jeffrey and Susan stood up and in no time, were well on their way to the store. They got to the store after an hour and a few minutes. Susan had found a drone, and that was what she led with as they got to the store.

“Do you have a DJI Mavic Pro drone?”

Well, yes ma’am,” the attendant responded. “It is $2500.” He continued.


Susan took a step back to meet Jeffrey who was looking around the store. The price was higher than their budget, so Jeffrey suggested they let the cashier in on what they need it for, and he gives them the best option within our budget.

But can we trust him?”

We don’t have much, and he really has nothing to gain from lying to us. At least the prices of everything has been labeled on them.”

The couple spoke to the cashier and after about 30 minutes, 15 minutes before the store would close, they had purchased a while drone within their $1000 to $1500 budget. Everything was set before they went to bed and in the morning, they only needed to freshen up and pack their bags.


Jeffrey and Susan had gotten to the smith valley by 7am, but they didn’t start hiking till around 10 am. On their way to the valley, Susan had driven while Jeffrey read through the drone manual and tried to configure it.

Unfortunately, the theoretical aspect was so much easier than the actual set up. Jeffrey had to try out so many sets up the format to find the one that would work best for them.

We got to our destination, set up the drone and its focus was on us. We started, and the drone followed accordingly until we got into the woods, then the drone stopped at the entrance like there was a boundary around.

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