I Flew a New High-Spec Drone Racing with Job on the Line


We are at the end of 2018. 2019 will soon begin. As far as I can say, technology is showing no signs of slowing down. Seriously, being an engineer working for a huge company which manufactures drones just tells me that message. We have been making drones for quite some time now. Our drones are used all over the world, and the quality that we provide is unmatched. And people have appreciated our work.


Now, to say the least, we wanted to improve. Many new companies have arrived, and we had to do something so that we stay in the competition. These new companies provide drones with higher specifications with a much cheaper price tag than ours. That’s something that we really cannot tolerate.


So for the past few months, I, Nathaniel and my friends have been working on making a drone that stands out from the rest. We are making a drone that can easily take on other drones and also the price will be cheaper. We know that the future of drones will be massive and so our work now will give us a great future that we all want.


So now, we were working on the camera attached to the drone. We wanted to improve two things of it. It was the camera quality plus the camera durability. Both the things are very important. Now after working on that for months, we were finally able to put the best camera possible in the drone. It was both durable and also had very high camera clarity. But that’s when we got a huge shock. One fine day at work, we got a letter.


All of us were curious to know about who gives us a letter in this age. When we opened it, there was a challenge written. It was from a new drone company. They challenged us to a race. A race which will decide which drone is faster regarding speed. Now we were shooked. We literally cannot back down from the challenge as this will surely affect the image that we made over a long course of time. But mentioned earlier, we have been working on the drone’s camera.


So yes, our drone had a very good speed. But since we haven’t dedicatedly worked on the speed of drone, nothing can be done now. The race is due next week. They acted smart for this. They knew that now we don’t have time to work on our drone to improve its speed and agility.


And moreover,if we back down from this challenge then surely people will lose trust with our brand. They’ll think that we are afraid to race with our competitors. The letter even said that the media would be covering this and so now things are worse.


So now we had only one option. And that was to accept the challenge. So, without thinking about the outcomes, the CEO of our company agreed to this race and sent them the confirmation letter as well as email regarding this. Later he called all us employees for a special and an urgent meeting.


In the meeting, he said that the stakes are very high. Then he made me stand. I felt weird and nervous. He then started saying different things about me. He said that I have been working for this company for quite some time and that he trusts my experience and my knowledge. He also said that he’d be giving me the responsibility to ride the drone in the race. Now that was a huge responsibility.


The entire status that the company has built over the years rest on my hands now. I was both happy and tensed. I was happy because our boss believed in me so much and also that he admires my hard work and dedication for this company. I was tensed because as I said before, the stakes were quite high.


If I lose this race then probably I’ll lose this job too. So now after the meeting, my boss came to me and said that we only have a week. He said that he’d be bringing the most talented engineers from all over the world to work on the speed of the drone. He said that there’s no substitution for winning her. It’s a do or dies situation. He also said that once all this is over and if we win the race, then probably I’ll be the next CEO of our company. Our boss is on the verge of retirement, and he’s looking for a worthy successor. And this ultimate test will surely help me get there. Being the CEO of this company will be like being in a dream.


So now as my boss said, he brought the brightest engineers from all over the world to work on the drone. We worked on our drone day and night. Due to time issues, we couldn’t really make a huge difference in the speed of the drone. But yes, the speed has considerably increased over the week. The race was tomorrow. We were finally furnishing our work. The drone was being set up for the race of a lifetime.


This past week felt like a year, and I’m sure that this coming day will feel like a millennium. So finally the big day arrived. The place where the race would take place would be a park. Since this was a different kind of race, many people and media surrounded the place. Everyone was eager to know about what this race was about. Also, this race was aired in one of the biggest TV channels here. I’m bloody nervous. If things don’t go as planned, then I’m doomed.


The race instructor came. He showed us the map and also said that there would be in total three laps. He said us different rules such as we could not touch other’s drone while racing. He also said that we could not cross or leave the line where the race is supposed to be held. If we break these rules then surely the respective drone and the team will be disqualified. The drones were ready. Another man came in.


He said if we were ready and then started his countdown from three. Other than the company that sent us the letter, there were many other drones and their respective companies. All were new companies, but still, we cannot really underestimate them and the drone they have. The race officially began. The drones including ours flew up above in the air. Seeing all the drones together in the sky was quite a spectacle.


All the drones including mine were fast. I could see everything from my remote control as it has a camera connected to it. The drones were moving at full pace. After a certain point, a drone from another company fell. It seems like it was out of battery. We need not to worry about the battery life of our drone as its battery charged from the sunlight. So that was sorted. I have to say.


This race track is very long for a drone. But we cannot do anything. The company who sent us the letter were the ones who arranged this race and so they surely have planned something behind this. The race continued. Out of the seven drones, two were down and out because of their poor battery life. One lap was finally over.


As the second lap began, two more drones were knocked out as they both hit each other. Things are wild now. Two laps to go! Our drone was in the second place. The sponsored company’s drone was in the first place. That drone was quite stable I have to say.


We continued the ride. The rest two drone’s speed was not up to the mark of ours. Both the drones would either go in front or the back. The race was intense. Being in front of so many people stressed me out. Also, during this race, the stakes are so huge. Thanks to God, another drone went out of control, and another one hit a tree. So only two drone’s were remaining. As expected, it was the sponsored company’s drone and ours. It was the final lap.


My hands are sweating now. People were clicking images, going live and what not! The electricity was just phenomenal, but it surely stressed me out.


Both our drones were approaching the finish line. My drone was in the second position, and my heart was pumping. There’s no second position in this race — only one winner.


After the opposition drone was in the considerable distance, the guy who was controlling it started laughing and jumping. He forgot that the race is still on and was celebrating. Thankfully, his drone too hit a tree. And finally, our drone won the race.


It was the greatest day of my life. I was made CEO of our company very early after that. And today I’m writing down my experience so that I can say it in front of everyone. That day I’ll never forget. I literally felt like I was in the drone. Great experience!

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