I Raced Drone in Different Categories to Improve Skills


Tech-related games and sport will do it for you, and since the aim is to kill loneliness, games involving a little more of a physical presence than just online stuff is the real deal; and drone racing is your game. It is not a very common game, and it’s just coming into the limelight since its invention in Australia a couple of years ago. It is a game involving players of two upwards, and it comes in different categories.


Since I’ve perfected my drone flying experience after trying out different types; coupled drones and homemade ones, using them for video and photography, I’ve since used my leisure time for drone racing. There is a spot where I meet with other guys who are more of professional drone racers (because they are in the seasonal leagues).


They usually come over there to practice, and since they always welcome new intake, I practice with them while also enjoy myself. Several times I would have a one on one race with one of them who later became my best friend, literarily. We would compete on many counts as he kept teaching and improving my skill.


It was while I was with them I discovered there are specially made drones for racing. I have always enjoyed racing with my regular drones while watching them move like a spectator until I tried out my friend’s racing drone. The experience was different and more real.


The communication between the drone and the pilot was drastically reduced. For a normal drone, notwithstanding the fun and fulfillment derived by the pilot, the pilot remains a third party in the system. The drone communicates directly with the receiver and the controller, even though the pilot is the one dictating for the controller. Drone racing “first-person view” goggle made it possible to breach that gap. It changes the status of the pilot from a third person perspective to the first person. It makes sure the pilot see everything the drone could see and therefore pilot the quadcopter better. It makes the pilot, the pilot indeed as he/she could see everything directly from a single spot.


The experience for me was superb, maybe because I’ve had an opportunity to stay in the cockpit of a private airplane. Using the first person view goggle makes it look like I was right there in the cockpit controlling things. I felt like a pilot indeed and for once, I wished I’m a certified pilot.


After days of flying and practicing with my friend’s drone while he uses mine, I decided to get a racing drone to have full access and enjoyment. It took me close to no time to get used to the racing drone because I had perfected many of the moves while using my friend’s own.


From this moment onward, my drone experience was never the same again. I became a member of the drone racing league and practice with them every other day, and sometimes practice on my own whenever I’ve got nothing too serious doing. The secret to my joy while piloting a drone is the fact I don’t look at the competition side, but rather the recreation side.


I knew the primary purpose of my drone flying was to destroy boredom and loneliness (that was a major characteristic of my life as at then, due to my withdrawer from my loved ones because I was always having a different perspective of things). Flying drone and especially, drone racing filled the gap for me as I made new friends and kept meeting new people on a daily basis.


Need to say my relationships before that time was a prototypical disaster, but I was able to nail down a lasting one when I became a drone racer. Also, my relationship with loved ones was healed, and I could finally agree to accept they won’t be having a similar opinion as I am, because of our different orientation and believes, as they also learned to accept me the way I am.


More than curing loneliness and depression, drone racing could also be a source of income as the league is getting the required attention by day.

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