I Watched Training Videos, Flew for First Time, Crashed

You didn’t need to attend a class where you would be taught how to fly a drone before you could fly one. I mean, we are in an advanced world now where answers to our questions are lying in our hands. All we needed to do was just to tap the right buttons, and we get the solutions and answers to whatever we need.

You know, Jude, to fly a drone is very easy, man.”

Jude stood there and looked at me with doubt and skepticism clouding his mind. I could see the doubt he had in him about me flying the drone I bought yesterday; it was palpable. I wouldn’t blame him because he was an archaic being that never believed much on technology. He still believed that to learn anything, one needed to enroll in an organized class of some sort before knowledge would be imparted to another. He was wrong.

Look, man,” I said to him in a voice that sounded more like I was patronizing him than assuring him “I know you doubt if I could actually fly this thing, I know your mind is telling you that I have no knowledge on how to fly it and also that I just bought it yesterday, so how am I supposed to have learned how to fly it overnight. But bro, I stayed all night surfing the internet and watching series of videos with detailed instructions and information on how to fly a drone and when I tell you that I have the knowledge and can fly this thing, I do mean it.”

But you know you have not done any practical,” he countered, “I believe it wouldn’t be as easy as you think it to be. It’s like learning how to drive a car. If you’ve been taught how to drive a car verbally and without actually being given a chance or the opportunity to drive one, you would have a big problem when you are given one to drive, Felix. It’s the same thing with this.”

Oh, come off it, Jude. What could go wrong here?”

I—” he began to say before I shut him up.

Stand and watch me prove you wrong, that’s all. Not like I wanted you to do anything for me, you know? Just watch me, is all.”

I’m just concerned about your drone, I know how much you so love to own one, and now that it has happened, you couldn’t wait to fly it.”

It came with a fucking manual on how it’s flown goddammit!” I barked at him.

I’m sorry, bro,” he surrendered and stood there feeling guilty for countering me. “I bet I would just watch.”

Thank you.”

I powered the drone just as I had watched in the series of videos I watched last night. The drone responded. The feeling it gave me when it responded to my command calmed my spirit. I recalled all that I had read and seen on YouTube about flying a drone for the first time. The instructions were simple to follow.

I pushed the left stick on the remote control forward for the drone to take flight. It did, and a surge of happiness filled my heart as the drone began to move forward, apparently flying. Heck, I was flying the goddamned drone. It was so easy!

Can you see that?” I gloated staring at Jude who was mesmerized by the fact that I was indeed flying the drone and proving him wrong. “Don’t mess with me next time, bro.”

I pushed the right stick on the remote control to the right; the drone moved to the right. I kept on flying it around and was enjoying my first fly. It was a blissful feeling that had me beaming with exhilarating joy. I was so happy and so was Jude because from where he stood, I could hear him clapping his hands.

Wow, I’m impressed, bro!”

You should, man, you should,” I said and turned to look at him with pride for doubting me.

Just then he screamed, “Watch out!” and pointed towards the direction of the drone.

I turned swiftly to concentrate on the drone and know what was about to happen that warranted him to scream that much. When I turned, I saw the drone flying fast towards the branch of a tree. I panicked, my left thumb was still pushing the left stick on the remote control, I was confused. I didn’t know what to do, and if nothing was done, the drone was going to hit the branch and crash.

No!” I screamed and pushed the right stick to the right—it was the only thing I could think of. I should have pushed the left stick backward for the drone to slow down before turning the right stick, I was paranoid—but it was too late.

I saw the drone collide with the tree branch and crashed on the floor. I ran to it and saw that the propellers were broken. I checked the rest of the body; they were intact. It was the propellers that were broken.

I’m sorry,” he said after he had run up to me and saw the damage.

You don’t need to, it wasn’t your fault, and besides, it isn’t that serious a damage. It’s just the propellers. I would have them fixed tomorrow.”

Okay,” he said and left.

The next day, I made contacts on where to get spare parts of drones, and I was directed to a drone manufacturer who sold stronger propellers to me. I got home, watched YouTube on how to fix new propellers on drones and had the propellers fixed. I loved fixing my things myself, except if it was too technical for me to handle.

The drone was back in good condition. I did a test-run of the propellers, they were responding fine. I smiled and took it out to the lawn to have it flown. I was so proud of myself. I learned how to fly a drone by myself, and I changed the damaged propellers, color me amazing!

Tomorrow I will show Jude the drone, and I know he would be awestruck and even dumbfounded if I told him I fixed the drone myself. I couldn’t wait.

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