I Built a Cool Drone with a Kit, Propellers and All

I was just convinced that the second I brought a hundred dollars drone into the house, it’d be lucky if it survived twenty-four hours.

That’s how I came up with my bright idea. With my birthday a few weeks before Christmas, I asked for a drone myself. But not any kind of expensive drone. Instead, I bought a kit for building your drone. Yes, I had done my research as well as the kids. And I knew that when you build something, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride, but also of responsibility.


I am a person that after marrying I dedicated my entire life to my family, so on my birthday, I only cared about enjoying the day with my wife and kids. She made me a luxurious breakfast, the kids gave me birthday cards, and we planned on building the drone before going out for a picnic at the park and, of course, to play with said drone. After an hour or so of idyllic rest I couldn’t avoid it any longer, so the four of us made our way to the living room floor and started opening the big box.


It wasn’t so big and neither it was heavy. Well, if it was going to fly it needed to be lightweight, of course. I did surprise myself with the number of smaller boxes and bags that came within. “It’s just like Legos!” I remember my little boy exclaimed. But my wife and I were getting somewhat worried. Without saying a word, she got up and went in search of my glasses and her working tools. I had more of a mind for this kind of building and fixing things, but she was the one with an eye for details, and this was going to be teamwork.


Maybe I was mad trying to make little kids help build a drone, but even if all they did was open bags and boxes and pass me the tools, they were learning a lesson. At least that’s what I hoped. At the very least they were having so much fun. They screamed every time I made two pieces fit perfectly, and they cheered my wife on every time she had to concentrate or struggle with the smaller bits of the kit. This was a pretty small drone which was good because of the price. If it broke, it wasn’t that much of a loss. But this also meant that there were many small pieces, and don’t even get me started on the wires. It was a big deal, having to wire everything together.


At some point, we made use of a magnifying glass and many times we had to visit the internet for help. Or visit the kitchen for snacks that served as emotional support.

In the end, the kids got hungry before the drone was finished. So, we improvised a picnic in our backyard. I wasn’t complaining, and I loved staying at home. Particularly, I loved our backyard because my wife and I had done a hard but excellent job with gardening. While we rested a little after lunch, the kids picked up sheets of paper and started drawing and painting the drone. Or at least what they thought the drone looked like. In their defense, half-finished as it was, the little guy did look like an eccentric robot.


It turns out the kids fell asleep shortly after. While they enjoyed their nap, my wife and I were determined to give the hardest and finishing details to the drone. It wasn’t that easy, but without the distraction of the kids, we worked a little faster and more efficiently, like the perfect team we were. She teased me when I lost my patience, and I cheered her on just as the kids had done.


In a matter of minutes, we had the motors and the battery all set. The props were not that difficult, the propellers were my favorite part, and I was sure the landing gear looked somewhat crooked, but we were getting too tired to be perfectionists.


Now the controllers, antenna, and sensor were the genuinely difficult part. But my lovely wife took the lead on that. By the time the kids woke up it was like Christmas, the drone was ready to fly and all of us ready to go to the park.


I didn’t know much about drones, in my humble opinion, it looked a little tilted while flying and every time it landed, I felt a surge of anxiety. But it was a drone altogether, and it did what it had to do. My wife and I improvised our way into flying the thing, and even both kids tried for a little. The drone survived its first day, and it was all success. Now I just needed to save enough money in case the kids still wanted one for Christmas.

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