My Hiking Experience with Drone Following Taking Video


The day was a Tuesday, and it won’t stop raining. It was a wonderful week for my career as I finally got the chance to show my favorite firm what I’ve got. I have been applying for that post for a very long time, and they finally asked me to come over and present myself digitally on that Tuesday. It was scheduled for 9 AM in the morning, and I have prepared myself from the preceding weekend till Monday night.


The preparation was such that it took me away from almost everybody around me that moment. Well, it’s a rare opportunity, and it would be highly painful if I bottled it. All was set and good until Tuesday morning when it started to rain.


It first came as a light shower, just as predicted by the forecast before the whole story changed and everywhere started getting filled with water. The rain was so much that nobody could leave to anywhere without putting him/her self in great danger. I also waited until the rain stopped around 9:15 AM.


It was still a good time since it’ll only take around thirty minutes to get to the firm with a cab. I went straight to the main road where I’m supposed to get a cab and discovered there were many people there also waiting for a cab. For almost ten minutes, it was as if no cab was going to come and this made some people start trekking down. “I can’t do that,” I thought to myself, because considering my body size and fitness status, I‘ll only make few miles before breaking down with tiredness. After another ten minutes, I discovered I was going to be late for the presentation or miss it totally, and this made me try and see how far I’ll go walking.


While waiting for a taxi all the while, a middle-aged guy who has a similar big body structure as I do was also waiting. The moment I decided to leave the spot, the guy followed as if he was only waiting for my lead. He caught up with me and started a conversation about the rain and our destination. I seemed to enjoy his company as we grew in conversation until we reached a point where we had to split to our separate ways. I got to the firm some minutes late and was going to give up until I realized the heavy downpour earlier in the day affected almost everybody.


You’ll need a car to avoid such scenario” was the first statement one of them told me even before the presentation started. I thought about getting one, and I know that would be easy the moment I have the job but that was not a present concern; I was going to check for exactly how long I walked that morning.


After all, was said and done, the presentation was successful, and I got the job. I was given my job description and was scheduled to start the following month when the current occupant of the position would have left the organization. I walked down to the street to take a taxi back to my area, but it was a cab having someone inside that stopped. “Come on inside,” the person said, and after proper looking, I realized it was the guy we trekked together the morning.


Well, needless I say we became friends from there on. After much talking, we both decided to go hiking the following week. The decision however seemed funny to my folks who felt I needed profitable physical exercise but not trekking, though I insisted I was going to do it because I’ve promised my new friend I was going to be there. When they discovered they couldn’t convince me to abort the mission, some of my folks decided they were going to follow me, although they never planned to hike the distances with me since they have a way of tracking my movement.


The following week, I gathered my stuff and went to the agreed site for the hiking. I was taken there by my folks, and that was how I discovered they were going to be tracing and recording my movement with a drone. I initially rejected the idea because I felt the hovering sound of the craft would disturb the intentional walking exercise and then, I don’t think the other guy would appreciate being followed while trying to enjoy himself by trekking out some fats, but I could not stop them from doing it.


It was however surprising to realize the other guy also came with a drone. He told me he always record his experience whenever he’s trying new things or whenever he’s trying to reach a new milestone and besides, it helps his folks to trace his progress.


We started the hiking, and we were joined by his wife (I never knew he was married though). The wife was bigger than the both of us, and I felt this would mean she was going to drag us down in speed, only to realize the case was going to be in the opposite direction because we were the one dragging her down.


She was so fit, and upon the ground, it looked as though she has been doing it for a long time. The fact we were three made us enjoy the hiking even though we have two drones following us, one from the back and the other right in front of us; both video monitoring and recording.


After some minutes of trekking, we met a lady on the road path, and she seemed tired. I guessed she’s been trekking for a long time, but she would need to walk more miles before she can get to the main road where supporting cars can take her. I encouraged her and decided to wait for her even though walking with her greatly slowed our pace; it was worthwhile because we became good friends afterward and the rest is history.


After the whole hiking experience, my whole family gathered in the evening to watch the video summary. I was surprised I walked that distance without any issue, and I particularly loved the part where I met the lady. The video did more wonders because almost everyone in my family wanted to go hiking, including my aunt (bigger) even if the distance is not as much as I went.

All in all, hiking with drone following and video covering is fun, something you should try the next time you’ve got the chance.

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