All I Wanted was to Start Flying, Live Instruction Helped


Flying a drone is a simple thing to do, but it’s also tricky,” Mr. Mark, the drone class instructor said while we watched him in the open field. “Once you get the underlying logic in flying a drone, it’s as easy as eating pizza. But if you don’t understand all the terms and tricks involved in flying one, it would fuck you up so bad that you would wonder why it is so hard.”


But eating pizza wasn’t that easy, I thought to myself while he continued to dish out the instructions involved in successfully flying a drone. I didn’t bother to pay rapt attention to it because it was like going through the same thing over and over again; shit was boring, so boring that I had to restrict the urge to tell him to let’s skip all the theory and get to the practical aspect of flying this goddamned thing.


We were seven in the field, and seven of us had enrolled in his class where he would teach us how to fly a drone successfully and become good at it. The lessons were to last for a few days and today was supposed to be the last day where we would carry on all we had learned over the few days of intensive classes on flying a drone.


But I was like a step further; ahead of the rest because I had subscribed to his YouTube channel on how to fly a drone and I had consumed almost all the videos there. So, everything he was saying here now was like he was blabbing on the same thing over and over again. All I wanted was to start flying the damn thing. Yeah, I liked drone, and I loved to fly one, so that was why I bought one for myself and was ready to learn how to fly it, but Mr. Mark is taking forever to begin the practice.


There are four major drone controls,” he continued rambling.

Of course there are a roll, pitch, yaw, and throttle,” I whispered to myself rolling my eyes before he finished listing them. “Can we get to flying this?!”

Our drones were just before us with our remote controls in our hands while he narrated how to fly the drone which I was tired of listening to. We were alone in the field that hot afternoon and I was beginning to sweat under my arms due to the restlessness in me an eagerness to get down to business; to flying this thing.


He went on and narrated how to fly the drone with his remote control in his hands and his drone on seating on the floor. He made a demonstration for all of us to see, and we were amazed at how he deftly flew his drone. It was beautiful, and it fueled the urge in me to start.


Remember that pushing your right stick to the right moves your drone to the right, which is the roll. Pushing it forward or backward moves it forward or backward respectively, and that’s the act of pitching,” he said reminding us of the things he had been saying before controlling his drone to settle on the floor. “Now, who goes first?”


Hands of eager students shot up. Everyone was eager to begin flying their drones. I thought I was the only one. I stretched my hand higher than the rest to make sure it was conspicuous enough for him to see me, to see the hunger in me to fly this thing. By God, I was so fucking ready to do this thing, but the bastard didn’t pay attention to me. He pointed at the nerdy guy in front of me.


Dude came on and flew his drone without much hassle. The only problem he had was when he pushed the left stick forward for the drone to throttle off the ground. When he did that, the drone did lift off the ground, but kind of lost balance before the nerdy guy gained control and flew the drone successfully following the instructions Mr. Mark had given.


Now that’s just beautiful, Daniel,” I heard Mr. Mark complimenting him and jamming his palms together in applause. “This shows that you’ve been paying attention to all I have been saying, I like that! Now, move to the other side of the field and continue your practice while I call on others to join you.”


Okay,” Daniel responded and did as he had been instructed beaming with a smile.

So, who wants to join Daniel on the other side?”

Chants of “I…Meee!” filled the air while our hands were shooting the sky.


Okay Thomason,” he called. I wasn’t even expecting him to call on me to be the next to fly the drone. “Come forward and let’s see if you’ve been paying attention to all what I have been teaching.”

You bet, jerk” I coughed out, but no one heard me. It was more like a murmur or the clearing of the throat.

I stepped forward with my remote control and powered my drone. It droned on and without letting it warm up, I pushed the left stick forward for it to levitate off the ground. It did, and unlike Daniel’s when he throttled his drone, mine was stable and balance as it took off.


That was a good take off,” Mr. Mark remarked. I gloated and continued flying the drone deftly.

Even though it was my first time of actually flying a drone, I realized that it wasn’t that hard after all and I was so filled with confidence.

I love your confidence, Tom. You make me wonder if you’ve flown a drone before, have you, Tom.”

I shook my head, “This is my first time, Mr. Mark.”

You impress me so much, Tom. You fly your drone like an expert, you know?”

Yeah, I have been following your videos on YouTube on how to fly a drone, and they have helped me.

Oh, wow. That’s nice. Keep it up, Tom.”


I will,” I replied and moved to where Daniel was flying his drone and joined him there, smiling.

Now, who’s ready to fly his drone and join Thomason and Daniel over there?” I heard him ask while the smile on my lips lingered but not for long.

Daniel lost control of his drone and before I could notice that, his drone had collided with mine; they both crashed to the floor while my smiles disappeared.

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