Racing with a Modified Drone, I Wanted to Win

For your drone to run faster or work better, there are things needed to be done, and they are called modifications. The motor of a drone is responsible for the efficient working of the propellers and these propellers spin according to the power of the motor; according to how fast the motor works. I had studied this, and I knew if I wanted to win the race tomorrow, I would tamper with the motors of the propellers or have them removed completely and replaced with stronger and faster motors for my drone to fly faster than the rest.


The drone race was set for tomorrow, and I knew the competitors would have been ready for tomorrow with their drones. But I wasn’t. No, I was ready for the race, but my drone wasn’t. I wanted to modify it and make it faster and better. I wouldn’t know the modifications other competitors might have done or are doing to their drones now to win the race, and I didn’t care to know, all I wanted was to win the race and by all means, I would.


Jamie, my friend, worked for a drone manufacturing company and he was the one that advised me to buy this drone; that it was fast and compatible for racing. I had obliged, and since then, I had used it to compete in five drone races, and indeed it was really fast. I won two of the five races. This time, I wanted to win again and I must.

I had contacted him and told him about my plans to modify the drone for the race. He liked the idea and directed me to where I would get good motors for the drone. I got them today and told him about it. He was busy at work and didn’t have the spare time to help me with the modifications, so I did it myself, and it was okay.

I think it’s good to go now,” I said to myself and took it out for testing.


Outside my home had much space for flying a drone and I loved to fly my drone here for privacy sake. I put it on and watched the propellers as they spin. I was studying it to check if it was spinning faster than before, but I know I wouldn’t find out unless I have it on the air. Pushing the left stick on the remote control for the drone to take off, my phone rang in my pocket. Fished it out, it was Jamie.

Hey man,” I breathed into the speakers.

Hey,” he responded. “Have you done that shit?”

Yup, and I was about to test it when your call came in.”

He huffed.


But man, you know this is wrong?”

What is wrong?”

I mean you know it’s cheating. You just modified your drone to make it run faster than the others and you know if you win the race, you cheated, right?”

Bro, no one would know I modified it, you know? And you wouldn’t know what other competitors are doing to win the race.”

He sighed.


Bro, it’s normal. The modification is normal in any racing competition. I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

I know, but I’m just thinking that you could still win the race without modifying the drone, you know?”

Bro, I think I have to go now; I have to practice,” I said and hung the call on him. I couldn’t tell what was wrong with him and why the sudden change of mind. I cared less; I never wanted to know, my mind is on the race tomorrow.

The testing of the motors and the practice for tomorrow was successful. I noticed the change in the drone; it was flying faster than before, and I was impressed. The motors were indeed stronger, better and faster than the ones that came with the drone. I was happy; I was ready to win the race. Let tomorrow come.


The day for the race came, and as usual, crowds gathered to watch us race for the prize. We were ten, and from where I stood with the rest of the competitors staring at all the drones lined up and ready for the race, I could tell that the drones had gone through lots of modifications. In a race like this one, no fighting fair or clean, you fight dirty to achieve your goals.

The race started and all of us, the competitors had our respective drones in the air racing for the glorious prize. It was a difficult race. The drones were modified and fast. The drones flew with much speed and faster than I had anticipated. I was only lucky I had modified mine, if not, I would be left behind. I was the second person, all thanks to my new motors.

I gave the first a tough chase and wheezed past him. I smiled when I did and was happy I was winning the race this time. The rest of the drones were far behind me now; I could see them with the help of my rearview camera. The one I had just wheezed past chased me but couldn’t fly past me. I kept my thumb pressed forward on the left stick of the remote control and watched as the drone was gaining much speed and heading towards the finish line.


I’ve won the frigging race!” I screamed, my thumb still on the left stick, the drone flying faster and faster, and then I heard a pop sound from the left propellers. Another pop sound from the right, another and another, and then the drone descended to the ground against my control and crashed on the floor, knocking me out of the race.

I wept.

Later I would enquire from Jamie what had happened, and he would tell me that the motors I used weren’t compatible with my drone which made it overheat and burn out. He would assure me that the drone was still okay, only the motors would be replaced with better ones that were compatible with my drone. But by then, all of these would be inconsequential to me because I crashed out of the race just seconds to the finish. Why didn’t the motors endure a few seconds? Why?

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