My Drone Followed Me While Hiking Canyon

One thing that has been on my mind for a long time is going hiking in the mountains. I mean, I have been hiking in the woods for a while now. It doesn’t interest me that much anymore, plus I know I am in good shape for mountain hiking. But I wanted it to be more unique. I needed something to make it feel more real and lively.


Then I thought I wouldn’t be doing it all by myself. I needed a team to make it a fun walk through the mountain. I told my friend Rod about my plan, and he said it was a beautiful idea to want to change scenes. However, going in large numbers will make it too loud and might be too distracting to enjoy the scenes. And I thought he was right, so I just invited him.


“Ben,” he started as we were writing the lists of things we would need to get for the hike. “I think we should get us a drone. It will make it more fun and memorable. We will get whatever happens or whatever we do on the camera,” Rod said.

“Okay… I think it’s a good idea too,” I said. “I think this is the most brilliant idea you’ve ever had.” I continued teasingly, and my tease drew a smile from him and also a sharp slap on the back of the head.


So I ordered an FDR Control Pro on Amazon, and it was delivered to me the next day. It was a one-touch-ready-to-fly-follow-me drone. The specs included 4k video, 24mp camera and easy to operate.

We started to pack and prepare for a two-day trip. I pointed to the map spread before us on a table.


“This is where we will be coming into the mountain.” I pointed to an arrowhead on the map. “We will go through this canyon to cross to the other side of the mountain. Then we will across this point and double back at the back of the eastern mountain.”

“Okay… But what do we have here?” He pointed to a green indicator on the map.


“I think that used to serve as a watchpoint for the Rangers, but it’s not in use anymore,” I informed. “You can do some findings online to learn about the place and let me know whatever strange thing you find if there is any. I have done mine and appears to be a safe place to hike.”

He did his research and affirmed that it was safe out there.


On the day we are to start our hike we made a last minute check to make sure we had taken all we needed. We also double checked the weather notifications to make sure it was clear for our drone to fly.

The weather hadn’t changed, so we set out, flying the drone as we stepped out of the house in a follow me mode.


I landed the drone after we got into the car to and repacked it inside my backpack. It was a small drone that could fit in about anything small compartment pretty well.

It took us 15 minutes to drive to our destination. We parked the car, got our backpacks from the trunk, and did another last minute check before we headed for the mountain.


Two extra batteries came with the drone, and according to the manual that came with the drone, each the batteries were supposed to last for over 30 minutes.

When we were satisfied once more that we had brought all that we needed, we started for the mountain.

Since it would take about an hour to walk the 5km from where we parked the vehicle to the canyon and about another 12km walk through the canyon before we reached the outermost side of the mountain, we decided that we could not waste the drone’s battery on our first walk to the mountain. But we tried to capture our arrival with it. We folded it back and walked on.


By the time we had walked about 4 km, I let go of the drone. The picture it showed on the LED screen in my hand was so beautiful that I had to stop for a minute to take it all in.

“It’s beautiful,” Rod said.

“You just said what is on my mind,” I told him.


As we walk towards the bottom of the mountain, we spotted an animal caught on the screen by the drone. The creature was so beautiful. But we didn’t know its name.


We saw so many more animals on the screen, and a particular pair was mating.

After 30 minutes we had to change the battery. We did and sent it back to the sky.

I had brought a power bank with me to charge the used battery, and its capacity would charge two empty batteries. I fitted in the used battery to charge.


It took us about 4 hours to walk the canyon because we stopped in some places and tried to take in some of the beautiful spots we found during our walk. And we rested a bit after walking the canyon all the way.

We were aware that going back through the eastern side of the mountain would be tougher than our walk to the tip of the canyon, so we prepared to stay the rest of the day at the bend. We had used three batteries at this point.


We used the rest of the evening exploiting the canyon tip, and then we walked to the bend and made a tent for the night.

The next morning, we started our walk back, setting the drone once more to the sky in follow-me mode. We caught some more wildlife on the camera.


At the end of our hike, a producer approached us and said he was interested in airing our experience in hiking if only we would do it again, and this time we would do it while being aware.

The first and the second that we did had good airing eventually.

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