My Experience Flying a Drone in Seattle was an Adventure


I am a man of peace and freedom since my childhood days. I’ve always advocated for the freedom to do whatever I want even though I don’t always get it. I am a fun filled person, and I love to explore my fun time to the fullest without hesitation or being told what to do or what not to do.


Simply put, I hate being restricted to the extent that staying in a classroom for too long a time, doing the same thing was a big problem for me. Whenever I’m being grounded, I’ll turn it to adventure and look for a way of escape which usually ends up getting me another detention. I was known for always flouting laws I don’t find important, or the ones I found stepping on my freedom.


Well, that was when I was a kid, now that I’m an adult, every act of disobedience to rules and regulations of the land will surely get me into trouble with the law officers. Although I don’t flout any serious laws that could earn me big fines or jail term, I’m always in the book of the cops to the extent my petty disobedience was turning into serious crimes, especially when the cops adjudged it to be hindering their investigation on serious matters.


The truth is, I love being chased, and it has always been an adventure for me, especially when I’m being chased by a serious-minded fellow and the only way to get such person was to commit an offense. Although not a criminal offense but one that’ll give me a sort of reality, unprepared game shows.

Last summer, I went over to Seattle to have a wonderful time with my family. My parents have since relocated there to uphold my grandfather’s coffee and accessories shop. It’s a timely decision for my parents who had been nursing the idea of creating their own accessories shop in New York City since they both retired from their job at the same time.


My grandfather’s demise gave them the opportunity on a platter of gold because it was one of his wish that his only son continues the business he has been doing since he was in high school. My Parents moved down with my sister who is much younger than I do. I couldn’t follow them down because I’m already into my university program.

Well, I went there last summer and decided to explore the city more than I used to when my grandfather was alive. Where I was coming from, we have some areas we fly drone without restrictions; not that there are no laws there, but they are flexible and allows one to explore to the fullest. Since flying a drone has become a habit for me (either for fun, photography, video recording, or racing), it’s always a pleasure to avoid restrictions.


However, the first challenge I encountered during my visit to Seattle was where to fly my drone and how to bypass many laws that seemed to ban the use of a drone in the city outrightly. Apart from the federal laws that bound the use of drones, this particular state has a rather drone unfriendly laws. First is the inability to fly drones at parks in Seattle. I found this especially amusing because I thought to myself, “If I don’t fly the drone in the parks, then where?”

Almost all recreational area of both private and governmental ownership prohibits the use of drones in a manner that looked as though the city and even the state, in general, are waging a serious war against the use of a drone.


I am however not too disturbed by the damning rules against my hubby, as I kept looking for a way to bypass the rules without getting into trouble, because my father kept warning me against getting into the cops book. On a particular afternoon, I decided not to spend my evening time at grandfather’s shop but when out with my drone looking for a suitable place to explore.

After trekking some distance, I heard a familiar sound from above, and alas, it was a drone. I couldn’t decipher its type, and so I could not ascertain whether it is for the military or any of the law enforcing agencies. It was moving very fast, but I was still able to trace it for a long time. After some minutes tracing the drone, I saw the controller besides a rather discreetly parked black SUV. He was flanked by two hefty guys, all on black suit and shade. He landed the drone and brought out a phone to call. He was on this call for some minutes before he set the drone into motion again while checking a laptop placed on the car seat.


My initial thought was that they were federal agents, but on second thought my instinct told me feds don’t stay the way the guys parked. In my curiousness, I looked for rather a hidden area and set my drone into motion. I decided to follow the initial path the other drone was coming from earlier to avoid being noticed by the guys. I knew if I have my drone following theirs, they’ll notice, and besides, my drone’s noise is enough to wake a sleeping baby.


The drone I was piloting was equipped with a camera which can make a video recording. I decided to record my experience even though by then I had not discovered anything suspicious. After some minutes of flying, I discovered a small gathering of guys in what I’ll call an unholy place. I zoomed in the camera and was able to see the guy’s face before they put the hood on. It was either they did not see my drone or they thought it was theirs because they were not perturbed by the movement and this allowed me to view them the more.

They opened a black bag and brought out scary looking AKs. At that moment, I knew something was wrong, and this made me dial 911 to report what I saw. I kept following them and kept calling 911 to give them an update on the happenings. After some moment, I saw the other drone coming directly against mine, and I knew trouble was at the edge of happening. I thought it’ll be best if I withdraw from the tailing that moment before they can locate me but it seems rather too late because their drone kept the following mine around.


I could not land the drone to avoid being noticed and therefore kept moving in circles. It all turned to a race of two drones, but it was more than that to me; it was a matter of life and death. Some minutes later I heard the police siren approaching and discovered the drone had stopped following mine. I landed the drone safely back to where I was hiding but coming out of the place, and I was faced with many police guns asking me to raise my hand as they cuffed me to the back while seizing my drone.

I kept on telling them I’m not the bad guy. “I’m the one that called 911” was what I said before one of them (their boss I guessed) asked them to un-cuff me after discovering I did not have any contraband on. I gave them the video I recorded, and the guy was really happy to discover the video shows the true faces of the criminals.


I also described the guys I saw controlling the other drones to them. “You don’t know what you’ve just done!” was the statement made by the happy cop. “You just solve a three years long puzzle,” he said as they do away with the recording while handing over my drone back to me.

Well, that was my first experience flying a drone in Seattle, and I was happy I used it to better lives instead of causing troubles I won’t be able to handle. If you intend to fly in Seattle, I’ll advise you read those laws very well in other not to get into the books of the cops. Drone flying should be fun, and that’s exactly what you should have.

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