I Flew my Drone to get Good Views

I loved drones; I loved the feeling of owning one; the feeling of flying one in the sky, the feeling of watching it as it lifts off the ground and flies into the sky like a plane. The feeling gave me joy and satisfaction each time I flew one. It had this sweet and satisfying feeling to it that I wouldn’t want to drop it.


The obsession I had with drones was undeniable and visible that all my friends in school and at home knew me as the guy who loved to fly drones, the guy who was a drone enthusiast and they never stopped regarding me as the enthusiastic drone lover, and I never gave them a reason to.


So this very cool morning after breakfast while the schools were on holiday and my parents had gone to work—leaving me alone at home with a drone to play around with—I brought out this beautiful drone in the neighborhood to fly. Mom had told me to be careful with the drone and mind where I fly it.


Don’t go about disturbing the neighborhood with that drone, Jones,” she had said to me while leaving for work.

I wouldn’t, mom,” I had assured. “I would just fly it at home and wouldn’t let it wander far.”

Alright sweetheart, I would be back before you know it,” she said finally and kissed my forehead before disappearing through the door.


Dad had left earlier than her. He went to work sometimes before I even woke up especially now that we were on vacation and I had to sleep for a very long time to be woken by mom whenever she wanted to leave for work.


He never liked me flying the drone; he hated whenever I did fly one, and I kept hiding it from him often to avoid being scolded.

But now, he was out at work, and I was alone with the drone and nothing else. I brought it out and laid it on the ground to fly it. The neighborhood was quiet and looked deserted. It was the perfect time to play with the drone even though I knew that with or without being deserted, I would still fly the drone in the neighborhood and wouldn’t mind what they would think so long as I didn’t hurt anyone with it or disturb the entire neighborhood while at it.


The drone looked neat and new, I liked it very much and flying it was something I always looked forward to every time, especially whenever my dad and mom were out (my dad especially). The battery was fully charged and in good shape. I made sure everything was in good condition before thinking of flying it this morning.


I powered it on and let it warm up as it droned on the floor. I had the special effects goggle clasped on my face for flying. The remote control was in my hands while the drone idled on the ground before me. The weather was okay to fly a drone; the sky was bright albeit a bit cloudy. I pressed the button on the remote control and willed the drone to fly. It responded and flew up gaining height while I watched through the goggles. The feeling was bliss, and I loved it as it continued to gain height before I made it begin to fly forward.


I started smiling, and while I was happy with the views of the earth through the goggles, the drone flew around our home. I saw the trees that surrounded our home, I saw the rooftops of our house, and the rooftops of other homes as the drone flew up higher into the sky. It felt like I was a pilot flying different passengers around on a plane.


I saw Beverly’s home, the girl I had a crush on at school. She was beautiful and had this beautiful body that everyone liked. She was intelligent too, and her intelligence was one of the things that made me unable to be her friend because I thought I wasn’t intelligent enough to have a sane conversation with her or be allowed to talk to her. But damn, I was into her.


From the drone camera, I could see her standing with a guy before their home. It was Isaac, one of the bright heads in school. I hated that guy because he was intelligent and flirty; he got every girl he wanted, and Beverly was his next target.


I controlled the drone to go closer to where they stood to talk to each other, but I was careful not to be spotted. From a distance, I could see her smiling, he was winning her over, and the feeling irked me badly. I wished I could do something to hurt him now or make her hate him, but I was powerless.


I watched as they became silent and their eyes locked at each other. They were going to kiss! They came closer, with their eyes still locked at each other and before I could realize what was happening, they were kissing.

No!” I exclaimed from where I stood, and the anger in me made me hit the remote control in my hands which gave control to the drone to tilt forward.


I saw as the drone was moving with maddening speed towards them.

Fuck no!” I screamed and tried to control it to veer off from them but it wasn’t responding to the control, I couldn’t explain why it was so.


It was closer to them now, and nothing could be done to avert it from hitting them. Isaac saw it coming and shoved Beverly aside, ducking away from the impact. I watched as the drone missed him and flew into Beverly’s home and crashed in the house. I pulled the goggles and ran towards their home to have it checked.


But while I was running towards their house, one thing kept tugging at my mind. The drone that had crashed wasn’t mine, it belonged to a friend of mine who lent it to me to use during the vacation, and now I had crashed it. I didn’t know what I was going to tell him, neither did I know what to tell dad when he returned. I was doomed; I knew it, and I had nothing to do about it.

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