I Switched on Drone Heat Signature Feature to Track People


That was when I remembered the drone. The drone had been given to me by my dad on my 14 birthday. It had taken me just two days to get how it worked and the many things I could do with it. The drone was special, and perhaps that was why it was so expensive.


It had a lot of features which included a video camera, listening device and it could snap HD pictures from a very long distance. Now, it would be very useful here to catch the thief. I had always been a tech guy, and I was sure that I could connect the drone to any monitor which as many people as possible could watch.


I broke away from the guard stopping us and ran towards the camp director and the CSO. “I can help!” I shouted.


One of the guards tried to pull me back, but it tried my best to resist him. “I can help,” I said again. “I have a drone.”


They all looked at me with disbelief. I showed them how serious I was. “I can help,” I said again. “I brought a drone from home, and I can fly it to track the thief. Come on, and we don’t have much time, the thief could escape,” I said as they hesitated.


That is a good idea,” the CSO said. “If the boy really knows how to control the drone, we could catch up with the thief.”


Make it happen,” the camp director said.


Immediately, the place became a beehive of activities. I became like the king I had dreamt about. I began to give orders, even to the guards. I told them everything I wanted while I went to get my drone.


I became like a sort of celebrity as the boys, and even the girls wanted to get close to me. A large monitor from the camp director’s office was brought and set up outside the halls. A seat was brought for me, and I sat on it.


The drone had a pair of goggles which would help me see images as if they were in front of me. Those watching the monitor could also see what I was seeing. One of the guards gave me a radio, and five of them went into the bush after the thief while five stayed back to protect us.


The plan was that I would track down the thief through the video camera of the drone and give the guards the location. The thief already had about twenty to thirty minutes head start, so the guards hurried into the forest.


I began to control the drone. I lifted it with the controls and directed it into the forest. The drone also had the heat signature feature so that when I switched it on, every warm-blooded living thing appeared in a red dot color on the screen.


We could see the guards moving cautiously in the forest.

I flew the drone forward and soon, the drone caught up with the thief who was moving slowly among the trees. The bags in his hand were too heavy for him to handle alone. In front of him, about ten feet away was a stationary vehicle.


The camp director saw this on the screen and sent a message to the guards to hurry up before the thief escaped. We all watched and cheered as the guards caught up with the thief who was actually a woman. The police arrived, and she was handed over to them.


Drones 101

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