I Flew Drone in Dallas Taking Video with First-Person View


As of late 2018, flying drones has become extremely popular worldwide. Particularly, in the United States, every time you leave your house and walk sometimes, it’s very likely you’ll spot a drone up in the sky. If you go to your local park, you might even catch an amateur drone race. And if you visit a national park of any sort, it’s highly probable you’ll catch sight of more than a handful of drones.


I had been flying on the state of California for some time now. I wasn’t a big fan of races. Instead, I was more into the world of film and photography via video cameras on my drone. When a certain activity becomes so popular, naturally it starts a community of people dedicated to it. And that’s exactly how I found a new group of friends that convinced me to go on a road trip, flying our drones across the state of Texas, more specifically flying drones around Dallas.


The trip there was fantastic – with some ups and downs as usual, but overall it was just as expected. We didn’t fly much on the way there, because we wanted to save our energies for our real goals. All the group, we were like very excited kids. We even planned to get there late enough that we couldn’t fly. So that we would be forced to stay in a hotel and rest for the night. This was also smart because then we could wake up early and full of energy to make the most of the day.


Dallas was a pretty welcoming city, and it was full of diverse opportunities. Flying drones in there were also really popular. There were even a great series of regulations that we would have to meet and that we thankfully had previously read. Some of them were disappointing, going against our plans. But also, thank god we read them. It would have been catastrophic if ignorance of laws would have ruined our trip.


For breakfast on the great day, we met up with a few friends that lived around Dallas and would guide us through the best places to fly. The most important part was that one of them suggested a bright idea. If we loved flying drones so much, and we wanted to share our experience flying drones specifically in Dallas – it was a good idea to get several drones flying simultaneously, filming each other, to capture both the view of the city in the perspective of the drone, and the view of the drone flying around, doing its thing and simply existing up there in the sky.


Reviewing our maps on our phones one last time we agreed that the state of Texas was immense and Dallas was not exactly a small city. But leaving as early as we were and with an ideal schedule that hopefully was smart enough, we would be able to touch at least a few very important landmarks for drone flying in that first day.


First, without a doubt, was the Trammell Crow Park. There was just no way we would miss it. The open space was the greatest thing for flying our drones, so we didn’t waste any time in setting them up. We had decided on flying two drones simultaneously and making them cross paths and stare at each other often, for fun and cinematographic purposes. So there were six of us, and we took turns for everything, for using the controllers, using the goggles to watch through the drone with the first-person view, and simply standing on the sidelines for support, or laying down or taking a walk or getting some snacks ready.


The results were even better than expected. At the park it was possible to capture the beauty of the scenery, the sightings of the first groups of people to show up to enjoy their day – including families setting up picnics, couples of all ages in romantic strolls and many athletic individuals out for a healthy jog and exercises. Additionally, we had a simply perfect look of the skyline, the silhouette of the city, tall buildings and small ones adorning the horizon. And, of course, we captured the drones themselves staring at the spectacle as if they were a live audience.


It was the hardest thing ever to gather the strength to leave such a wonderful place. But we had a schedule to meet and many other places to be – though I must admit we stayed twice as long as planned. Maybe we didn’t need to visit every single place in just one day. However, we did make it out to White Rock Lake Park, and it ended up being our last destination for the day.


It was a completely different scenario but just as beautiful. The lake was truly marvelous, and by the time we arrived there, there were so much more people moving around. Just as expected, we also watched a few other drones moving in the sky. For our purposes of capturing drones in action, it was a great thing.


So, with no time to lose, we sent our drones flying. This one was a lot of fun, and we had to rely a lot on the goggles for the first-person view since there were so many more trees on this park. But we also stopped at the edge of the lake, to enjoy the view and play with the drones, sending them as up as possible to capture a unique view, and sensing them as close to the water as it was safe because the results were simply gorgeous.


We had captured truly unique videos. It was really interesting to see the drones filming each other, and it was like they were a couple dancing in the air. And this was only day one! You wouldn’t believe all the sights and adventures you can find in Dallas, Texas thanks to flying drones.

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